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Started by Pelican, December 20, 2013, 02:57:02 PM

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What is the reason for choppy/lagging playback for raw video? Also I can't seem to record longer than 11 or 12 seconds before frames start being skipped. Any solution to this?

Walter Schulz

I suppose you're running RAW/MLV videos.
Lags: There is not enough processing power in your cam to allow lagless playback.
Skipping: Debug tab -> Benchmarks -> Card R/W benchmark (5 min). Compare write performance with the numbers required by the resolution/fps rate you're using. Turn Global Draw off.


thanks for the reply

so my settings for video are
bitrate - 0.9x
FPS override - off
vignetting - off
RAW video (MLV) - off
RAW VIDEO - on 1728 x 972
my write speeds are averaging around 70 MB/s
read speeds 728 MB/s

What am I doing wrong?

also my aspect ratio is 16:9...I can't go any higher on resolution


Hey Walter,

I changed the settings and I met the R/W numbers and Im still losing frames at 12 seconds REC time. Another thing I just learned was that I can't open MLV files on my computer. I keep getting a notice that says the file is unreadable. Any advice or help?

As always thanks!

Walter Schulz

Benchmarks are just benchmarks. They are not telling the whole truth.
Reduce resolution and test which one is giving enhanced recording times.
And use bitrate 1.0 for starters.

Have you tried to open a MLV recorded without skipping (< 12 seconds)? Which program do you use?

Wondering how to get MLV files when using RAW video ...


my card reader displays it as an MLV file. ... I either use EOS utility or iPhoto or Final cut to pull data from the card.

I changed bitrate to 1.4 then back to 1.0 as recommended by ML. I'd like to REC longer than 12 seconds if possible. I had the bit @ 0.9 and that didn't work either.

If I reduce resolution what do you recommend I reduce it to? Just go back to full HD? Then whats the point of ML to begin with?

As always thanks

Walter Schulz

The settings you posted will not produce MLV. Therefore I'm suspicious about your settings before and now.

Basics about MLV processing:
    Magic Lantern Forum »    Using Magic Lantern »    Raw Video »    Raw Video Postprocessing

I recommend that you experiment with your equipment to find out the resolution supported by your equipment for the duration you want.
Faster card will do better.

EDIT: Just tried to record 1728x972 with a card specified for 60 MByte/s (SanDisk Extreme 32 GB). Stopped after 19-21 seconds.


Sometimes After processing MLV's with MLV Converter (MLV to DNG) i found that some frames got skipped anyway also half of a frame was kinda like raw gray noise applied to it.
i'm preparing for a shooting , and i feel Raw is a bit unstable to work with , last thing i want to happen is to find out afterwards a footage is not usable.
any suggestions? part of it maybe because of my card but it could handle a scene up to 7 seconds.

Also any difference with shooting Raw and MLV?
i couldn't find about it in FAQ or User guide.

Walter Schulz


Since the card is a bit slow i always change the Aspect ratio to a tighter version other than 16:9
it's not always the same but i'm sure it's not the full resolution.

Thanks for the link by the way.


Isn't there any 7D owner plans to buy the new Mark II?
I opened a new topic ( for that camera on the other day but nobody interested in.
Maybe here I can find somebody who already own one.

(My old 7D has about 150k expo and I'll go to Costa Rica for three months and I don't want to risk a dead shutter during my stay there so I've decided to buy a Mark II before I go there.)
EOS 7D Mark II, EOS 7D, EOS 5, EOS 100 + lenses (10mm to 300mm), 600EX, 550EX, YN600EX x 3
EOScard, EOS DSLR firmwares, ARMu, NiControl, etc.:

Walter Schulz

Thought about it but other money sucking projects (not related to photography) have priority right now.
But if there is a developer wanting to get hold of a 7DII: Crowdfunding will help and I promise to participate.


My shutter speed options don't allow for 1/48, 180. I can either choose 1/45 or 1/50. Using the latest build. How can I set to 1/48?


You can use the shutter finetune option. Truth is, you never really could chose 1/48 by default, the display was just round it up, but now it shows actual shutter speed.


Shutter fine tuning doesn't works on 7d !  ->
If you think it's impossible, you have lost beforehand


When i try the Focus stacking feature on my 7D it stops working and shuts down the camera (latest build)
Anything i need to check?

Also i found that when when i try to go on the crop mode in Movie mode (5x crop)
i cant go back unless i switch to photo mode and come back
which im pretty sure im missing some settings but i dont know which one?

Walter Schulz

Delete ML directory and AUTOEXEC.BIN and copy extracted nightly build contents to card.
Try again.


did it , works like a champ.


when I shoot videos without magic lantern on my 7D I take h.264 files. those files are 1920x1080. is it the true resolution? why when I shoot MLV RAW the max resolution is 1728 x 972 instead of 1920x1080? thx

Walter Schulz

And here we go again:
Canon's H.264 implementation for full HD is actually upscaled liveview resolution.
Except 5D3 where liveview is true full HD.

-> Search function, please.
Look for crop mode, too.


why the hell Canon sell 7D and tell to anyone it's Full HD when it is not? is not this a fraud? someone complained to the authorities?  :'(
which is the true resolution of the liveview? thx

Walter Schulz

Quote from: Brawl on November 09, 2014, 03:39:53 PM
why the hell Canon sell 7D and tell to anyone it's Full HD when it is not? is not this a fraud? someone complained to the authorities?  :'(
Full HD resolution = 1920x1080. That's the specification and it's met.
If you think it's fraud because internal generated lower resolution got upsampled to achieve this: Look for a lawyer willing to go to court.


I have got my 7D after years of savings, got a preowned one. I have money problems and I cannot pay the  lawyer if I should. I do not have even the receipt of my canon. :'(
I hope that not always what is unfair remains unfair. this is misleading advertising. canon lied for selfish purposes (and I made free advertising to them for years, I recommended it to my friends of buying a canon). I feel stupid.         


Canon won't be the only manufacture doing this.   So you should probably start a class action lawsuit against the industry.  There was once an discussion on doom9 about what constitutes full HD, resolution alone, or some image quality also.

In either case, we like Canon, so please start your lawsuit elsewhere.

Walter Schulz

@Brawl: Sorry, but what is *your* problem with Canon's native video output?