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Started by Danne, November 09, 2018, 05:11:37 PM

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New builds uploaded thanks to @Panz test reports. Reduced 3.5k preset height by -10 to reduce corrupted frames when recording in 25fps.


Hello Danne, totally fool question here:
Would it be possible to have a plain, all sensor, preview when idle and when recording despite the chosen crop mode?
And to prepare and use crop mark images to get the correct framing?




Grab the code and start experimenting. I have no idea what you are talking about.


Yes I know. To explain the question:
When the camera is framing but not recording, the framing preview is always good even if not realtime and is the same as the image recorded.
But when the camera is recording the preview, when working, doesn't help to frame anything because the back image on the camera doesn't correspond to the image recorded at all.
My question was: would it be possible to put on the camera screen a realtime preview or readout of all the sensor when waiting or when recording even if we have chosen a particular crop mode?

Don't know if I am clearer.


I don't get what you are after but maybe someone else understand.



Currently there is no real-time with correct-framing preview when using "Crop mode" on 5D3, you are referring to "Framing" preview which is choppy but has correct framing, if you want to use it all time (in Both Idle and when recording) do the followings:

Highlight "RAW video" (make sure mlv_lite is enabled) --> Press Q button --> Preview --> Change it to "Framing"

You also press Half-Shutter when recording to toggle between "Framing" and "real-time" preview.


Thanks for the info, but what I really would like to know is: Would it be possible technically to implement an option to get a full live view full sensor realtime preview while recording a crop mode?


That is not known with certainty, and I feel the answer of "maybe" is unsatisfying.  But that is the answer.


I can't download  Danne's crop_rec_4k & ISO experiments for Canon 5d markIII
I am using this downloding link  https://bitbucket.org/Dannephoto/magic-lantern_dannephoto_git/downloads/
bbuseruploads.s3.amazonaws.com  sent an invalid response.

How can I download or where can I download it?


I may be missing something in settings and just trying to figure what I could change:

In 1080P I get a wider FOV than I do when I am using a preset like UHD or 3.5K. What can I do to correct this?


EOS 5D3 123 crop_rec_4k_mlv_snd_isogain_1x3_presets_2020Dec11.5D3123


Hey everyone,

I was using the April 21 update with the 5d 1.1.3. Nothing fancy, just using the 1080, normal 14 bit, no crop. Very little lockups or issues.

I then tried the April 21 update with the 5d3 1.2.3 firmware and I seem to be have more lockups and recordings stopping (not all the time but less stable then with the older firmware).

Is that normal? is the 1.2.3 firmware less stable. Or is it something I am doing?

Does anyone else have any ideas or experience?



Overhead issues?
But really you need to be more specific about settings used and so on.


[Original post: 27may21. 28may21 edits highlighted in blue]


last week I grabbed a 5D3 (so now flanking my old 70D) from eBay and started playing with Danne's beautiful presets (using 1apr21 build).

I'm reporting my findings and understandings in the table below, and I would be glad to know if there is something wrong / misreported or if someone is having a different experience.

Please note that

  • I'm not considering 3x3 modes as I'm personally not interested in using them.
  • FOV values are reported for 16mm and 35mm glass, just because these are two of the lenses I think I will use most. However, they may even be used as a reference here.
  • I did not include FULLRES_LV mode (Full-res LiveView) as it simply won't work for me. It gave me 1 single frame once, then now keeps issuing a 'Raw detect error' [turns out that it works only with audio off and Global Draw off, h/t Bender@arsch].
  • Results refer to 'out of the box' presets, namely with untouched aspect ratio and 14-bit recording. See last column for remarks on obtaining continuous recording @lower bit depth, where necessary.
So here we go:

IDDescriptionHorizontal resolution*H/V ratioBinningFOV@16mmFOV@35mmAPS-C safe**Frame rateData rateCont.Rec.PreviewOther notes
3X1920 1:1
1.9K (HD)
48 MB/s
Yescolors, slightly low h/v ratio?, hi fpsPerfectly centered?
anamorph_ fullresanamorphic fullres
1.9K stretched to 5.6K
69 MB/s
Yescolors, correct framing, low fpsCovers 100% of sensor width. Centering not investigated.
4K_HFPS4K 1:1 half-fps
72 MB/s
Yescolors, correct framing, low fpsA bit below center. Unusable: produces pink / magenta / corrupted frames.
1.8K stretched to 5.3K
120 MB/s
Yesgrey scale, correct framing, low fpsCovers 94% of sensor width. Just slightly below center?
3K3K 1:1
125 MB/s
Yescolors, correct framing, low fps.A bit above center and slightly on the left?
33K3.3K 1:1 x5
129 MB/s
Yescolors, correct framing, low fpsA bit below center and slightly on the right?
CENTER_Z3.5K 1:1 centered x5
179 MB/s
Nocolors, correct framing, low fpsSlightly above center? Continuous recording @10 bit (in some circumstances even 12) or disabling Global Draw + 12 bit (in this case preview will be standard x5, so cropped).
183 MB/s
Nocolors, correct framing, low fpsPerfectly centered? Continuous recording @10 bit (apart from extreme circumstances maybe?), or in some circumstances 12 bit but disabling Global Draw (no preview at all!)
* 1K = 1.024 px
** meaning that you can shoot with an APS-C lens without suffering vignetting

For my tests I have been using

  • SD: SanDisk Extreme PRO 95 MB/s 128GB
  • CF: Lexar 1066x 160 MB/s 64GB
with both SD overclock (@160 MHz) and card spanning enabled.

Card benchmarks (in video mode) give me

  • 57 MB/s write speed for SD alone
  • 42 (SD) + 53 (CF) MB/s with simultaneous write test
but while the former test is in line with what I obtain on my 70D with 160 MHz overclock, I think that the latter is not reliable as it would not explain how ever I was able to shoot continuously in 3K mode at 129 MB/s (measured ex post) [Bender@arsch confirms that the latter is not reliable].

Final remark: on my 70D, thanks to the work of ArcziPL (and others), and using his 1mar21 build, I am able to push SD overclock also to 192 and 240 MHz. With 240 MHz, benchmarks display an improvement from 57 to 76 MB/s for SD write speed. Not that much, but I'm wondering if that could help in achieving continuous shooting with CENTER_Z or UHD.

Oh, and why 4K_HFPS mode seems to require only 72 MB/s @12.5 fps? If I double that, I get only 144 MB/s, which is way lower than what I measure (179 MB/s) with an even lower resolution (3.5K with CENTER_Z) @25 fps... mmh.

Thank you!

5D3 for video
70D for photo


Hi, some short answers :

- full resolution LV is only possible with audio off and global draw off or kill global draw
- Aspect Ratio: you can change it and get in Anamorphic mode (set to off) full 1920 streched to 5.7K and for example 3.3K, 16:9 and 3.5K nearly 2:1
- continously recording: for better Result you can decrease bitdepth. Default is off - > meaning 14bit lossless, try 12 or 10 bit (all lossless), And if you set global draw off increase writespeed, but preview is only available in 3.3K and 3.5K mode - >5x zoomed crop live preview.
- SD overclocking works only with SD Card
- With Cardspaning: I did a lot of tests and the showing Writespeed is not correct
You Can reed here : https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=12862.msg228848#msg228848


Thanks a lot! Further remarks below.

Quote from: Bender@arsch on May 27, 2021, 06:28:32 PM
- Aspect Ratio [...]
- continously recording: for better Result you can decrease bitdepth [...]

Yup, thanks a lot, forgot to mention that I just wanted to test presets 'out of the box'. But you are right, it would be nice to add a column reporting the max bit depth allowing continuous recording (if any).

Quote from: Bender@arsch on May 27, 2021, 06:28:32 PM
- SD overclocking works only with SD Card

Sure, no doubt. I was just wondering if it is possible to port to 5D3 higher SD overclock freqs (192 MHz and 240 MHz). This would help.

Also, is there any way to benchmark the CF card alone?

Thank you!

5D3 for video
70D for photo


When recording, in anamorphic(1x3), are you meant to only see the upper half of the cropped image?

I have Global Draw on in Liveview only, so hitting the halfshutter for preview also shows the upper half of the cropped image.
I believe that with one of the crop modes I was able to move the focus rectangle down so when I was preview/recording the image lined up to the actual footage.

If this isn't meant to be, I can provide material to show what I mean and troubleshoot.

Other than that, I've had no issues with this build. Incredibly impressed!


Problem with crop modes and card spanning:

5D Mark III in 3.5K crop mode. It worked OK for several days. But opened footage from last day and it's all garbage.
Tried different cards, result is always the same. As far as card spanning is ON and crop mode is 3K or 3.5K it's all garbage.
When shooting nothing suggested that there is a problem. Most of the time indicator is green which is kind of surprising. In 3.5K it is yellow most of the time or red with limited filming time.
Maybe messed up with a setting ? Green indicator is kind of hint in this direction.
ML version is the last one from Danne (April 2021)

Check the frames bellow. Any ideas why ?



A lot more info should be provided and more tests. Tried reinstalling? What's your exact settings? What fps was used?


Here are my settings:


24fps in camera and same in MLV when open the files.
Also 3K is the same. As far as card spanning is enabled all crop modes are affected
Tried : Kill global draw - on and off, no effect.

Firmware version 1.2.3, latest from you at 1st of April 2021. Unfortunately didn't kept previous versions to test
Previous day formatted a second SD card, copied the firmware and discovered that had to do the installation on that card too.
Otherwise ML won't load from the card. Apparently it has to set the some flag on the card not just in camera ?
Wanted to have a second set of cards (SD+CF) as one was not enough to go trough the day and shooting
And it worked OK for a day. Then it went totally crazy. It seems this second installation somehow messed things up

Followed your advice: Uninstalled ML, format both SD and CF cards in camera. Reinstalled ML on SD card.
Same (bad) result when trying to write on both cards at 3.5K crop.



Tried on the second set of SD + CF cards - same (bad) result.
Writing speeds are good. But green indicator on 3.5K, 2:1 ratio, 10 bit at 3584x1730 resolution ?
Hmm this is kind of fishy. Never had this before.


Before writing speed indicator was yellow at best and red most of the time. Which is expected in such a high resolutions
But for relatively short clips it worked well and without major problem.


Why 2:1 ratio? Don't touch the ratios from raw video menu. Instead use the presets from crop rec sub menu. Under raw menu out ratios to max if set to off in crop rec menu.

Please test to see if other ratios works for instance 2:39.1 etc.
Always seek what's working and then try to find a breaking point from there.


Always used 2:1 ratio. And until recently it worked without any problem
Here is a test with 2.35:1 ratio set in presets:


Still bad. Thought that breaking point is card spanning. But it's not.  Tested 3K crop, anamorphic 2.35:1 ratios.  All bad even when using only the CF card
Only 1080p normal mode works OK.
It's really strange. Will try to reset everything later and start again from scratch. 

P.S. Will wait some time to clear my head, then reset everything and start from scratch.


Might be your card reader. Transferring issues.