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Started by Danne, November 09, 2018, 05:11:37 PM

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Hello all. I just made the large jump from a ML build from 2016 to the most recent one crop_rec_4k_mlv_snd_isogain_1x3_presets_2021Feb28.5D3123

Looks like things have changed quite a bit.

On the 2016 build, I would use Dual ISO in addition to crop mode for a resolution of 2560 x 1090
I had card spanning and was able to shoot continuously.
Monitoring was a challenge since Live View was gray, low quality, and not real time

Will the latest build help me solve some of these challenges?
Can I shoot Dual ISO, 4k continuous? Is card spanning deprecated and no longer available now? How do I get continuous shooting? (overclock module hasn't seemed to help. Maybe I'm doing something wrong)
Can I get a good monitoring situation? Live view and perfect framing of scene being shot?
How high up can I go in resolution these days and still use Dual ISO, without any bottlenecking of the camera or cards?

Thanks much all


First of all this magic lantern build has no crop anymore. With anamorphic on you do still get the view in black and white and no real time. But if you would change to the normal Canon view. You get a view croped and squeeze. There for it is in real time and sharp. With 14 bit lossless you don't have to use card spanning anymore. It works stable will my camera setup. Although I don't use duel iso since I noticed that it is a little less sharp.
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Thanks. Attached are screenshots of my settings. Any recommendations?


Also, looks like the liveview is 5x and doesnt let me frame correctly however. Anyway to get a more accurate live view?

Thanks again


Nothing changed with preview capabilities. If not real time uncropped use framing for correct preview.
A few refined presets added like the anamorphic modes(Also called 1x3 binning).
Card spanning works. Sd uhs patching not very reliable. If using that see to it to test out a valid, good working card. Info on this can be found in varous posts and threads.
Other than that, a lot of tweaks and a few bug fixes.

I recommend you go through this thread as it progressively shows what´s been added into this build. Most questions have been answered if not all.


Thanks Danne. I think I have things working well now. I'm actually able to keep Global Draw On for all modes in addition to Zebras, Focus Peak, Cropmarks, Histogram, and Waveform.
Preset is 3.3k 1:1 x5
12 bit

SD not overclocked
No card spanning
14-bit lossless
Preview - Framing
Crop Rec Preview auto mode (what does this do? lol)

I'm pretty happy with how things are working now and have done 30 second tests without any issues. Any recommended optimizations to make things even better? I like this!

Any tips for shooting slow motion? I've never accomplished that w ML before. What are some best practices?

Thanks much all!


Find your own ways. Seems you're perfectly capable of doing that and if you find something extraordinary post your findings.
What's not working with higher fps? You share no info of what you are trying to achieve.

Best practices. Turn off all extras. Add them back one by one until it breaks recordings.
Apply bitdpeth reduction to 10bit. Increase if possible.
If 10bit not enough. Record 2.39:1 or reduce ratio even further.


Appreciate it. I'll keep experimenting.

Slow motion is achieved by using FPS override correct? Will I need to choose a proper resolution for 60fps instead of sticking with 3.3k?

Thanks again


I never use fps override. I only work with presets from crop rec if not using regular hd 1080p, then I turn crop rec to off.
What you ask for is easy to test. My suggestion would be that you take a week and try and learn each and every preset, their quirks and possibilities. Pay attention to help texts. Some modes require cam to be set to 50 or 60fps in canon menu. A few presets needs to stay in x1 and a few needs to be started in x5 crop.


Hey guys. Do you think it's a good idea to start a topic comparing ALL the ML video recording options (RAW, MP4, HDMI capture, USB, ...) with most notable advantages/limitations of each option and keep it up to date with the most recent developments and statuses for each option? I mean, not for any particular camera but the overall state of video recording feature set of ML, so to speak. I've been out of the loop for several years and some recent developments just blow my mind away. I've bought and sold several cameras during this period of time. If I were aware of those features I would've made different choices. I just feel like it would be useful to many to have such a high level overview of what is possible. Then one could dive deeper into specific camera's possibilities and options.
EOS M (was 600D > 50D)

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About to edit a wiki about streaming/recording abilities with Canon EOS cameras covering HDMI, USB via EOS Utility/EOS Webcam Utility.

Collecting USB related stuff should be easy. Most are just doing 576p. Exception (so far): EOS M will not work at all. Need input about "sheep in wolf clothes" EOS M3, M5, M6, M10, M100 running PowerShot codebase.

Tricky part is HDMI. There is no easy way to tell actual HDMI resolutions in all modes without proper hardware. Cheap Full-HD USB converters (those in the 20 and lower buck/euro range) will not reveal anything about input resolution. Some TVs/Monitors will link to any input source and tell you it's 1080p.
Tried https://webcamtests.com/ but no avail. (Found the site via this link ).

Further findings: The only cam in ML project scope able to do DCI 4k (4096 pixel horizontal) is EOS R5. All other labeled as 4k-HDMI are doing UHD (3840 horizontal aka 2160p).

I just started with an uncomplete table https://wiki.magiclantern.fm/streaming:hdmi_rfc

And covering all raw recording modes ... good luck! I think it can be done if supported by devs making those custom builds.


I was thinking about something like this:
EOS M (was 600D > 50D)

Walter Schulz

Quick sidenotes: Cropped raw/MP4/HDMI is not free of aliasing and moire. Amount should be the lowest, of course. And high bandwidth applies to RAW, too.
You should also mention anamorphic mode.


That was just to illustrate my point. I'm nowhere near enough informed to do this on my own. I think this deserves a separate sticky thread that would be updated by people who are in the loop and would structure and update the info to reflect the current state of things. I don't want to continue off-topic here but I'm not sure about where is the right place for such a thread.
EOS M (was 600D > 50D)

Walter Schulz

On the long run sticky threads with content to maintain are prone to become unmaintained, outdated and adding to user confusion.. "Staff" discussed this some time ago and opted for wiki instead. Wiki doesn't guarantee to go smoothly and had to be maintained, too. But looking backwards on some history we are better with wiki than without.
Lookup Camera Help. Initiator put in some serious work and dropped out without being heard from him since and way before completion.


EOS M (was 600D > 50D)


With February builds, shutter speed doesn't affect exposure when in video mode 3.5k or 3.3k. The numbers do change but there is no effect on the image or histogram. All other modes work as they should. When i switch to photo the exposure is correct. I tried changing shutter range, shutter lock(changing shutter from ml only), ettr, expo override but none seems to be able to change the actual shutter speed. The number changes, the exposure doesn't. I am on 5D 1.2.3

Is that a bug or is there any other option i am missing?


Don´t have my camera atm but I can take a look this week.
Meanwhile. Could another user verify this behaviour?


Reset ML settings.

I recall once having a similar issue with "vanilla" 3.5k crop. Don't know what it was, but resetting to ML default fixed it

Also check your Dial, is it by chance on (A+) or any of the others?
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I tried resetting both canon and ml settings. Formatted both cf and sd and installed vanilla 28feb build but still the same issue. It's on M mode. It's not readjusting iso or aperture. Shutter number changes as it should. There is no difference though. Happened both on manual and electronic lenses. Other than that i cannot think of anything else to try.
Tried to change shutter in shutter priority mode. As shutter speed decreased 1/4000, iso maxed and the image got brighter.

Last think left to check is 1.1.3 version, although i prefer 1.2.3 for hdmi monitoring.


I can verify that shutter is not changeable in 3.3k preset. Tried to see what´s going on but couldn´t find the issue yet. When I build the preset I tried following the CROP_PRESET_CENTER_Z routine and probably some safe guard stopping shutter from being modified. I sees if I can find time and fix it.


I think the shutter issue with 3.3k preset is fixed:

Some issue with cmos 2. Thanks for reporting.


Thanks for the really quick fix!
Happy to help with the bug hunt. Least i can do for now.

I tried working with 3.5k x5 centered but it's not as robust as 3.3k. I always get compression error around 1 minute mark no matter what resolution i use. Console comes up and i have a few logs. The cam keeps recording but i think a few frames are gone. Is this a known issue, performance related? I can look into in a bit more if you want(upload logs, clip)
I guess one more frame per second is really heavy on card speed compared to 3.3K.


You can see if compression issues disappears by reducing height. In the Presets sub menu(push Q button) and reduce reg_6804_height by let´s say -10. Now also reduce reg_713c with the same number -10.

Overhead errors can also be caused if you have too much going on like histogram, magic zoom and such. What ratio are you using by the way? Only use the ratios provided in Movie tab menu (Ratio). Are you using 25 fps? Bitdepth? You leave out a lot of information. Exterrnal monitors will probably affect most of all so if using that expect issues.

Lastly. Downgrading to 1.1.3 will probably help here too.

Please report back if you are getting better results.


I use 2 display presets. I keep one clean and the second one is where i have histogram, waveform and level indicator. When i record i use the empty one. I use digic peaking, should i turn it off?
I was under the impression that 3.5K is 25fps and 3.3K is 24fps. So i use 25fps in the 3.5k preset. I shoot at 12bit and 16:9 ratio set in the movie tab menu.
My cards are 32gb lexar x1000 and sandisk extreme pro 64gb. No external monitor atm. To achieve continuous recording i lower resolution in the raw recording menu to 2880.
Changing the registers by -10 seems to fix the problem(recording at 2880X1620). Need to test more to be certain.
I even shot a dual iso clip at 1620, no issues.

Can the change in the register be saved in the manual config? eg. CM3 set to 3.5k with register's change?
Another issue that sometimes happen is that the screen gets stuck in real-time focus mode(in 3.5K mode). I cannot change back to framing from ml menu or by going to canon menu and back again. Need to either restart or switch to review and back. I haven't found the steps to reproduce being stuck in real-time yet. Will look more into it.


24 fps probably works without reducing height.

Easiest test is to just enable the 3.5k preset after a vanilla installation. Don't enable any other settings. If this works you can test enabling other settings until it breaks.