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Started by Audionut, March 16, 2015, 04:49:49 AM

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Hi there!

First post, so bear with me if I ask silly things.

But I searched the forum and did not find anything about this. I want to know if anyone has experience with using ML on a Canon 60Da. As the 60D and the 60Da cameras are nearly identical I don' think there should be any negative impact of the difference, but I want to make sure before I do something wrong.




I use a 60Da. It works fine. The only difference between the two is the optical filter in front of the sensor. Electronically/internally they are identical.


Thanks for the reply... looks like i know what i'm doing this weekend! :)


Ok, so I've noticed quite a few people around asking specifically how to install ML who aren't able to do it, and the step that most are missing is actually updating the firmware once the files are on your SD card which is performed as follows. (If you've never updated your camera's firmware, you probably don't know how to install custom firmware, right?)

1) Make sure camera is in Manual mode (M)
2) Go to the third settings menu (Wrench icon w/ 3 dots)
3) Highlight the last line, which lists your firmware version (Should be 1.1.1 currently)
4) Click set, this will bring you to the firmware update screen
5) Click "OK"
6) Magic Lantern will install
7) Restart your camera.

I hope this has helped some folks!



I installed the nigtly build 2015-05-03 01:15:02 +0300 on my 60D, but I cannot find the raw mode. Is it there?

Walter Schulz


My question is twofold.

I was trying to use ML on multiple cards and went through the process as outlined. However, I was only able to get it to work on the original card. After an hour of trying to figure it out, in my frustration, I accidentally did a deep format on the original card. Now ML does not work on any card. The real problem is that now the firmware update menu option has disappeared. So now I can't uninstall/reinstall ML from ANY card.

Any idea what I should do? And possibly why I couldn't use multiple cards?

Walter Schulz

Dial M for ... Redo installation for all cards


Hi there,

when filming with the 60D I always used the VAF-60D Anti Moiré Filter by Mosaic Engineering. It really extinguishes the unwanted aliasing/moiré from the footage and gives it a professional look (see Now I am changing to the Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera and don't need it anymore. I payed € 323,96 for it and I would like to sell it for € 200 incl. free shipping.


Walter Schulz

No, there is no proof or guarantee your camera will not get harmed and if it breaks you can keep both parts.
There is however no report about ML nightly build actually killing a single camera. You can be the first, though.
If you can't live without your cam and will be unable to get a replacement ... well, think it over.


I have had ML installed for awhile. I use it for HDR mostly. Playing more with it now. Want to shoot lightning. Photo not video. Tips?

Anyways.... i have version v2.3.60d.111
Built on 2012-07-23

Any benefits to updating? What to download to update?
I do not see any secure / approved / builds.... just nightly builds.

Any help / suggestions appreciated.

And yes, I am shooting a 60D. Thanks

Walter Schulz

"Stable" v2.3 is considered to be unstable/outdated. Nightly build is the new black.
Devs using something close to "rolling release" (look it up at wikipedia) for some time now. So don't expect to see something like 2.4 or else in near future.
With nightly there is a module at hand:

Walter Schulz

1.) Top of page -> User Guide -> FAQ
2.) Dito and Top of page -> User Guide -> Installation Guide
3.) Sorry, no ML 101 available right now.

Walter Schulz

Do you try to understand exposure modes used by "native" Canon firmware?
- Center-weighted average, spot metering, partial metering, evaluative metering
- Flash ETTL-2 modes "Evaluative", "Average"?


Canon does not publish their source code. If you simply want to understand what the various modes are for and when to use them, I would refer you to p119 in your manual.


Hi Installed ML on my 60d today,

there is no bulb ramping?

I used ML a few years ago and loved the bulb ramping intervalometer combo, but I can see it in the menu anywhere?

Walter Schulz

Gone for good.
Top of page, a little way down
Home - Help - Search - Profile - My ...


I downloaded this because my camera keeps shutting off. Which it didn't fix but also, when recording it seems to record at 2x speed? Any thoughts? This is on a 60d


@dfort has a build for the 60D to fix the mv640crop mode video.  He needs a someone with a 60D to help him test it.


installed on my 60D last week. afew video settings in ML caused 60D to crash : ERROR 70

didnt save log files due to me going into panic mode thinking that 60D was about to get bricked.......shutdown camera and started up, still error 70....

shutdown and pulled battery out and restarted and ML presented with camera didnt shutdown properly and last config files didnt save and gave the option to delete the last config.....hit that yes button super fast and default ML settings took place......phewww

Battery definitely drains ALOT faster with ML, there are some really nifty tweaks that im not familiar with...luckily google and Youtube is my friend.

is there a complete list to what each setting or module does as that would be super helpful as half of the help files are not complete or exists on ML when intalled.

Walter Schulz

Quote from: tolga1970 on April 14, 2016, 10:32:09 AM
Battery definitely drains ALOT faster with ML,

Each and every time someone comes up with this one and we are trying to nail it down the issue is no longer reproducable. If your incident is we will be more than happy to hunt it down.
Please give steps to reproduce and measurements/battery uptime with/w.o. ML.

Quote from: tolga1970 on April 14, 2016, 10:32:09 AM
is there a complete list to what each setting or module does as that would be super helpful as half of the help files are not complete or exists on ML when intalled.

Top of page -> User Guide
Top of page -> Downloads -> Download Nightly Builds -> Features



I've installed ML on my 60D with no issues. Now, how do I make it work with additional SD cards?

Walter Schulz

Top of page -> User Guide -> Install Guide


I'm trying to uninstall magic lantern  (ML version : Nightly.2016Apr19.60D111) from my camera but the "firmware version" menu has disappeared.
I don't know what to do. Any help?