Lightroom plugin cr2hdr v3.0 DEV (WIP)

Started by kichetof, March 18, 2014, 05:04:33 PM

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I'm from China.thank U so much to creat this so wonderful tool for's awesome!!!


Really having problems getting this to work on my mac pro. I have it installed on my laptop - Win. Anyone have a step by step?

If I type in which dcraw exiftool this is the output:

My lightroom has the plugin installed, but I get the error:
"This plugin (cr2hdr) need dcraw and exiftool.

Please install it before run this plugin"


@limey - do you have the latest version? dcraw and exiftool should be included inside of the plugin, no need to install them.

Hummm--seems like the latest version isn't on kichetof's bitbucket download area. Anyone know where he keeps it or do you need to grab it from the source?


Is this the correct plugin to use with lightroom 6 on osx 10.11.6 (el capitan) ?

I am also having issues with plugin and I am using LR v6 and cr2hdr.3.0BETA3.3 and when I export I get "unable to export /users/xxx/pictures/somename-

Any info is greatly appreciated


I do have the plugin, but it says that its missing these items, however, I've installed them individually and still no work.

Maybe I have a different plugin - not Kichetof's?


Success. I searched for Kitchetof's name and found this link:

Downloaded the beta 3 (pretty sure I was installing this from the earlier posts) and this time it worked!


Does this latest version of the plugin work with the latest version of LightRoom?


Latest plug in works fine in LR 6.6.1.   

Tip on usage:  when I right clicked on my original raw photo and selected export to Dual Iso, the conversion took place automatically (no opportunity to adjust settings).   the converted DNG image automatically appeared in my LR library folder right next to the original raw image.  NICE!

If you want to access the plugin settings, you need to select the raw image and click the Export button on the bottom left.  This will open the full export window where you can select the Magic Lantern dual iso conversion plugin and all its settings.   The read-me text refers to this but its not very clear.

Great stuff, thanks much.  Love HDR and can't wait to play with dual ISO more.


I very much like this new version with one exception. On initial import, I assign keywords and copyright data. Once converted the copyright data is missing and I have to assign it again. Can this be easily rectified?

Also, I know this thread is 2 years old but I notice that when I view my cr2's with FastStone they show full screen but I only get 1/3 screen views of the dng's. The file size is comparable to the cr2's so it seems they should be showing full screen. I don't normally view with FastStone but on occasion I just want a quick glimpse.


In addition it seems the newly created DNG loses its balance and always shows as a landscape format. Again, this is when viewed with FastStone viewer. :-\

Walter Schulz

Please post CR2HDR version info. Run command line/terminal and start CR2HDR without parameters.

I have no experience with FastStone. Are you able to convert files using CR2HDR? If so: Is error reproducable with FastStone?

Will try to reproduce metadata issue this weekend.

EDIT: Reproduced! Well, it is up to kichetof to make changes. Copyright information in LR is stored in LR database (default) or sidecar files (if configured to do so). And LR data handling is done by plug-in and CR2HDR (a1ex' part) is working fine. Plug-in doesn't say it will handle all meta-data but just keywords. Therefore I suggest missing meta-data is not a bug but a missing feature. You may want to contact kichetof and place your feature request by PM and/or here as proposal


I just DLed and implemented the newest Beta3 version a few days ago and I have no problem converting the files. I also use the sidecar files, have for years. The only problem per se is when I just want a quick peak at a photo and don't want to open LR. FastStone is a free viewer and does simple edits but I just use it for viewing as the default is to show full screen black background and it's quick. The DNG's only show at about 1/5 the screen size even though they show full size in LR and for the portrait shots it shows as landscape. Thanks for testing.

Walter Schulz

Reminds me of an issue about exif data written wrong some time ago. Look here. User heckflosse is a RawTherapee developer.
Issue was fixed in cr2hdr (fixing inconsistent exif data) and RawTherapee (made more robust exif interpretation).
Contact FastStone support and ask them to fix it.


I'm using 3.0-BETA3 and I could swear it didn't do that before, but it's now DELETING the original DNG files, leaving only a -dualiso.DNG file present, much to the surprise of my Lightroom. I think it started happening when I set LR to convert files to DNG, whereas I had it set to import my CR2 files without converting. I'm not sure if it's cr2hdr or the plugin that's responsible; I'll make sure by running cr2hdr in command-line mode, if needed.

Also, it doesn't copy the original camera metadata into the dualiso file; rather, it sets my f-stop and exposure time both at 1, what's with that? It was just an annoyance before, as I could always look up these tidbits on the original files, but now that cr2hdr (or the plugin?) deletes my original files, I can't look at the exposure data anymore.

Walter Schulz

OS X or Windows?
Check plug-in location in Module Manager. Make sure to have latest bins (cr2hdr, exiftool, dcraw) installed there. Run CR2HDR from commandline/terminal. 

EDIT: Found this issue caused by outdated plug-in. Go to and download Replace plug-in files.


I am trying to use this plugin, but it is saying the files I am trying to use it on are not dual iso files. They definitely are, in lightroom I can see the alternating rows of dark and light pixels. Any idea whats going on?

Walter Schulz

Make sure you are using latest plug-in.
See message above yours.


Is it possible to get white balance metadata to carryover into the converted file?  It would save a little time setting white balance.


I think there is one setting but it won,t apply to awb. It will not be 100% correct since it won,t carry over camera calibration numbers.
However this program will get you there.


Quote from: Danne on November 23, 2016, 06:39:41 PM
...However this program will get you there...

@Danne has been on top of his game as of late with his amazing scripting skills in and it's hands down one of the best tools out there, if not the best!
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Hello ML community!!  I have about 1300 images and 100 of them are not in dual Iso.  At the moment, I selected all the images and exported with the LR plugin. 

This brings up two questions for me.

Can I sort the dual iso from the non dual iso in LR? 

If not.

Can the prompt be disabled when a non dual iso is found?

I'd like to leave the dual iso conversion running over night, but the prompt (notifying me that an image is not dual iso), stops the entire process until I click ok.

Thank you!


This the notice I'm referring to. 

Thank you so much for a great plugin!  I love dual iso.  The results are impeccable.   We'll done ML and @kichetof !

Thank you!
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Are you on mac? If so this workflow has an automated sorting function and will separate the non dual iso files from dual iso files. It also works multithreaded.

I never tried with that many files so you might wanna do some pretesting maybe run a 50-100 files before doing the whole bunch to see everything works ok.
What the program does is that after conversion it will apply metadata grabbing the information from the CR2 file and putting it into the created DNG file. If adobe dng convetter is installed it will apply back the correct white balance as well.
If you have any questions you can write them i the thread.


I am not on a mac.  But that automated sorting function sounds helpful.  How can it sort, and not cr2hdr/LR?

I did check in to your app after someone gave you props for it. They said it was really solid!

This LR Plugin is really great too.  Just right click, export.  I love that.  Good looking out with the test runs. I've ran 300+ dualiso time-lapse images through it with no problem.   But never 1340!  It's cruising along at about 437 complete with no issues.  Except the prompt stops everything!  I wish I could toggle a button to turn that feature off.   Sometimes LR pops to the front of my desktop when the notice appears!

During the shoot I was randomly disabling and enabling dual-iso to check colors/WB, or just didn't need it. 

If I could sort in LR... that would be a nice touch.

Love to know the plans for this plugin and sensor bending technology.  It's wonderful. :)
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Yes, this plugin is a great achievement. Don,t think you can sort automatically as it is right now.


@kichetof, do you have any plans to update and add new features?

I think adding enfuse would be great!  Basically, combine LR/Enfuse and cr2hdr LR plugins.  (

First it could process the dualiso then blend the AEB 'stacked' shots.  It would be beautiful. 

@danne, in case the @kichetof isn't available, how can I get a plugin created that can to both?  Unfortunately, I can't code.

I like this idea too.
Quote from: 66dellwood on November 23, 2016, 06:11:00 PM
Is it possible to get white balance metadata to carryover into the converted file?  It would save a little time setting white balance.
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