Tragic Lantern for EOS M

Started by coutts, April 17, 2013, 01:43:28 AM

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You can get the highest analog ISO from dual_iso... its like 3200. Look at the ISO research thread and maybe try some of the research tools if you want to get into the nitty gritty.


Quote from: MobFactory on March 04, 2014, 06:45:08 PM
Hey sorry but i tried upgrading but when i plug in my eos m nothing on the menu is clickable on eos utility except monitor folder. How can i install Cinestyle?
Maybe you did not follow the steps or you do not have the camera in the Manual Picture Mode.

Here are the steps for anyone that needs to know. Make sure the camera is off and not plugged into the USB. Make sure the camera is set to Picture Mode set to Manual, not Video Mode. It is the dial on the top of the camera and it has three positions. You want the middle position. Now plug the USB cable into the computer and then the camera. Then turn the camera on and your computer will show it is connected.

Now go to the EOS Utility Main Page and select Camera Settings. Then select Register Picture Style File. From that point it is obvious. you have three tabs on top for the three slots of picture styles in the camera. You load each new picture style, one at a time, into User Def 1 or 2 or 3. Click the button to the right to navigate to where you have the Cinestyle file saved on your hard drive. WAIT until it is done loading. Then do User Def 2 and 3 if you want to load anymore styles. Remember to wait for each User Def to finish loading. When it is all done, turn the camera off and then unplug the USB cable. Now your picture styles will be  available on the camera.


I was checking the Shutter Count on my M. It showed 2K and then shutter counts and LV actuation. Then, what is the correct shutter counts. What is LV actuation ?


Quote from: samacochan on March 05, 2014, 04:39:17 AM
I was checking the Shutter Count on my M. It showed 2K and then shutter counts and LV actuation. Then, what is the correct shutter counts. What is LV actuation ?

Shutter counts is the number of picture it's taken.

LV actuation is the number of times it's turned on the LV.



Lately I have I heard a lot of talk about audio with MLV. I just read your reply on the thread about the differences between Raw and MLV and I was thinking the same as you that the first thing I think of is Raw has no audio and MLV has audio. The M is still one of those ML/TL cameras with no audio features, such as audio meters for setup/recording, no headphones output and no MLV audio recording.

I have stayed off this topic since the last time I asked which caused a problem. I appreciate all your work for the M as well as all the other developers. I have been here everyday, testing every build since last July for the M. I try to help others with questions I know about, hoping it will help devs spend more time on what they are doing instead of having to answer questions.

Can you please tell me the status with audio for the M? Is it being worked on or has it been put on a shelf for later development? I feel it is the one big thing the M truly needs. Not only for MLV recording, but at least for H.264 recording and playback using headphones. It is really needed for doing things like interviews and checking playback. I do not want/need to use more external gear as a workaround when I can get the results from the camera by itself. I just can't listen to anything during recording and playback. The main reason I got the M was for it's very small size and high quality APS-C sensor. Perfect for run and gun and the ability to look like a tourist so as not to draw any attention. Adding more gear just for audio monitoring defeats the main reason I use this camera.

Best regards,


It has to be coded but the big thing is that wav recording seems like it won't work. The camera hangs if you mess with the asif. So the best would be audio for H264 + headphones through the USB jack.


Quote from: 1% on March 07, 2014, 01:02:05 AM
It has to be coded but the big thing is that wav recording seems like it won't work. The camera hangs if you mess with the asif. So the best would be audio for H264 + headphones through the USB jack.
audio for H264 + headphones through the USB jack. i would be very happy to get that for now.  :)  Is it possible to also get the meters to work during setup before we record H.264? Maybe you or someone else can work out the wav recording for MLV later on.

Having the headphones for H.264 would be very helpful since I can then hear whether the mic battery starts to crap out or something else is sounding wrong during an interview. Like a person pops the mic or they accidentally knock the mic. I could then repeat the question to get another take. Also, listening to the sound on playback to double check. 


Once the IC remains powered up it should in theory stay on... ergo meters pre recording. Just its going to take a bit of reversing/rewriting to get audio working. The read doesn't need to be doubled and and the registers probably don't need to be hardcoded so it stands a chance at passing code review and getting into ML. Will also apply to 700D/650D/etc


I've still been struggling with the intervalometer freezing if it fails to get AF lock, and I was reading more about ML and came across a post that mentioned another way to do timelapse by shooting video with fps override. In my case, I am trying to shoot pics every 1/3 sec (less than 1799 pics generally). I was wondering if I can potentially get the same image quality (need shutter speed of ~1/1000s and full resolution).

I am still learning tons about ML and in the userguide the description about adjusting the rolling shutter effect scared me off - rolling shutter is a big problem with SfM-based 3D reconstruction, and I am trying to get this camera to work for aerial mapping.

On another note, I was wondering if 1% or anyone else might be able to tell me if the failure to get lock is something that can be fixed with ML/TL, and if there is any kind of debugging work I could do on the code (definitely an amateur programmer, but I am capable of generating crash logs and reading code and sort of figuring out what's going on if someone points me in the right direction.

Thanks for your all of your time and work on this.



I think the LV only AF is what sucks... remember the first FW version? It was much worse. I don't get much better performance from any of the cams in LV so I guess the way to go is to turn AF off.

You can shoot HD sized silent pics, esp in crop mode. Won't be the full sensor but at least it will be raw.


It sure does seem like the AF stability (intervalometer stability?) is getting better. I upgraded to the latest version of TL last week and I just got the camera back from another flight. Got pics the whole time this time w/40mm lens and AF (1025 pics w the internal battery). WooHoo! The 22mm lense seems more sensitive to freezing do to AF errors in my tests.

I wish I could do MF, but the temp change from ground to air makes it impossible to pre-focus, at least with the 40mm lens, and the 18-55 and 22 both lose their focus on powercycle (and I have to turn cameras off to mount them in the wing mount). If there is a lens that's ~35mm equivalent and doesn't change focal length with temp, I would love to learn about it.



Quote from: gary2013 on March 04, 2014, 06:54:34 AMWhat is the native iso for the M?

Some time ago I asked a Canon rep. this and they said that if by "native iso" I meant "highest dr with the least noise", then it's 100. This 7d sensor analysis seems to suggest however that 200 may have the "highest dr with the least noise":

The question is under thorough investigation here:


QuoteEdit- Mar 11th ver of TL  records MLV, but it doesn't let me access the ML menus after I stop recording. It pops up a Busy message. I have to pull the battery. Raw records okay, just MLV has problems.

Does  it work now, there were some changes in MLV, I haven't done any EOSM in the last 2 days, just 7D/6D


hello guys,

i'd dearly need my EOS M as B-Roll this weekend, but i'm having troubles with FPS Override and Sound in general. I'm not going to shoot raw, i just the cam to record standard movie but at 30FPS.

due to some reason the cam often (always?!) switches off sound recording in the canon menu. i do re-enable that ofcourse.

in FPS Override i active sound recording into a seperate WAV but i don't see any wav-File on the card after recording. no sound in the movie file, too.

does sound recording on EOS M work at all? until some minutes i always got "sound disabled" on the display when starting recording.
but atleast this doesn't seem to occur after i disabled loading raw modules at all.

the worst problem is that FPS doesn't seem to work at all. when i replay the clip with VLC on my laptop it always says 25FPS just as i set it up in the canon menu.

any help would be appreciated.. am i just overseeing something? or just too stoopid?!


no wav on eos M. FPS override turns off sound. if you want 24fps you can record a normal movie without fps override. the fps will change as soon as you start recording.


but as said i switched ftp override to 30. but the recorded clips are 25fps. atleast vlc told me so?!

am i missing something?

about the sound - really bad. any way this could be changed anyhow?

ok, i can switch videomode to pal, so i managed to record 30p on my 7d. this should work on the m, too? or?


The fps override doesn't update meta data in the file so even if you recorded 2fps it will play at 30 until you get it into your NLE and override it.

you can try flipping video modes/pal/ntsc one of them should have 30fps. I have seen 24/25/30/60/50 as defaults and those will record with audio.

For wav, even MLV sound hangs the camera. You get like 1 wav and then hang. The best it will get is meters/audio controls/headphones unless there is some way to record wav without touching the asif functions or tripping whatever locks it up.


Btw 1%, I see that the video hack for regular non-raw/mlv video menu is back. But when you set the GOP and flush, TL would disable canon audio and even if you turn it back on, if you turn the camera off and on again, it will automatically disable the audio again.
This is the same behavior with the 7D TL too.

Is it possible to have this as a separate option that can be disabled? It's annoying to have to turn the audio back on just to get the camera to shoot all-I. Since, given fast cards, you can shoot All-I with the audio on with this video hack.



I can try it. In my experience messing with the flush rate or gop makes sound out of sync or stop. On 6D the story is different.


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I hope the major forum changes that were announced do not impede any development for the M, 6D and 7D.

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From what I understood, we were not suppose to talk about TL anymore in the ML forum.

After 1 week from the announcement, yes, that is correct.

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1%, or anyone who might know, what is the difference between GOP 1 and GOP off? Are they both intraframe All i? I am using TL Mar 22.


Hi and thx for ML/TL! =)

I'm new to ML/TL and I'm just lost in the jungle. As a newbie I've not been able to find the latest and complete guide with all options to use ML/TL on an EOS M Mark I with 2.02 firmware. All the information seems to be splitted, distributed and sometimes outdated. I was expecting a first post in a sticky thread like this one clearifying all my questions as I'm used to on XDA-forums for smartphones.

So please let me ask some basic questions here:

  • There seem to be different options to install/use ML/TL, e.g. EOScard yes or no. Will I have to flash ML/TL over the Canon firmware or is it possible to use ML/TL only by booting from sd card?
  • I read about TL having more features and being developed far by 1% without backporting all of its features to ML. But am I correct with downloading the newest TL from These files seem to be outdated while ML nightly for EOS M202 is from today!? Do they even work with latest 2.02 firmware?
  • Will I have to install/boot ML first and copy TL on top of it? My research says there is no stable, RC or beta of ML, right? So will I have to download and install ML nightly first and copy the (outdated?) TL files to my sd card?

In a nutshell I'm looking for the latest and most secure way to use ML/TL, preferably as boot option and especially for using raw crop video. It already would be a great help to know which files I will have to download at a minimum (EOScard, *.fir?).

Thank you so much!

Regards: Robin


Quote from: 1% on March 20, 2014, 12:19:10 PM
I can try it. In my experience messing with the flush rate or gop makes sound out of sync or stop. On 6D the story is different.

Please do it. :D I've been playing with it on the M and for years, on the 7D, just make sure the flush is at the same frame rate and audio come out great the whole time. Since the flush rate tops out at 50, you can't do this with 720p60 rate. (so, can you also increase the flush rate to 60?)

Thanks again! :D