Fake SanDisk Extreme pro 64GB 95MB/S - Help needed

Started by theBilalFakhouri, July 10, 2019, 08:00:01 PM

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Today I got two SanDisk Extreme pro 64GB 95MB/S , the Max write speed is 27MB/s sometimes up to 30 or 34 (27MB/S is constant unlike 30 or 34) on my laptop , and read speed of 90MB/S on my laptop too , on the camera with and without sd_uhs the write speed is always 27MB/S the read speed is high as expected 78MB/S

How can I know if it was fake or not ? is there a software to do the benchmark for write/read speeds ?
I tried to format the cards in NTFS same things , also as I know the write speed is the main standard thing to know if the card speed is true U3 or not , the read speed isn't important ? because I have normal 32 GB card class 10 from Grand brand the write speed is 25MB/S and the read speed goes up to 80MB/S .

Please help , to know if I am doing something wrong or not , I can replace them but I should make sure more.

Some pic:

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Walter Schulz

Speed integrity test: CrystalDiskMark (Windows) is mostly used. A decent cardreader is recommended. OS X/macOS may use Blackmagic Disk Speed Test.
Storage size integrity test: H2testw (Windows) or f3 (fight flash fraud) for Linux and macOS. See https://github.com/AltraMayor/f3 for details. There is a GUI available mentioned in this link: F3 X.

Most reliable source (IMO) to compare your results: www.cameramemoryspeed.com

As mentioned here there is a chance a laptop's internal cardreader may be able to read card's CID.


That's what the transfers in my card look like.
Bought 4 years ago.
Inserted into the USB 3.0 reader into the USB 3.1 port in the PC.
It looks the same from the outside.


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Thanks for helping out -- the cards are Copy (Fakes) and the store gave me the wrong ones and he will swap them soon , I made benchmark test with CrystalDiskMark  , it's not really accurate , it says the cards can do ~55 MB/S , yes but after the first second it drops to 27MB/S constant same in the camera (in camera only 27MB/S) and the BlackMagic Disk Speed test is also showing only 27MB/S that the right write speed.


andy kh

when i bought few years back it was in a packed and include a serial number to activate sandisk data recovery tool
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