Offtopic - How To Make Any DSLR Camera Mirrorless

Started by critix, July 12, 2019, 02:40:41 PM

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lol my 5d's been mirrorless for a long time now:

it also became shutterless in my attempt to revive it after the shitter got stuck (did not help)


once you go raw you never go back


Woah... Ilia!!! My little 5D Mark II is crying to see it's brother like that!  :P
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my 5d2 is without focusing screen,it fell out and im ok with that , i did file mount on my eos M camera to fit sony NEX speed booster on it in 2014 but i covered entire inside with tape so no dust would reach the sensor, it was a rough work but it worked great.
Him hitting that mirror directly from front wasnt smart.