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Started by nikfreak, October 19, 2015, 10:41:29 PM

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Walter Schulz

You got it wrong, Hoxinator.
Porting and maintaining a cam takes time (hundreds of hours) and some skills/experience with embedded devices. And development has to be done with time not consumed by family/work/other stuff.
And - at time of writing - we have ports blindy maintained or not maintained at all.

-> Don't expect to see that much ports for cams not yet supported.


Tested with my SL-1 and installation went smoothly.  Version B.

Mainly played around with video settings and was able to increase bitrate it to 2.7X with a 64Gb Sandisk Extreme UHS-3 with bitrate of ~80mbps.  Using a slower card, a 32Gb Sandisk Ultra UHS-1, at 2.7X made videos around ~55mbps.

There is a graphical error when using Live view in Video Mode when swapping to ML settings (using the trash can).

Otherwise it seems stable(ish) Nice work!

ONE crash so far in two days.  Happened shooting in Raw + Large Jpeg in burst, ISO 6400.
Canon 100D.100B
50mm f1.4 + kit lens
Sandisk Ultra 32Gb UHS-1 Class 10


hi thanks for your work from france!

Santa claus will finally bring me the canon 100D, seen that you, ML devs, are able to port on this lovely small dslr.

Sorry i m newb, will you tell me where i can download the alpha versions of ML for 100D, if possible i ll report bugs  as soon as i get my camera. thanks again for your work

i made the bet that you ll port on 1200D before 100D, i lost, do you think that it ll be done  ? ( hello world on it but nothing else ?)


hi, I'm new in the forum and I'm very happy for the great work!
I have some questions:
Why there isn't the Alpha-1c in the firts page? It's well to install the 1c instead the 1b?? which is the changelog??
The 1b version works fine in the photo mode for me, but I have some problems when I try to use liveview and video mode! The ML menu on screen have many artifacts.
If I install the 1c version, I resolve this issues?? thanks for answers and thanks for support the sl1!!!

Walter Schulz

You got it wrong. Please read first post.
"Allthough printing Version 1.0.0 in menu some camera dumps showed a different revision. Therefore I had to port ML twice to 100D (100D.100A / 100D.100B)"

-> Different firmware revisions require different ports. Third firmware revision 100C is not yet supported.
-> ML for 100B is not an update to ML for 100A. If you have 100B the only ML version you can use is alpha for 100B.


Hey I just wanted to say im extremely grateful for this thread.
im going to see if i can compile a good raw test with what nikfreak and the community have done.
Ill be posting again soon. :D


Hello ML community,

Ive put together a 100D raw test. I havent really put the camera through its paces yet to find its
limitations when shooting raw but i have a little bit of experience with using other canon cameras
so It helped. Im going to put together another video and ill post my findings on here, tell me what you think.



Just joined up.
Just got my SL1 a month ago and stated trying out the alpha.
I am running the Nov20 build 100B.
How does anyone get the Raw video to work. I try RAW or MLV and I get either saying frame skipped stopped or stopping automagicly after 3seconds.
I am using a Lexar pro 1000x SD card
Is there something I have to do to make it work. I am all new to this. It will record no problems shooting at bitrate at 3.0x

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Vadergt12 go to to Raw Video(MLV) in the menu and press the av button to open the submenu.
from there lower the resolution and if you want the aspect ratio.


Got it to record in RAW but I cannot figure out how to get to a format to edit videos. I have a PC not mac and most of the tools to do the conversion are for MAC.
I tried the mlrawviewer to convert but any blown or near blown highlights have all the red dots in it when converted. I cant find how to convert the DNG sequence to work in adobe premier
Canon 50 1.8 STM,Canon 24mm 2.8 STM: Canon 1D Mark III, Canon 24-105L, Sigma 50mm 1.4EX, Canon 85 1.8, Sigma 150-600 Contemporary
Lexar Pro 1000x 16gb


Hi Guys,

Sorry for my ignorance, but i dont have any raw video setting in my 100D.
Could someone tell if i must install any addon (module), and how?

Latest build is great, only issues are:
magic zoom with heavy flickering, not easy to use
menus sometimes start to get pixel artifacts (not sure what behaviour starts it)
menus keep active only about 5 secs, you must keep pressing some buttons, otherwise goes to liveview.

Thank you very much!

100D.100B Alpha_1c


@VaderGT12 I use Raw2cdng

If you choose to use this app then try clicking on chroma smoothing, that usually helps with removing the dots.

@brunomm if you havent fixed it yet, go to modules and click on mlv_rec, if the module menu isnt showing then try turning
the camera off then back on and check if its appeared. if that doesnt work then turn the camera off then take the card out and putt it back in, I dont know if that would make any difference but try it. If you do take the card out remember to wait until the cameras completely off or the card may become corrupted.



Red dots are called "Focus Pixels" ... You can turn on the "fix" in MLRawViewer to remove majority of them.
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Install went fine, but upon turning the camera on and pressing delete in LV the message with the 'Development build' and whatnot shows, and then the camera resets to the default LV


Harracuda try pressing the info buttons 3 times or until the ML LV shows up.


I tried  Raw2cdng
It gives me a eport of DNG files but I still have no idea what to do with them to make a video. I cant figure it out in Premier CC or After effects CC am I missing something

Nevermind I got it working in premier now
Canon 50 1.8 STM,Canon 24mm 2.8 STM: Canon 1D Mark III, Canon 24-105L, Sigma 50mm 1.4EX, Canon 85 1.8, Sigma 150-600 Contemporary
Lexar Pro 1000x 16gb


Thank you very much Nikfreak. Respect.

English is not my native langage, please forgive my faults.
I'm completely discovering M.L. thanks to you. I try to master video capabilities to use it for astronomy : the 100D is quite light to couple it with a telescope.
For sure, I don't yet master it and I'm not understanding all i'm doing with M.L. (prefer testing than reading thousand pages of M.L. forum). I try to get the max. resolution video with the higher fps possible (higher fps necessary because a lot of frames are bad due to these dreadfull atmospheric fluctuation + the video duration must be shorter as possible... and if you want enough pictures to stack...). I see now that I have to make compromises.

Currently, my tests make me say that :
* It's a very nice laboratory !!! Could spend many hours on it  :P
* I wasn't able to write on the card higher than 39.2 MB/s (or Mo/s) or it skips frames. My card is faster indeed : probably the limit of the EOS is reached;
* the fps/resolution configuration of video with M.L. is only possible with a RAW module enabled : impossible to try a "not RAW"/normal firmware full HD video at 45 - 50 - 60 fps. It's how it is. By the way, RAW is good to catch some creazy details ;
* I'm quite stuck with the 14 bits of the RAW because large data makes me reduce the resolution to keep 50 or 60 fps with continous frame recording ;
* one of my best compromis is 60fps / 960 X 432  (or 720 ??? => in brief, aspect ratio 4:3) / MLV mod.;
* how can I avoid these awfull green dots on my video/dng files ? I'm still looking at it  ;D.

In brief, you opened a new area for me. THANKS !!!


does the 100d have a crop mode? :) I am considering to buy this dslr.
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Since i installed the second version of the 100A version, i'm experienced a lot of bugs... The first time i installed, ML worked a lot better for me. Now, my camera crashes a lot...

Walter Schulz

Delete ML directory, delete Autoexec.bin, delete *.fir. Copy extracted Alpha contents to card and retry.
Fill in proper bug/crash descriptions if crashes are reproducable.


Ok! I'm gonna try that right now. Thanks :)


I have 3 crash logs from yesterday. Basically, this is what they show:
at ./LvCommon/LvJob.c:156, task Evf
lv:1 mode:3

Magic Lantern version : Nightly.2015Oct26.100D100A
Mercurial changeset   : e1957fb4c043 (100D-new) tip
Built on 2015-10-26 06:55:44 UTC by ml@ml-pc.
Free Memory  : 590K + 1934K"


Quick question - thought I had seen something about an update that was done to the October version. The link on the front post is still to the October version though - so I'm guessing I was wrong. Any updates?
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