Author Topic: Canon 5D Mark III - 4.29 GB File Size Cap - raw2dng not recognizing file  (Read 4676 times)


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My colleague and I are doing some testing on Canon Mark III running on Magic Lantern.

For 3 of our exposure testing shots, we encountered some issues with the .RAW file not being recognized by raw2dng.

Recording Methods:
File 1) We let ML record RAW until there was no memory left in the card, live view mode disabled.
File 2) We recorded for around 2 minutes, live view mode disabled.
File 3) We recorded for just over 1 minute, live view mode disabled.

File Size:
File 1) is 4.29 GB on disk (4,294,967,295 bytes)
File 2) is 4.29 GB on disk (4,294,967,295 bytes)
File 3) is 4.29 GB on disk (4,294,967,295 bytes)

It seems strange that the files are all the same size, when we decreased the number of frames with a shorter recording time.

When we drag these .RAW files into raw2dng, the .app creates the folder, but then does not extract the .dng sequence.

We are shooting on:

Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Lexar 16gb 1000x CF

I have searched the forum for the file-sizes and haven't found any information.
Would it be also an issue that the live view mode is disabled? Would disabling this feature during the recording process somehow corrupted the .RAW file data somehow? I am unsure.

Any help you can send in our direction would be amazing.
We are going to be testing out some 32gb cards in the coming week because our write speed is giving us issues on the Lexar 16gb 1000x.

Thanks.  8)

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I am having the same problem PLEASE HELP  :(


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umm..... you need to update it! raw2dng is now on 0.13


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It took me awhile but I found out how to merge the files in mac OSX...

Download MacHacka
Rename the files you want to combine as file.001, file.002, etc...
In MacHacka File>Alphajoin... and then just select the first one.
It will create one file, which then you add .RAW at the end once it's finished joining the segments.
Now you can successfully convert using RAWMagic and probably raw2dng.


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