Sigma FP and Smartphone connectivity App

Started by jmm123, April 22, 2024, 12:20:24 AM

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I am new to ML and saw a few refs to the Sigma FP and wondered if anything may have changed.

Sigma has a "SDK" that has a sample App that connects a Mac or PC with the Sigma FP via USB-C.  But I can't find anyone who can actually use that SDK to create an iOS or Android App.

I would be keen to FUND someone here to develop one if possible.

Better still any possibility of a firmware development for the Sigma FP?
CinemaDNG on it for me is its greatest feature.

The other camera that needs both of the above would be the Leica TL2 - anyone keen on that?


John M


This is of course rather off topic for Magic Lantern :)

What are you expecting a phone app to do?  That will make a big difference to how long it takes to make, meaning a big difference to the price.  Taking a quick look at their SDK, it's not designed for Android or iOS, meaning this is not trivial work.  I have very little experience with mobile dev, so you don't really want me to do it anyway, I'd be inefficient.

By "firmware development" for Sigma or Leica, I guess you mean "get custom software to run on it"?  Magic Lantern, for example, is not firmware.  Assuming you mean something like that, I'd spend three months trying to get something working for about 15k USD.  Any useful software produced would be open sourced.  Docs on what major avenues I explored, whether successful or not, would also be included.

Paying for software is expensive.


Many thanks for the reply.
So I guess that Sigma SDK is really only meant for Mac or Windows - ie of no use then for me.

Having said that - I only saw online today that Atomos is releasing a Ninja Phone Hardware+App in June.  I guess this will be as good as an App at a lower cost.
I always thought that Atomos should have developed a Phone option. 
I have always hated the clunkiness of the Ninja Hardware

Sorry - all this is very Non-ML.
End of thread :
John M


Their SDK is designed for Mac and Windows.  It still contains information that would be very useful in developing software on other platforms.  Someone certainly could develop e.g. Android software to control Sigma FP, and the SDK would help.  It just wouldn't be as easy as doing so on the officially supported platforms.

Don't worry about being off topic, you're posting in the right part of the forum for that :)