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Started by Francis, April 29, 2012, 07:42:44 PM

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Welcome to the Magic Lantern forums! Our goal is to make the Magic Lantern firmware community a cohesive collaboration where users of all interests, skill-levels, and backgrounds can learn from and assist one another. From amateur to hobbyist to professional to developer, we want all to feel welcome and appreciated.

Abiding by the following guidelines will help make these forums a vibrant and productive environment.

Forum Rules:

  • -These forums are intended for the discussion of the use and development of the Magic Lantern firmware for Canon DSLRs. Please keep all conversation focused on this and closely related topics. This will ensure the usefulness of these forums to all current and future Magic Lantern users.

  • -Derogatory, insulting, and obscene language (or any other content) will not be tolerated. While contention and debate make for a lively forum and community, keep all criticism constructive.

  • -Developers, Moderators and members are here on their free time.  Please be mindful of your tone when you post and grateful of all members for taking their own time to assist and develop.

  • -Illegal content publishing and linking is prohibited. Under no circumstances may you post copyrighted material to which you do not own the right, especially proprietary Canon firmware code.

  • -Do not post duplicate Feature Requests. Always search before requesting.

  • -Do not cross post.  One thread is sufficient for your post, and multiple posts on the same subject will be considered spam.

  • -Forum signatures are for showing your equipment, ML related stuff, or a sense of humor.  Signatures are not for spamming services, sales, or any other thing unrelated to ML.

  • -Do not bump topics by posting replies that do not further the discussion. In regards to Feature Requests, they will be read and considered. You will not necessarily receive confirmation that it is or is not possible or likely to be included in the future.

  • -Stay on-topic.  If you feel your post doesn't fit in with the intent of the thread, start a new thread.

  • -Maximum image resolution with the [img] tag is 900x900px.

  • -The selling of items is not allowed here.  We currently do not have the resources to maintain an appropriate section of the forums.  Please consider offering your items to the many other communities, both on and offline.