Canon 80D

Started by ariznaf, June 02, 2016, 09:27:03 AM

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Walter Schulz


After a quick test I have a bad stub or two (tasks view doesn't display names properly[1], in LV our menu closes almost instantly[2]), other than that seems on par with 750D.
That was a quick (< 3 hour) job after i learned how to use Ghidra Version Tracking, thanks to @reyalp.

Ok, it took a week prior to that as I took the opportunity to create a proper loader script for Ghidra that should improve ghidra project quality a lot. More on that later.

[1] Turns out one of task related structs is different.
[2] Fixed, wrong Canon dialog used in background.
Too many Canon cameras.
If you have a dead R, RP, 250D mainboard (e.g. after camera repair) and want to donate for experiments, I'll cover shipping costs.

Theta Sigma

Thanks for your work. I look forward to more posts about 80D ML development. :)


Kitor thank you so much. I'm very excited to see this and can't wait to get some more life from my old canon 80d.


Thanks Kitor. Looking forward to your next post.