MLP - Mac OSX batch processing workflow (former cr2hdr-r)

Started by Danne, October 05, 2014, 04:09:34 PM

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Updated again to version 5.6_s

- Davinci resolve and folder embedded audio. Should work with all frame rates chosen in cam (no more hardcoded fps xml files).
- removed "lut_lab" folder. Instead a "lut_previews" command will be provided. Just double click for one frame preview. Works with or without preview 3d lut.


A new betaversion

- If adobe dng converter is installed it effectively reduces CR2 dual iso files to less than half size. Lossless.
- Changing brightness, white balance, working and combining up to 15 preset luts ("mylooks"). Combining log and rec presets.

Biggest news is the creative possibility to combine "mylooks" and changing brightness and white balance. It is all in betaphase so don,t know what it will bring. For now there are 6 "mylooks" 3d cubes in the "my_presets" folder but please make your own since these are only examples. You can keep up to 15 "mylooks" stored and combine them freely by calling them from a created preview png file.

All is done through writing command in a created png file. This is created with "lut_preview.command" provided in the PRORES folder. You either create a preview png for every raw/mlv or a master PNG which will create the setting for all files in the folder. It is all really hard to explain but I tried recording some sort of workflow which I put up on youtube.

- Davinci resolve 3d luts - Would be nice to have 15 solid presets luts to provide in the my_presets folder. Feel free to post examples.
- 5 log and corresponding rec709 luts, created as 3d luts(not 1D luts, won,t work in this workflow)

Here is the command list:


brightness (b10 being brightest)
b-10 to b10

white balance (w1 being coldest)
w1 to w5

preset looks(up to 15, 5 looks provided. Change them as you like)
mylook01 to mylook15

log (log05 flattest)
log01 to log05

rec (should fit with corresponding log. Example log01rec01
rec01 to rec05


1 - create a png frame with the provided lut_previews.command by double clicking next to a  raw/mlv file

2 - apply commands as you like by renaming the png file.

example 1
[filename]b5w1.png (will give a very bright and cold image)

example 2
[filename]b-8w5log01.png (will give a dark file very warm and with log applied)

example 3
[filename]mylook01mylook03b2w3.png (will add to of your preset looks brighten image 2 steps and white balance 3)

If you want to preview the result simply run the lut_preview command once again with the png file next your raw/mlv file and a master PNG will be created. If you like the look copy the commands to the master PNG file which will be the file to be used when transcoding batches of files.

If you want to keep alternate looks for each file you can leave the png files without creating a master PNG file and the raw/mlv will add each png look separately for each file.


This is awesome, but for some odd reason, it does not create a wav file for me:/


Can you be more specific? What other converters have you tried? Camera? Have you tried to reproduce the issue? Do you have a sample file?



Good to be back... Thanks for the wake-up call!  8)

Ran out and shot a quick nighttime streetlight test with/without Dual-ISO in MLV w Audio.

Apparently with 5.6_s beta, some but not all were imported w synced audio after render from ur app. Strange?

No big deal for me... I just thought it was worth noting, however I'll need to double check again with MLRawViewer to verify if I can get audio during playback. (will get back to you on that one!)

Shot in MLV on 5D3 w 24-105L in 24fps @ 1920 x 960 (This was a quick test so yes I know I could have done it in full HD)

Dual-ISO was done in 100/1600, respectively!

ProRes straight out from the app as it is:

Keep in mind that I only used the Andy's LUT (Full Range) in combination with non-Dual ISO MLV's as well (I think you mentioned that I shouldn't do that but didn't want to run the app  twice with two different LUTS for each, ya know?)

or Maybe I could have just threw in both for all and see if the app's smart enough to recognize which is what? possible or no? LoL  :P

Thanks again, @Danne!

Now with the latest beta (5.8_s) which comes with brightness, wb, etc... controls -- oh so sexy!!! Perhaps I should run the same MLV files again and post them for comparisons?
5D3.113 | 5D3.123 | EOSM.203 | 7D.203 | 70D.112 | 100D.101 | EOSM2.* | 50D.109


Nice clip :)
One thing I noticed when conversion is overlapping to the next day from 23:59 to 00:00 It could happen that it will rename and start conversion again. Often creates a double without audio.

I think I found a way to extract the correct wb multipliers through dcraw which will mean more accuracy in white balance handling. Just have to rewrite a few things in lut_lab version.


version cr2hdr-r_5.9_lut_lab

reworked whitebalance handling. Create png with lut_previews.command. Choose between w01 to w20 w01 being the coldest kelvin.

example: [filename]w03.png


version cr2hdr-r_6.2_lut_lab

More white balance stuff.

- Including a CR2 still photo will make use of the white balance from camera and apply this to the ProRes file. Place the CR2 file next to the files you are transcoding in the PRORES folder. Check the movie below.

Example. If you create a custom white balance in camera and take a still CR2 from that scene before shooting. Adding the file in transcoding to ProRes will give you that exact white balance. Sweet.

White balance tools right now are following.

- Auto wb. (default when not using any other alternative. Still linear for each file).
- DNG  (add a silent picture DNG of the shooting environment or from a greycard).
- dng (add a dng file from the mlv/raw file and it will use this wb for all your mlv/raw files You have to extract a dng first of course).
- PNG (use the lut_previews.command to generate a preview and select between w01 to w20 for Kelvin temperature control.
- CR2 (add a CR2 still photo to use white balance recorded in camera. Use it as a master wb settings for all files or place files in specified folders. Watch movie below)


Dude I just woke up and man... 6.0 is definitely CAFFEINE and won't be needing coffee anymore! (actually never have liked it or needed it) HAHA!

It's nice to be able to just snap a photo and apply the CR2 file next to the MLV's to get the proper WB. So NICE and crazy!

I'm gonna run it again with the nighttime files again (since I didn't take a photo CR2 so I'll just use the dng from MLV for now)

Hopefully that good old blue border line is gone for good! lol

Thanks again, D!


*Progress* (used a dng from earlier ProRes convert since I didn't take a photo CR2)

5D3.113 | 5D3.123 | EOSM.203 | 7D.203 | 70D.112 | 100D.101 | EOSM2.* | 50D.109


There is no hardcoded lut on regular mlv/raw files. I suggest you include the CANON5D-UEX-SL.cube or the Andy600_lin_to_REC709.cube from the cr2hdr_lut_lab folder next to the files. Or you can call the logs from a PNG file. log01.PNG will be the first, log02.PNG the second suggestion. The Andy600_lin_to_REC709.cube is a bit on brightside since it,s intended for dual iso primarily. If you create a PNG file you can also include that and set it to b-7 or b-8 even to lower brightness. Would look like b-8.PNG. Capital letters for master_png.

If you skip the .cube you could use a png like this. b-7log01.PNG or b-7log02.PNG.


Getting some decent results with ProRes workflow and 3d luts created in DaVinci resolve lite. Created a log 3d lut and a contrasty one to match the view I get from the camera. When including a CR2 still photo you will get control over color. Workflow is to include the luts and the CR2 still photo in the PRORES folder together with your mlv/raw files.

If anyone likes to try here are the luts. Don,t forget to create a white balance CR2 file to go with these two luts.

Adding a CR2 only works with version cr2hdr-r 6.2 here

Some screenshots. Contrast and log. Custom mode.

White balance CR2


Holy Moly, that's just so... MARVELOUS!!!

Can't wait to get my hands on 6.2!!!

Also thanks for sharing these 3D LUTS!

5D3.113 | 5D3.123 | EOSM.203 | 7D.203 | 70D.112 | 100D.101 | EOSM2.* | 50D.109


Having an issue where the files are creating only audio files??? Weird

/Users/epicmedia/Desktop/Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 4.45.02 PM.png



Version 6.6_lut_lab

Including 15 preset master_PNG files. Simply view the look of the PNG file and put the desired preset next to your mlv/raw files. The 3d luts that are called from in the PNG are all created in da vinci resolve except the andy600 luts.
As always. 3d luts are lowres compared to 1d luts. My goal is to get nice flat .mov files to work with in preferred NLE and with professional 1D luts after I get my prores files transcoded from the app. Also included ability to use noise reduction by writing a value to the PNG file you choose. Value goes from denoise01 to denoise10.

example mylook03_cr2hdr-r_dan_log_03.PNG add denoise01 for lowest setting of denoising. example mylook03_cr2hdr-r_dan_log_03denoise01.PNG

Preferred workflow is to add a CR2 file( for white balance) and either a master_PNG or up to three 3d luts to you files.


Hi Danne,

I have a question as to when the converts CR2 to DNG files (still images, not movies).

I was finally able to test some dual-iso images this weekend.  Two weeks ago when I initially installed ML I was able to create a few dual iso CR2 images, put them into a folder, then I ran and pointed it to the new folder, then almost immediately the creates three sub-folders (PRORES, ORIGINAL, and HDR_RAW_MLV_MOV  folders) inside my folder ****plus*** I saw that the CR2 files were also converted to DNG.    However, today, I tried the same steps with my new set of DUAL ISO CR2 images (putting them into another new folder,  and run the against this new folder I created today).   The PRORES, ORIGINAL and HDR_RAW_MLV_MOV subfolders were created as expected, but the CR2 images were not converted.  Could you advise me as to what I may be doing wrong? I know that when the CR2s are being converted to DNG, the CR2 files are immediately moved to the ORIGINAL folder.   I checked the ORIGINAL folder just now and it is understandably empty (since there was no DNG conversion that happened).

Your input is much appreciated!

- - - - - -

just a quick update - about a few minutes after I posted this - I saw the DNG files were created.  It seems like if there is a delayed reaction of


On first run the app creates the folders. On second run it will start the transcoding.
The delay is probably A1ex binary working with the CR2 files doing the magic. It takes a while before all processes produces the final DNG.

In later versions I implemented the possibility to use some of the command line options in cr2hdr20bit. It works by writing the option directly into a CR2 file. This CR2 will apply written settings to all the CR2 files present in the folder.

example: cs3x3graymax.CR2

Now all the CR2 files will get chroma smoothing 3x3 and graymax white balance.

Command line list here:
compress(require adobe dng converter installed)
compresslossy(require adobe dng converter installed)

Also, if you already have adobe dng converter installed already it should compress the produced DNG files to about half the size with no loss in quality automatically.


Hi Danne, just wanted to thank you again for your clarification re: cr2hdr-r.   I noticed that  the time varies for cr2hdr-r to convert CR2 to DNG- sometimes it is fast, sometimes I had to wait for a few minutes - but it does eventually convert the files.  :)



Got some Dual-ISO test footage from 70D...  8)

Do I need to replace the cr2hdr & dcraw in order for it to recgonize the files from 70D or is it already implemented in the latest beta?

Thanks again, D!
5D3.113 | 5D3.123 | EOSM.203 | 7D.203 | 70D.112 | 100D.101 | EOSM2.* | 50D.109


Cr2 dual iso needs nikfreaks binary. Dng, s moviefiles should work with recent build.


I'm new to dual iso and HDR raw video, so just wanted to know, is there an app like this for windows?


There is some batch tool for windows and hdr files. Can,t remember the name. Search and you probably find it.
A lot to read about a lot of things. Take your time :)

And of course, there is Chmee,s fine work on raw2cdng.