Author Topic: What is the fastest way to get started for a new ML RAW Windows user?  (Read 3304 times)


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Hi guys,

I've been tempted to start using my 5D MkIII for ML RAW shooting, but I've been looking on this board for a while and I'm still confused as to what is the most efficient way to get started using ML for RAW shooting, and then getting those raw files transcoded into files that are easy to use in Premiere.

I know there are a lot of stickies above, but many quickly start talking about things I'm not familiar with, so I hope you don't mind I ask for a recommendation.

Should I use raw2CNG then After Effects? Or get a copy of Resolve? Or something else?

I literally googled "transcoding magic lantern raw files" and "magic lantern raw workflow", but a lot of the stuff I ran into was from 2013 and 2014 (apparently that's when this started to get popular?).

Thank you for you time!