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Started by ItsMeLenny, August 27, 2014, 10:34:21 AM

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Hi everyone.

I just wanted to know if it's true that recording 1080p is 720p rescaled? I read a comment on reddit saying this that I can't find and it got my curiosity and wanted to verify it.

Maybe this is the case doing normal recording but not in RAW?



Refer to this.

Max resolution 1:1 liveview no crop.  This is the resolution that Canon firmware records at.  So to get to 1920x1080 there is some scaling applied.  It is also the maximum resolution with ML raw in normal mode.

Max resolution in crop mode is the maximum resolution that ML raw can record, but only in crop mode.

In either case, the SD card interface in the 550D is limited to 21 MByte/s which limits continuous raw recording to around 960x518 pixels.


Still get moire and aliasing in mlv_raw crop mode. 1280 x 582, use MLV Mystic to convert to DNG. ACR in After Effects to upscale and add Neat Video. Not sure why it still looks this way. Worked wonders on my 6D (but don't have it anymore and ML isn't ready for my 7D2). Any suggestions?

Walter Schulz

Without samples (unprocessed and processed) it is next to impossible to reproduce your problem.


Aw, I just saw your reply and I already deleted the files. I'll take some more and post here soon.


Hi all,

We're in 2016 and I'd like to install ML on my 550D (a bit late in the party...)
I need to buy a new card for this.
Would a SanDisk - Extreme Pro 32GB SDHC Memory Card - class 10 be a good choice? Is there better?

Thanks for your advice

Walter Schulz

IMO waste of money for this cam. SD-Interface built in is compatible with "High Speed" = 25 MByte/s transfer. Only in cardreader (a decent one, of course) you would see good transfer speeds. But there you use mostly "read" and there are other cards performing well reading. See


Thanks for the reply, I'll look at cheaper options.
Also, do you know if the Cinestyle profile is included in the ML install or is it something that has to be downloaded from Technicolor's site?



Thanks a lot
One last thing: I read that you need to disable the audio to shoot with 3.0x bitrate. Is that true, and does ML allow to disable the audio?



I installed Magic lantern for the first time on Tuesday. I used it once and now the camera will not turn on.  All batteries are fully charged.  I wonder if I may have taken the SD card out too quick after turning it off.  Anyway does this sound like the camera is now bricked? If so is thee a way to get it working again?

Any info would be great. I appologize if this has been brought up before.

andy kh

Try turning on your camera without the sd card
5D Mark III - 70D


Thanks. It turns out I have a problem with my battery charger. It tells me the batteries are fully charged when they arent charging at all.  Using my other charger clarified this.


BTW, firmware 1.1.0 released for 550d.


Quote from: eugene-r on December 06, 2016, 07:57:57 PM
BTW, firmware 1.1.0 released for 550d.
Oh snap, I stopped checking long ago because I thought they'd basically abandoned it.

In saying that, I wouldn't think ML is compatible with it straight up.


I'm new here.
I want to use ML to make longer movies. I wanted to install ML, but i had to update. The only available firmware(@Canon) is 1.1.0. We i try to install ML i get an error;
"Incorrect firmware version.
Expecting a Canon 550D
with firmware version 109."

Then i formatted the SD card on the camera(low-level).
On the forum i found a link to a dowload of the firmware 1.0.9, but when i try to "upgrade" (in the menu of the camera)  i get an error.
"Firmware update program
Update file cannot be found. Please check the memory card and reload the battery and try again."

Did this several times, but it doesn't work.
Can someone help me please??



I also found ML only after I have had my camera already updated to 1.1.0 firmware.
But I didn't have any issue downgrading the firmware to 1.0.9 version.
What I did:
1. Format my SD card (low level).
2. Copy 1.0.9 fir onto it and downgrade firmware on camera.
3. Format again (just in case).
4. Copy ML (build from 19.12.2016) and perform firmware upgrade on camera (in a second).
5. Reboot and enjoy.

Big thanks to the ML team.



Hi there

Got a problem when I want to make a video. I got a weird sound. My goal it's to have the H4n use like a microphone so I don't have to sync (video/sound) in after post. So I got a H4n plug a male to male cable in the line/headphones connected to my t2i mic plug. The settings of magic lantern are external audio, agc turn off, ... The Problem: I got a weird sound always continuously and kind scratchy too when I hit the video recorder button. Anybody have an idea of what it may be?

Thanks for read and help.
Never said it but the magic lantern It's freaking AWESOME. I love Internet  :D
Thanks and have a great day


For info and people who frequently ask questions about SD cards best choise, I just bought a 550D for some bucks this week& and I was confronted to the jungle of SDHC.
After a quick tour with keeping attention on write speeds and not on the stratospheric marketing' read speeds I made my choice on the new Sandisk SDHC Extreme 90 Mb/s series, apparently the cheapest SD UHS1 card who can maintain more than 25Mb/s. I already have an 'Ultra' version but it's stuck @ 15Mb/s (even the new 'Ultra' 80Mb/s series), beside the 'Extrem Pro' series is expensive to use in a camera like that and the 90Mb/s of write speed is useless.
Actually this new 'Extrem' [regular] version can write up to 40Mb/s but I'm not sure that this can be maintained so it could be short for XXD cameras with a faster SD interface.
We can found this card (32Gb version) for $15 on web stores.
But I'm not working for Sandisk (^.^) so maybe we could find equivalents in other makers.. (Even if I did not right now)


After some experiments on the 550D, it looks the function isoless_playback_fix is not working well on last builds (and maybe on olders, I only used builds since February); the screen comes aliased (blury) when 'bright' or 'dark' appears during dual_iso image review. It makes hard to see something on screen ^.^'
Based on 7D & 1100D special conditions I made a test with:
if (is_7d || is_1100d || is_550d)
(line #437 in dual_iso.c)
It's a bit radical (bypass the function); no more 'bright' or 'dark' indications, but no more screen alteration. Maybe it should be set as it until it will be corrected?



Yes a1ex I remember seen this last year, indeed it would be interesting to see dual-iso 'rendered' in playback. :)
In isoless_playback_fix I did not saw where the problem comes from after a couple of days on this, it's why I put the 550D in the exit condition of the function. :/ I use this short way because I still don't have a lot of free time to dive deeply into the code and make long experimentations, and I saw that 1100D is in the same case. Plus, for the moment I've my eyes in minihizostuff to make it work on 550D with last builds (maybe I will disturb you, later ^.^)', after I will see what I could do more 'unified', everything in its time when you don't have a lot of time. :)


When pressing the shoot button, the Canon settings show up at the lower part of the screen  over the ml setting.How can I disable this?I have set the camera through DISP button to NOT show anything but when pressing the shoot button canon's settings always appear.


Hey All,
First off amazing work, I am about a week into using ML and it has turned my ailing 550D into a workhorse imho.
One thing I noticed in testing is, and I only have one test to confirm this, but while it seems the *650D* closes files when it runs out of card space, my 550D does not close the file and leaves a big ugly unclosed hunk of MOV in the folder... not sure if this is Canon firmware or ML though... ideas?