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Started by ItsMeLenny, August 27, 2014, 10:34:21 AM

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Thank you for your answer.


I don't know if anyone asked this question in on this thread but here goes.

Q: Is it possible to shoot slow motion (RAW) with the 550D? 50/60 fps?

Walter Schulz

Canon menu -> Select 1280 resolution.


Thanks for your reply.

I tried shooting 60fps, it work on the camera; however, the resolution I was forced to shoot in (960x216) isn't good enough and when I try playing back the footage in Premiere Pro CC, it wouldn't.

Is there any way to get acceptable slow-motion with the Canon 550d (Sandisk X3M Pro 32g 95m/s)?

Walter Schulz

Quote from: TK2290 on March 24, 2016, 02:34:29 AM
when I try playing back the footage in Premiere Pro CC, it wouldn't.

Workflow used?

Quote from: TK2290 on March 24, 2016, 02:34:29 AMIs there any way to get acceptable slow-motion with the Canon 550d (Sandisk X3M Pro 32g 95m/s)?

Define "acceptable".


I shoot with ML RAW, use MLRawViewer to preview and convert the files to DNG then import the DNGs into Premiere Pro CC.

Is that where the problem is?

Walter Schulz

MlRawViewer development stopped. Use MLVFS instead.


TK2290, are you using raw or mlv?
If mlv, then +1 to using mlvfs.
If raw, then mlvfs (afaik) won't work.
In which case you might want to consider switching to mlv for future shoots.


If shot in RAW then perhaps try using @Danne's MLP which does wonders for literally everything on OS X.
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Hey Guys thanks for all the help, it's greatly appreciated, I do use ML RAW. Where can I find this MLVFS? Is there a link or post on how to get it and also use it?

Walter Schulz

Using search (close to Home) or another search engine would do fine.


I found it, read through, downloaded and installed and so far everything seems to be working fine. I'm trying to understand everything as I go by and so far I had some test files on my desktop, I loaded them into MLVFS and they all worked in Premier Pro CC. Is there anything I should know before progressing, for example to get the most out of my MLV Raw Footage, should I alter any of the configuration option? 


Hey guys,

It's me again and I've now gotten a chance to try shooting 60fps with my 550d (Sandsk X3M Pro 95m/s 32g), I tried the MLVFS workflow and I must say the quality of my footage is much better: However, the first problem I had with shooting slow motion with ML on the camera is still there, the footage after imported into "Premiere Pro CC" looks somewhat skewed and squeezed, I know I don't have the anamorphic feature turned on so I'm troubled as to why this happens. That's basically what I mean by acceptable slow-mo footage.

Anyone having or ever had this problem?



So, I tried to get around a problem where my 550D didn't do anything when I pressed the "Q" button.

I low level formatted the card, copied the ML Directory (build 2016Apr19) to the card, and created the fir file using the v1.0.9 firmware from Canon's website.

I ran the Firmware Update, and got the green screen at the end.

I reset the camera (assuming that means power down/up).

Now it is just the same as it was before – it doesn't seem to recognize that ML is there.

I tried rerunning the Firmware update, same result.

Anything I missed?

Must have been something, but I have no idea what it is.

Any Help appreciated,


Walter Schulz

Format card in cardreader.
Format card in cam.
Copy extracted nightly build contents to card
Insert card into cam and run firmware update and reboot before timeout.


Thanks for that - seems like what I did, except for the "Format in the card reader" piece.

I'll give it a try when I get off work.



When I last used Magic Lantern, a few years ago, I used the Shoot menu; "HDR Bracketing" a lot.

Now I need it again, so I loaded the latest nightly download.

However, it seems that the options in the Shoot menu have changed, and I have things like Advanced Bracketing, which has only one option - QAx2EV

Do I need a stable version of the LM Firmware which might still have "HDR Bracketing"??

Any help would be appreciated.



Walter Schulz

If there is a "Q" character shown on the right you may have to press Q button to access menu options.


Hi Walter,

Thanks for the 'Q' tip.
So, now I get a sub-menu "Advanced Bracket"

This rolls around to give options; "Bracket Type" with the following options;

Still no mention of HDR though.



Walter Schulz

"Exposure (Tv,Ae)" translates to HDR.


Thanks Walter.

Just what I needed to know.



This is my first post so I hope this is the right place.  With Magic Lantern can I use live view with an external flash?  I cannot under the default firmware.


Is there some setting that lets me keep the liveview open indefinitely? Will try to livestream with the 550D, via the HDMI port.

Also how can I remove all the overlays, like iso, audio etc from the liveview screen via hdmi?


Hie I'm New to using magic lantern with the 550d.  I would like to ask how do i shoot Raw (MLV) with a higher resolution? I'm only able to record continuosly at 800x600 but my card can write at 60Mb/s?

Walter Schulz

Card interface in 550D is limited to about 21 MByte/s. Nothing you can do about it.