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I've been struggling with processing the DNG files since i don't have an Adobe product like Photoshop etc...
At first i was using Adobe's free DNG Converter, but it wasn't great - well pretty awful actually!
Then a photographer friend suggested using "RPP (Raw Photo Processor)" as he's been using it as a first step before moving his files to PS.

It makes them into TIFFs or JPEGs & there are loads of different flavours of each.
It has all the things you need, but the only thing missing is a de-noiser - but you could do that with something else.
And no sliders! (but i always hated those).
It also has some great pre-sets for Kodak film emulation etc.
And it does Batch exports.

Really impressed by this program.
Also, if you donate, you can get the source code to mess about with!

Here's a small taste of the Film Stock presets within RPP:

Think they look pretty good & that's all i used within RPP, whilst in FCPX i just reduced Global Exposure by -5.

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