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Started by a1ex, June 07, 2012, 12:51:45 PM

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Quote from: deleted.account.01 on December 12, 2012, 12:18:36 AM

;) i love to see how software make synhro from 5  audio sources recorded lets say on musci festival where all 5 recording devices are in diferente places :DD ..  software never replace human ear.

Nope - wont replace it... But will bash the living hell out of it...


Quote from: a1ex on October 31, 2012, 11:23:08 AM
1) From ARM you can only see it as 8 bit, with all curves applied. The pipeline seems like this:

- 14bit data
- linear transformation (digital ISO gain, black level)
- HTP (nonlinear) - if enabled
- 14 to 12 bit reduction (suggested by 14_12 strings and by lack of shadow detail in aggressive Flaat styles, compared with digital ISO gain)
- nonlinear curves (like picture style)
- result: 8-bit 422 (codenamed Craw or HD buffer, almost 1080p, see Debug menu for exact size).
- Craw is downsampled for LV display
- Craw is fed directly to H.264 encoder, where it becomes 420 and slightly upsampled to 1080p.

2) 8-bit, of course.

Is it possible to change the H.264 encoder from base-line 4:2:0 to a high-profile 4:2:2? I mean if 4:2:2 raw is possible would this be?

I have sustained 2x and 2.5x h.264 recording which results in data rates that are almost 100 megabit :) So if I could get the 8 bit 4:2:2 color data at that bit rate I would be in heaven!!!! Raw is cool but this would be a game changer for B-cam...   


you guys are awesome!

The RAW Features will/is THE big thing and its amazing that
you try RAW even on cameras like the 60D.

But. I think the limitations are to big to shoot RAW continously on
a small camera. But it would be great if you could find a way
to get away from h.264.
Everyhting is better than h264.

- Maybe a "Craw" Version. A 4:2:0 Raw Version / An 8-Bit (or 10 Bit Raw version)
- or "jpgs sequenze" (96% jpg will be better than h264)


Me: HDR video for the 7D? Sorry if this has already been answered. I did try and find it in other threads.

Alex1%: I don't know if it will be fast enough to do HDR from slave.

So does that mean that HDR video for 7D is off the table, or still being looked into?
Also, will there be dual-iso for raw video in the future for the 7D? I have really combed
all the threads trying to find the answers to these before posting this question.
Thanks for the fabulous work.
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EOS 760D + 55-250mm + Tokina 11-16mm


If raw allows you to change the res., can you make the h.264 record at higher resolutions than 1080p. Also maybe if changing the aspect ratio, then you can use the unneeded pixels (if using cinescope 2.35:1) to boost your videos resolution beyond 1080p. This would be helpful for all the sd cameras.



Mabey add a feature to record the audio and save it as a seperate file wile recording in RAW so there is no need for an external recorder. (for the 650d)


One could develop a Zoom Ramping option for faking Dollyzooms in post-production. Could be used for more imposing timelapses and other stuff.

Is this already out there somewhere on Tragic Lantern perhaps?

-Peace and Potato, Latvianguy.


I tend to shoot continuous long exposures at around 5-10 seconds each and always lock my cable release in its "on" position. I don't actually need an intervalometer - just a mode where the shutter is constantly "pressed". I'd rather not have a physical cable release plugged in at all. I realise that I can set a movie frame rate to very low, but I prefer to have series of single frames at full resolution.


just set the intervalometer to take pics "like crazy"


First of all, thanks for the amazing work you are doing
Would it be possible to shoot a regular H264
With higher resolution
2K / 4K
Editing time and dealing with RAW is Long Process
Although the quality is amazing


Hi, just arrived and started; interested in photography only. Maybe i am overlooking it but:

Understood Level Indicator is working on some models, but not on 5d2, would be nice though.
A countdown display in Bulb mode would be nice as well.

No clue how to do it, just sugesting.



Regarding the feature below, is it implemented globally or only for RAW video and DualISO pictures modules? Couldn't find anything on the forum, on the ML menus of 7D and 550D and neither on the nightly builds user guide.

Quote* Custom file prefix (for example, 5D2_1234.CR2, 02JA1234.CR2 etc). Maybe also absolute file numbering from shutter count.  Done: https://bitbucket.org/hudson/magic-lantern/commits/49682329d18213d88f74a9fe516c202091f14d22


Quote from: Riwikidi on February 09, 2015, 08:56:41 AM
Understood Level Indicator is working on some models, but not on 5d2, would be nice though.

As far as I'm aware this isn't possible, the required hardware does not exist in the 5D2.
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Is there any chance that all of the audio features that were available on the 5D Mk2 might be developed for the Mk3?

Bored Amish

While having a clean HDMI out is awesome...it would be freaking AMAZING to see a display in 16:9 when in 5x and 10x MAGNIFICATION!! (normally 4:3ish)

Is it possible? I don't care about loss in quality necessarily. It would be so helpful in live production especially when you only have one lens to be able to get that extra distance and go that extra mile!

I have the 5D3. It would also be awesome for other cameras with clean HDMI out *T6i*


Would it be possible to turn off the auto-orientation function of the LDC display?


      @The Wizards of ML

   It sure seems to me that having the ability to Manually be in control of ISO in All Shoot Modes ( P, AV, TV) during Video

shooting would be a Benefit. Is there any way that you Wizards can implement this functionality. I find it quite strange that

Canon chose to give us the ability on several EOSs to be able to switch between M, AV, TV, & P while in Video Mode but then made

AV, TV & P, Auto ISO Only. Don't mean to distract from Tasks @ Hand, but if doable @ some point in the future I think it would

be a Useful addition. Thanks for Your consideration & Great Work.
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