Author Topic: Rules - please read before posting!  (Read 20841 times)


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Rules - please read before posting!
« on: July 09, 2012, 06:19:24 PM »
0. Read the user guide and try the nightly builds - what you need is probably already done.

1. Check if the feature was already requested. Do not open duplicate threads.

2. Remember that Magic Lantern is only a software mod, so don't request things like 1000 FPS, 4K or clean ISO 128000.

3. Do not bump your own feature requests!

4. Do not flood the forum with countless feature requests.

Breaking any of these rules may result in temporary ban. If you continue breaking them, the ban will be permanent.

Also, we'd like you to open a thread for each feature. Try not to hijack an existing thread, and try not to add more feature requests in the same thread. This lets us track the requests and mark them as DONE or WONTFIX.


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Re: Rules - please read before posting!
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