Guys. I shot a video on Raw mode HDR

Started by arthurfilmmaker, December 22, 2013, 04:42:37 PM

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how should i now put it through the HDR workflow. i mean i converted the raw file into DNG files. now how should i merge these images together?


There's no workflow for RAW HDR video yet. You can design your own though.

If you assemble a flickering video from the DNGs, the old workflow might work out of the box (didn't try).


Alex, thanks.

So i should  just make a video sequence out if the DNGs and let the Program merge them together and them -  Splitting a and b frames into c. thats what is left for me to do. 

I thought i could avoid it  8)

thanks again.


I just started running this process this week on my 600d. Im trying different combinations to get the post time down. Best results so far are raw2dng, import to lightroom, clean the frames(I edited one frame and synched the preset to all, A&B frames alike) and enhance them from the raw, export as tiff, run through enfuse gui with sigma all the way up(fastest way with acceptable results. SNS HDR was better but much slower), reload into lightroom, tweak noise and images if needed, export as a time lapse slide show at 24fps.

Because Im on a 600d I am limited to 1600x900 @6fps, after hdr I'm at 3fps. I shoot real estate so nothing moves as long as I go really slow down a slide track. the above workflow takes about 1/2 hour total for 300 frames from camera raw video to exported finish.

The dng was showing black pixels for me, but not after import to lightroom. I could run the dng straight into SNS but the results were bad. Stretching and cleaning in lightroom is needed for my setup. Wish I had a 5d3 lol.

Here is the video (just a test run)

enfuse gui -

enfused tiff - (forgot to kill the bad frames)


I am having to fight noise do to my inexperience, low fps, and high dynamic range of dealing with interior real estate shots. Plus limited budget I dont have final cut pro or the other fun stuff lol.

I am all ears for ideas.

Thank you ML for everything.


I read what everyone here has wrote. I also shot a video in raw with the latest Magic Lantern software on my 5dmkii.

Here is a link to the final exported video. You will notice lots of flickering. This is the problem that I want to address. Can someone explain to me how I can get rid of this flickering or at least point me in the right direction?


Can I skip using infuse GUI or SNS HDR after I've exported from Lightroom? I want to export from Lightroom, then edit in Premiere CC, and then export the video. I've done this but there is so much flickering. TIF 4k Footage from Magic Lantern:


The flicker is what HDR video does. Every other frame uses a different ISO. You have to process this somehow, you can't just skip the processing. Every two frames must be merged together into a single frame (like a bracketed exposure). If you don't want to do the extra processing, then don't use HDR video (just use plain old raw video).


BTW, don't double (or triple, or quadruple) post. It seems you've posted basically this same problem you're having all over the forum. This behavior won't help you get your problem solved any faster and it just adds clutter to the forum and makes it hard for people to find things.