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Started by TheUnkn0wn, August 17, 2013, 12:08:04 AM

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I have been using ML with T4i, and in fact more than happy with my main controls : Higher bit rate, Color in Kelvin, Peaking slightly sharper and many other features.
Very stable. In fact Happy. Thank you ML. Team. Now that I need a spare body have been looking for the T5i, and ML can be installed, which is great but after previous comments, I wonder if the most important functions I use are stable, or if should we wait for a new bootflag.fir . Does it crash frequently yet ?




I haven't had a crash yet....
Canon T5I, EOS M2


Great Thank you, but that issue, after play back can not return to video mode, was solved ? ;D


After playback you just have to press the shutter release button to go back to video mode  ;)


Fantastic, Great team Magic Lantern 1.8 Bit rate+T4i+T5i + Mosaic Engineering VAF,  Best cameras ever produced by Canon


Hey folks, just want to say hello.....
I upgraded my 450d to a 700d this week. First Step after unboxing, was installing ML on it.
Works fine since installing, no problems yet.

For now there is one question.
If changes on the 650d branches occour, would they automatic applyed to the 700d branch, because they are mostly the same cameras?
At the moment i use the nightly builds.

Thank you guys for the awesome work.



Quote from: wacru1 on August 28, 2013, 09:14:36 PM
here's what i did.

low-level format the card in the camera.
on the PC, extract the 700...zip file to the sdcard.
with the card still plugged into the PC, run eoscard, check both eos_develop and bootdisk. it should list the fir file. click save. it should say "write successful"

no other steps.

put the card in the camera and turn it on. you should see the normal info screen, then the ml bars top and bottom. press the trash icon to get the ml menus.
trying to follow your steps. For some reason the needed fir is not listed in the eoscard list, what I see is either "unified 2.3" or "ports in progress" with 1100d or 5d alpha etc, no 700d in the list
to be clear - the ML zip was extracted to the card, so there is a folder "magiclantern...etc"
any help is appreciated!


Guys with 700D, I need a bit of help from you.

In order to small hacks works properly on 650D, we should find the timer address. We tried to do this by compare with 550d and 600d, but no luck. 700D is may be somewhat closer to 650D, so we need a ROM1.BIN from your camera.

Just turn it on in video mode with raw_rec enabled, go to ML menu — Debug — Dump ROM and RAM, push it, wait until dumping is done, then go to your SD card — ML — LOGS, and just sed me the ROM1.BIN

Just a couple of minutes, PM me please.

UPD. Nevermind, problem solved (thanks to mk11174). Thank you.


is my sd card too slow for raw? i'm using a 16gb sandisk ultra @ 30mb/s (class 10 sdhc) and everytime i try to record, recording starts and then stops (recording has stopped automagically). i've tried different resolutions and different frame rates.

i brought the res down to 720 and now i get the following error:

early stop (9). this is a bug, please report it.
Canon 70D (70D.111B)



I started testing raw video with my T5i but am getting noise banding no matter what settings I try. I'm not getting any frame dropouts or stoppages whilst recording so I think the settings are ok.The video below was shot with the following settings:

Raw Video:
* Resolution 1280x536
*Aspect Ratio 2.39:1

Any help would be appreciated.


Ok, found it here;

Walter Schulz


Hello all 700D+ML users,

I understand that ML for 700D is not even beta yet. Risks aside, I want to try it out for its focus peaking feature. I am not getting an idea that after disabling bootflag on card, formatting the card and removing all traces of ML, do I automatically get back to default canon firmware? Or do I need to make changes in camera again? What if my card is not bootable and neither has ML on it, and yet my camera wants to look into to boot up?

May be the question is foolish one, but an answer will be highly obliging!

Thanks devs and everyone here..


First most, lurking for months. Everyone at magic lantern is awesome!
My question is,
I got the installed down, the boot disk and so on but still can't get raw video feature? I have read several posts, several times and what I seem to be missing is the files.
I see raw_rec.mo in Module directory but I believe I must update file? Do I move it?
Canon t5i.
Thank you for help,


Just installed after getting a new 700D this weekend. Its replacing... or actually accompaning a 550D of mine.

Installed Nightly build working like a charm.

Testing out Raw video gives me, first of all - very dissapointing quality. Still playing around with settings. My card promisses 45 Mb/sec but only manages 37. So need new card. Any experience with a good card for 700D and what can the camera actually write?

About the RAW video, attached here is a screenshot. I am getting a really strange pattern - only on RAW. Small dots. Any ideas how to remove?


To remove the auto focus pattern of dots use chroma smoothing, like CS 2x2, in whatever you're using going RAW or MLV to DNG. Alternative is pink dot remover (PDR) I think but never tried it.

Like you I'm using a 700d and 550d. I'm using Sandisk 95mb/s for the 700d and Sandisk 45mb/s for 550d. Recent builds with SRM module which doubles record time, making the 550d more usable for raw again and doesn't have the focus screen dots to remove.


Great to see another 700D/T5i RAW shooter here!

To echo dyfid, that is correct. What your seeing in terms of the red dots is typical of these cameras operating under these circumstances. Its not exclusive to just your camera, so dont feel too disappointed!

The card write speeds are ultimately limited by not just to the SD memory card, but more so the SD memory card controller in the 700D/T5i camera itself. The controller is capped out @ approx 41.5 MByte/sec write speed. So far from what we've seen, this max. speed can only be achieved by use of Photo mode benchmarks, and im not 100% sure if those numbers really achievable in real-world use.

Having said that, the "Video" mode benchmarks, which are again, synthetic, are only able to really achieve 37-38 MBytes/sec.

Take a look at the Memory cards I have tested personally here:


Ive been able to reach the max. write speeds that have been reported with the 700D/T5i with the Kingston SDA Series cards. They are approx 30% less expensive then the higher-end Sandisk cards, FYI.

Regarding your mention of "playing with the settings" understand that the RAW footage your viewing is exactly that. RAW.

Your best served utilizing professional editing/color grading suites such as Adobe Premier Pro CC, After Effects CC, and  SpeedGrade CC to get the most out of your RAW video files.

Hope this helps



Hey guys,

im wondering if anyone of you  can shoot in 24p 1280/720 raw continuously ?

In another thread it says our t5i is able to do so !

But my recording stops after exactly 2:18. I am using a sundisk extreme with 45mb/s.

Will an upgrade to the extreme pro verison with 95 mb/s solve this problem ?


I have the same question as THANKMELATER.  I've been trying to get continuous video out of 700D but it stops (frames skipping) at around 2 minutes with RAW without sound and after 1 min with MLV with sound.  Im using a sandisk 32gb 45mb/s card.  Also THANKMELATER do you have a link to the post where they talk about it being able to do continous video?


Nevermind I was able to figure it out.  I am now able to get continuous RAW video 1280/720 @24 fps with a 32GB sandisk 45mb/s card!  Unfortunately I can only get about 1:50 of MLV with sound which is still a lot better than before.  If anyone has figured out how to get closer to 3-4 minutes of MLV with sound please let me know how you did it.  Thanks guys!


Did you change your memory card only? I have the same problem of frame skipping. Also I don't get audio options such has changing dB values. Got EOS 700D. Thanks


Hey !

I will post here what i wrote to jaelill in a PM. This worked for me and for him :


there is a thread about raw with the 650D. It has about 20 pages so I will try to summarize what helps to get continious video.

1. Right card : I have a sandisk extreme 45 mb/s. This is the minimum you need I guess

2. Format the Card to EXFAT !!! This is important. Format as Exfat with 128 Kilobits

3. Raw Photo : In CANON Menu you can choose the picture quality. Choose RAW

4. Disable GLobal draw in ML Menu.

5. Shoot !

Hope this helps but if you got the right card and format it proberly this will work 100 %


High, all. First post.

I've installed ML on two 16gig cards - one which writes 45 and the other at 95 and I'm having the same results on each with RAW. Basically, I'm getting frame drops at a few seconds in at 720. As I compromise resolution, it climbs but where it records continuously is at a miserable resolution.

I'm new to ML, so I feel I'm probably doing something wrong. Global is off. Using T5i (obviously) and a T1.5 Cine lens.

Anyone got any suggestions how I can get a better RAW experience?

Walter Schulz

Resolution is limited because Canon decided to use a bandwidth limited sd-card interface for the cam.