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Started by chmee, May 23, 2013, 10:46:55 AM

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What's the workflow? We talking about resolve?
Canon 5D3

ted ramasola

after the cdng extraction using beta3, open resolve.

Drag the folder containing all the extracted dngs and wavs into the Media Pool.

In the Media Pool right click on Master folder, or if you crated a New Bin right click the Folder containing the footage files.

Choose AutoSync based on timecode.

In Edit Tab, Create New Timeline, uncheck create empty timeline, all your footage with linked audio shows up on new timeline.

Sit back a while and smile.

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[linux, wine] do you have some info for me? i dont have any linux based pc here.. 
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when using Black Magic camera CDNGs, the audio snaps automaticly
and any addional action is not requaierd.
is that the case for MLV DNGs when using v1.5.0beta3 ?


nope, i didnt have found the key for that. but it s a big step into the right direction, it syncs accordingly, with just one or two more clicks. and i assume, its something about the wav-file, because, if you delete the wav file, it changes its behaviour in the mediabrowser and the path changes into a mediafile.

please link some more BM-Mediasequences with audio, so i can analyze it.
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I see this app also fixes the pink cast in premiere cc. Is there no mac version of this program?


you'll have to wait for
the next adobe update (things will be better)
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@chmee have you abandoned proxies? I know Premiere is switching to better support for dng, but even a top end workstation is going to struggle with projects over an hour in length and it would be great to have proxies for editing. The only codec I can find that does not require previews in Premiere is .m2v, which I can create in AE but that means going through ACR with every clip to get a proxy...


would be
* jpg filesequence
* with half resolution
* not color accurate
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Test out the beta3 , every thing work perfectly not crashes . The best results for Premiere Pro yet with 16bit maximized Cdng's , Hi-Light were handled very will &
with the "Auto Level" filter it look dam good ! I would say at this point I can go mobile with my i7 PC Laptop and a small USB 3.0 raid 0 box  and  rough edit on the road or small project with only a few hours for a turn around (e.g. new stories current events etc...) , being I still use FCPX as my main NLE , but now I have a very good second choice.
At least now I can use more that and get my money worth out of my subscription from adobe :D
Thanks chmee  :)


had a crash with a large amount of files being imported.

The debug doesn't say much, just that where it stops. It can't seem to load a file that is 11gb. It just doesnt do anything when I try to add it to the batch on its own.

**Update* But it loaded a 5 file one just fine. I wonder if that file is corrupt now that I'm looking

I'm on 1.5.0 beta3 btw


There is gold every day on each topic of this forum ! I'm going crazy !
But wait, what's the difference between DNG and CDNG ?
How can cdng sequences playback be so smooth in premier pro cc ?

@chmee, you make the whole process much more easier. No offline editing and intermediate rendering any more.

There is some bugs of course for a beta :
Crashes during extraction
sometimes the destination path is not working and no way to know where the dngs are extracted. I'll try a long extraction with many MLV.
CDNG 16 bit make premiere pro cc crash during playback. CDNG 16 bit maximized are all right.

EDIT : no crashes at all with .MLV files queue. Drag and drop multiple RAW not working. Drag and drop multiple MLV working. When drag and drop multiple file, the loading time seems a bit long, but maybe it's normal.

Thanks !

win 8.1 x64, premiere pro cc, updated.
ml 63b2f145cb3b 2014/02/14.


audio not syncing in resolve as well


@chmee JPEGs still produce a yellow bar for me, so I don't want to use them for proxies for the same point Reddeercity raised: Premiere doesn't need to create previews for .m2v (MPEG2 format in output module of AE), so I can edit anywhere on a basic laptop with Premiere installed. All I need is a way to get from MLV to MPEG2. Thanks all the same though, perhaps others would be happy with JPEGs.

I've tried the last few versions of your app and kept getting crashes. Beta3 is a lot faster and seems to be using most of my computers raw power, but I can't drag the folders into AE like I always have. Tried with the same MLV file ran through RAW Video Converter 1.9.1 and had no problem.


mates, thank you for testing and response.

* RAW-Error is fixed, will be in beta4, found it days ago.
* Resolve-Sync - i tried to realize it, it seems to work. @evanbuzzell please check, if both mediafiles have the same timecode - this was my first intention - the second one was, to change the path/files behaviour into the regular path-as-mediafile. i didnt found the key for that, i need more samples, i said it before..
* @RedRocks. ok. in beta4 there will be a proxy-jpeg-output, as i stated, they are not color accurate, have a wrong gamma, but for simple cutting it should do. and: ffmpeg has implemented mlv, this could be your way (maybe mine too for other codecs).
* ah, btw. do you use mercury-playback on gpu? my yellow marked sequences play quite fluid, even if i use gpu-accelerated effects.
* clearly saying, my intention was/is to get the user as fast as possible editing his stuff
* @piloui "sometimes destinationpath not working". only under raw or with mlv as well?

regards chmee
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MLV workflow seems to be quiet stable indeed. No crash, no destination path bug. Actually the only limitation i see comes from adobe  ::)
Cannot drag n drop multiple files in the bin like in resolve. For 100 shots, you have to do 100 drag n drops. Can't belive such obvious thing are missing.
Great job chmee. Any tips concerning loading time when dropping several MLV in raw2cdng ?

Some ideas :
it would be great to have some highlight of the current mlv extracted, it's purely visual.
Maybe some button to pause, stop, resume.
And a great thing you never find in batch processing software : the magic check box "turn off computer when finished"
Just some ideas, the tool as it is is already a gift !


thanks a lot.

* the loading time on drag/drop is because of reading all attributes of every file, how many frames are there really, is there audio, creating frame-lists for the preview, lensdata and so on.

* highlight active converting-file - its already on the todo-list - as it was already in the older versions..
* "turn off computer when finished" really? ok.
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Thanks Chmee, I'll try the JPEGs and see how that works out. I do have gpu enabled for PP & AE, running through a 3 GB GTX 660 Ti. When I first open a project yellows are fine, then I get 20 mins down the timeline and things get laggy. A project of .m2v seems to run smoother than any other codecs I can spit out of AE. Like you say, ffmpeg will hopefully give us more options.


Files naming tool is great too. date of creation is a really good way to differentiate shots. However, date of creation, under window, changes when you copy the file. This means, if you shoot let say 10 MLV, on a 3 days period, they will all have, on CF card, a different creation date.
If you copy all of them at once ( as everybody do i hope ^^ ) they will all get an new and similar creation date with a little difference.

The MODIFICATION DATE always stays the same. Weird, for me, creation date would be the shooting time, and modification would be, copy, export etc ... Try figure :/ windows world !

Anyway, maybe an other tag option like [DM] "modification date" would be cool.



Quote from: piloui on April 26, 2014, 12:34:06 AM
Actually the only limitation i see comes from adobe  ::)
Cannot drag n drop multiple files in the bin like in resolve. For 100 shots, you have to do 100 drag n drops. Can't belive such obvious thing are missing.

There is a simple solution for several cdng sequences to drop in premiere pro in one move :
Go where your DNGs are excracted. You should have all your folders containing all your DNGs. In the search bar, top right corner, type  *000.dng
This should list all but only your first DNGs from all your sequences.
Select all of them, drag n drop and bim bam, all your sequences in premiere in one drop.


OK. Another, no doubt often asked question (I couldn't find anything in a search, though). I have many hundreds of DNG files from the last few months. Now that CHMEE's lovely CDNG tool is the latest answer to my latest prayers, I was wondering how to convert these DNGs to CDNGs, as CDNGs are more compatible with a wider range of video apps and I'd like to use them as my standard workflow thingies. I've deleted all my MLVs, and before them all my RAWs so I can't go back to the source.

Any ideas?


QuoteGreat job, chmee! Now if only I could make it work under Wine.
here you go:

Quote[linux, wine] do you have some info for me?

Plenty of infos about raw and linux here collected by me..
also how to run your program via wine...

WINE is acutally and opensource implementation of the windows api, thus a layer of windows libraries upon linux. That has the advantage to be able to run stuff in native speed, as it's not emulated. The disadvantage against a crossplatform raw2cdng aparrt from the obvious is that it needs plenty of space, 600+mb with dependecies, and then in wineprefix ( a bottled environment where a windows system is presented to the application) is annother 500mb, with dontnet4 installed etc, just for running a little program like yours; also, it is not guaranteed that programs will work at all or with every version of wine, or possible that changes you make to your program would then also break it in wine.

One can ship around this by using a dedicated wine version from playonlinux, just for one app, and set it up so that everything a windows program needs to run is selfcontained in one folder, but it's quite a job to do that.

Hence my question - Would it be possible to go crossplatform with raw2cdng, if it's just to build against mono? I have not looked at your code if it's that easy..

QuoteI dont have any Linux based pc here.. 
In terms of developing, I guess you don't have to...
If you would go for crossplatform and build raw2cdng against mono, the .exe build for windows should run on Linux/Mac, too
g3gg0 with MLVViewSharp e.g. does it that way.

Normally, a virtual machine would suffice, e.g Virtualbox as portable solution: (portable has the advantage that you are not polluting your system at all)
and a ready to use image:
(username/password): xubuntu/reverse

Thats only one solution, as Linux also runs form usb-stick, and it even saves the changes you do on the stick then (e.g install mono, in terminal, enter "sudo apt-get install mono-runtime, libmono-corlib2.0-cil libmono-winforms2.0-cil" ) ...
If you want to try that, I would recommend unetbootin, quite bulletproof thing (check persistence)


thanks a lot for the short introduction. its time to get on this ship because of coding for raspberry and other linuxbased things, this sounds the right way. i'll try my best..

please some patience for beta4, next days..
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This weekend I have a short that I want film with magic lantern mlv format. Recently i have problems with latest nightly builds Canon 5D MK3 1.1.3 using raw2cdng 1.5 b3 with constant application crashes.

Maybe this is a question for chmee very grateful and congrats for your great job with the raw2cdng tool but i want to know what nighly build you test that is working better or more stable with mlv format using raw2cdng 1.5 b3.

Please let me know


i had to look into my download-directory :) it was a version from april 14. but, i m no reference for that, i ve got a bunch of mlv's i recorded some day and i use them to check my code..

@piloui thanks, will implement it, because its the more useful date :)

@jayzed sorry, didnt thought about it, and by now i wont. lack of time.
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