MlRawViewer 1.3.3 (CDNG/MLV/RAW Viewer & Encoder, Linux/Mac/Win)

Started by baldand, December 09, 2013, 06:10:19 PM

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Walter Schulz

"MlRawViewer is a cross-platform viewer for raw video files produced by Magic Lantern." and outdated, not supported anymore. Nobody will fix your issue.
Move on to supported applications.


Quote from: Walter Schulz on November 01, 2018, 05:45:44 PM
"MlRawViewer is a cross-platform viewer for raw video files produced by Magic Lantern." and outdated, not supported anymore. Nobody will fix your issue.
Move on to supported applications.

I didn't know it was outdated. What application is people using now?
This one maybe?

Walter Schulz

Most people prefer running native programs programmed for the OS they are actually running. Don't know if W10's Linux subsystem supports MLV App.
Take your pick among

And your problem with MLRAWviewer is most likely caused by path length. I suggest to redesign your directory structure if you want to avoid further troubles.




To be fair, Mlrawviewer is not that outdated except for the fact no new version has been released in years, if you wanna play vanilla MLV's it works fine. Also for viewing uncompresssed DNG's it works perfectly.

I use MLrawviewer all the time for reviewing footage, in my opinion it's the most intuitive program for Raw or DNG viewing. Its fast, has a fast WB correction, LUT support and most major Log profiles.

Can also work with other brands DNG outputs.
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I cant run MLRawViewer on this Windows 10 Home Laptop I purchased.

Its a cheap HP Laptop with i5 8250u CPU @ 1.60 GHz  1.80 Ghz - a NVidia MX110. 8 GB Ram This computer actually runs 14 bit 1920x1080 Cinamdng's from on Resolve very well! With only two nodes its real-time... That blew my mind. A testament to Davinci.

anyways, I cant get MLRawViewer to run, which I always use to review footage.

Windows error message:

QuoteC:\Program Files (x86)\MlRawViewer_1_4_3\mlrawviewer.exe

The Application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail

I have no idea what this means, online one suggestion for the Side By Side issue was to reinstal Microsoft Visual C++ Redistrabutable XXXX I reinstalled a few.. But Nothing. Any changes or locations this should be on.

Or is it the GPU that is not supported.

Please give me some suggestions.

Ofcourse the alternative is to just use Davinci for reviewing, but I have a good workflow for MLRawViewer being my Review app before Moving/deleting.
once you go raw you never go back



I have an issue. It does not export to dng. MOV is ok, but when i start export to dng it only creates a folder and does nothing else. Anybody knows how to fix this?


MlRawViewer is abandoned and doesn't suuport anymore.
For DNG export try MLV App 1.7 or smth like this.
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Quote from: leandroprz on November 01, 2018, 05:35:15 PM
I'm having issues viewing MLV files.
The program shows I have two files inside a folder:

But when I access the folder, I don't see any files:

Hi! I have that issue too in the 1.5 version (for mac) but I think it's related only to MLV files in lossless compressions. When I open a folder with MLV files that weren't shot in lossless raw, in MlRawViewer 1.43, there are the previews.

But honestly I don't think it's a real issue.. I just drag and drop on the MlRawViewer's window the MLV files that I want to review, from the finder folder, to play them...
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