raw2dng.app 0.13 Osx GUI development, bugs and updates

Started by scrax, May 19, 2013, 03:15:09 PM

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Quote from: Olli5D on July 17, 2013, 04:54:58 PM
this raw2dng gives me directly Prores4444, Just Drag and Drop. cool.

But now i checked the prores files and they are shit.

The color within a shot keeps changing. Not really from frame to frame,
but with in 3 or 4 frames, skin tones suddenly green or blue.

But when i do Photoshop then export to tiff then quicktime pro to sequence,
everything fine.

Now I need a new converter from raw to dng,
cause raw2dng does the prores transfer automatically and that keeps ages.

known issue.: currently the raw converter calculates WB for each frame, will be resolved by option to keep WB same for all


Quote from: Lucas480 on July 09, 2013, 08:33:55 AM
Hey, thanks for the program but, How to deactivate DNGs for keep only prores 4444?

currently not possible. The raw2dng in raw2dng.app is only able to output files to folder. We could delete it afterwards though.. IMO the raw2dng should be abgle to be piped - so we can 1. don't save them to disk, only keep them in memory and 2. we could extract frame ranges. This needs to be done by someone familiar with C and raw2dng.


it'd be pretty great to be able to set some simple settings that can go to prores (like make it LT, or lower resolution) and even select white balance per shot.... i think this would make for an ideal workflow... you dump out the prores right away, edit with that, and only then when you are ready for the master do you worry about the whole correction thing with RAW.

speaking of master... is there anyway to easily automate the process and relink the TIF folder in premiere/fcpx WITHOUT creating a prores version? im unable to relink a prores proxy with an image sequence.


Quote from: Danne on July 09, 2013, 09:30:35 AM
you can,t at the moment. I fiddled around with adobe media encoder and managed to export rawfiles to ProRes by adding the ginger-plugin to the media encoder encoder. You could try that if you work with adobe software.


The ginger hdr plugin is freaking awesome, allows you to edit your RAW files directly in premeiere.  I would lose alot of color space when using raw2dng as well as the weird white balance issues.


Hi, will you implement dual iso post processing in future release?
5D Mark iii



It is possible to add the possibility to add a prefix when the .dng files is created ?

with the curent version :

Directory : M10-1449_dng
Files in directory : 000000.dng 000001.dng etc...

with prefix maybe in future version ;-) :

Directory : M10-1449_dng
Files in directory : M10-1449_000000.dng M10-1449_000001.dng etc...

This change can be very useful in resolve fcpx workflow

Best regards and thanks for you work


Quote from: jc on July 16, 2013, 04:28:00 PM
Has development stopped for this fantastic app?

I really hope not as it shows a lot of promis but features people were looking for include:
1) joining of multiple .r001 .r002 etc.. Files for the 5d2, 50d and others that require 4gb split files
2) a better GUI for selecting options such as if it makes a pro-res file and options for it ( as opposed to dragging in the GUI into its self with limited options )
3) some kind of preview of clips before they are converted over .. Maybe dropping frames or even B&W but this would be a huge time saver as I could know what clips are what

Anyway love to see some more progress ! James

I second these suggestions!
5D2 ML RAW + VAF-5D2b: http://vimeo.com/69350650


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i was wondering if there was anyway to let the program accept cinemadng files that have already been converted instead of the .raw?


I was wondering the same thing ... There must be some command line options to ffmpeg and the raw converter that this app issues to convert the folder on dng's to a pro res... Just don't know / yet to work out what they are! ( in my case I used after effects )


Hey guys,

I have the latest version of Raw2dng (0.13) that generates prores444 video files from RAW. It's a bit strange because when i put the video created by Raw2dng into VideoSpec software (a freeware to know parameters of videos http://videospec.free.fr/english/) it says that it's Prores422... here is the screenshot : http://d.pr/i/hlbw

Any idea to solve this issue ?

Thanks a lot !

Memories of Vietnam, my last RAW DNG video https://vimeo.com/99503341


development seems to have slowed down or stopped ( for the time begin at least )

this one looks to be quite good tho.. download link on the third forum page! http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=7266.0


I am using the OSX version of Raw2dng and about 2/3rds of my ProRes builds fail. The unpacking of the dng directories is fine, but the ProRes build often fails. Any ideas?



Hey guys,

Does this look right?

The quality of the image is coming out like this http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/600/sqes.png/.

When I import it to raw2dng here is what I get.
Once I drop the RAW file it looks like this:

Then during the process it looks like this:

Then at the end it looks like this:

I installed ML on the 6D as described here http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=5530.0 .


raw2dng deleted my raw files without creating dmg files first. Does anyone know if it's possible to get the raw files back? HOW?????


Never mind, got them back, switching to Son of Batch  :-\


Hey guys,

Sorry if this was reported or resolved.  But I shot some stuff a couple of weeks ago, used the raw2dng, everything looks great in ACR, the ProRes files look good too.  Now, when I try to drop the dngs in Davinci, is not reading the files.  A few months ago, around late june, I was able to drop DNG files in Davinci and everything worked great, no problem.  Did anything change? am I doing anything wrong?

please help.



I checked with the previous shoots I've done and it seems to be a problem with the stuff I shot with either 7'th or 9th of August 5d2 build.  Shots from previous builds are loading fine.


What  about mlv2dng WITH conversion to Apple Prores? It is possible?


Hi, Im new in the forum...
I have a 550d and I'm trying the last night build version, to check how it works the raw video, and I dont know how to convert this in the PC I saw that there is a application raw2dng but I can not find this application or oder similar to ubuntu.

There is other option for ubuntu?



is it possible to make a selection between the prores versions (4444, 422 HQ, 422, LT) ... ?
(sorry if this was asked before; i was off for a while)


Hi there,

It seems that the Camera Model (5DM2) is not included in the DNG when convert using Raw2DNG for Mac. So I cannot use my VSCO Camera Profiles. Any hint on how to solve this? RawMagic instead allows me to choose the Camera Model,  but I feel more comfortable using the last build of Raw2DNG.

Thanks a lot,


Quote from: Danne on July 17, 2013, 06:38:16 PM
If you doubleclick the app and the drag and drop the app onto the app a bunch of options appear in front of you. In there you can skip the ProRes and also choose white balance presets. I suggest you choose cloudy for your ProRes instead of automatic.
Download link works fine. It,s on the first page, the first topic.

Hi guys,

first of all, thank you for all your efforts. I've been a long time lurker and reader and tried to find my answers without questioning around to avoid unnecessary posts and stupid questions. Although I hoped that I can start my first post with a contribution it will be the complete contrary ... totally stupid, but after hours of trying to figure it out I'm desperate...

I read the instructions, I read the whole thread, I tried everything that came into my mind to solve it, but nothing worked --> HOW do I open the settings box for raw2dng.app 0.13?!?!

I had the app in different folders and locations. I took the icon from the desktop, from finder, from pathfinder, from dock, from the »get info« panel ... literally everywhere, but nothing worked. It always says:

raw2dng converter GUI for OsX
Beta ver.0.13

SEARCHING: /Volumes/.../RAWtoDNG/raw2dng_0.13.app/
Nothing found

I'm using Mac OSX 10.6.8.

And I downloaded the app several times, but always the same issue.



--> it seems that you must not change the original name of it. Since I have several version of raw2dng I always changed the name of it and added the version number. Furthermore it only works if the app is on the desktop.

Ok, so if this app is still developed is there any chance that you implement the settings option into the GUI itself as a button or something? Or at least that it doesn't matter to change the name as well as put it somewhere else than the desktop.

HA, finally, I could contribute a tiny bit at least :D


Hi people!

Do you know if DNG extracted from RAW2DNG it´s the same as the Son of batch?

Both programs are useful but RAW2DNG onlye created 4444 and take a lot of time, and I need to select the shoot before work



It seems the latest version of raw2dng is .13 - but it also seems to be older than latest builds of ML.
Renato mentioned in another forum (or responded to someone) that there are several identically labeled versions of raw2dng.
Really? How would we know which is which?
And better yet someone posts they finally found the newest one but provided no link or details.
I also am finding that it seems to be outputting 422 not 444. Asked once or twice if others could confirm and I only see a few others claiming output is 422.
If you know where the answers are in the forum please post or private message me.