Canon 6D / Firmware 1.1.3

Started by coutts, December 16, 2012, 06:19:02 AM

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just got ML overlays to draw in live view :D although it's buggy for now. it seems like closing the ML menu in lv/movie mode breaks everything (canon and ML stuff) and I need to exit/reenter LV to make things work again.

here's some pictures I took on the M (trying to get focus peaking pictures):



Excellent job! Congratulations to all involved.


Pushed some more changes. live view overlays (Magic zoom, focus peaking, zebras, etc.) seem to be working now. Now ML info display in live view / movie mode doesn't draw on top of canon. Luckily the 6D turns out is like the 5d3, so it didn't need extra work like the EOS M did. Trap focus seems to work now too, both in LV and normal shooting mode. I'm beginning to turn features on now so maybe Alpha 1 soon? :D


Whoah that was fast! Great job! :D

Speaking of 6D, how do you like it compared to the 5D2 and EOS-M?



So far:

FPS override overcrank produces corrupted live view but it gets 32fps in 24p. MZ still flickering. Most things do work, MLU handheld does not will have to spy this one.

* The event is right, just MLU has to be enabled from canon menu before handheld MLU will work.


MZ was working the other night, it's acting up now. We have to tweak what event fires a sync msg, right now we're using DISPLAY_STATE but maybe we should look into spying on EVF_STATE. right now the event seems to fire once a frame approx, but the timing is off so MZ updates wrong (and flickers).

Alex says it's pure guesswork so we just need to play with it. Same for FPS override for the timer generator consts, we need to tweak those until we're getting accurate FPS numbers displayed by ML.


Both 600D and 6D need sync. I did this method for 600D and it worked for a bit until a bug got fixed and it was back to flicker. Full screen is broken too, looks like the address/pitch is just a little bit off. I get 1/2 of the image squished at the top.

Probably need to add MLU toggle in the MLU lockup so it turns it on when handheld is enabled and working and turn it off after taking a pic so you don't get MLU on all pics or none.

MLU now working. -

From the pics in the other thread I think audio is:


Quote from: 1% on December 22, 2012, 10:25:43 PM
... Full screen is broken too, looks like the address/pitch is just a little bit off. I get 1/2 of the image squished at the top.

maybe we need to fix this? from consts.h:

#define YUV422_HD_BUFFER_DMA_ADDR (shamem_read(REG_EDMAC_WRITE_HD_ADDR) + vram_hd.pitch) // first line from DMA is dummy

maybe we should remove the "+ vram_hd.pitch" part and it will work? I think i tried both but didn't' see any difference in the tests I did so I left it like this.


I have a 6d and I´m keen to help. What would be beneficial for you guys for me to do at the moment?


looking forward to this. Just got my 6d today, jumping up from the t1i


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Any chance that there will be a port of Magic Lantern for the 6D?  All I am hoping for is the same functionality as in ML 2.3.  Tragic Lantern is very buggy for me so it would be great to have a semi stable build with basic features.


Yeah ... It just needs someone with a 6D willing to contribute back to the ML tree that also can do some basic stability tests before pushing stuff.

Shoot me a PM If you want to help. we can help you get started if needed
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Quote from: cpreston on January 13, 2014, 10:39:45 PMTragic Lantern is very buggy for me so it would be great to have a semi stable build with basic features.

TL is buggy because 1% is said to do some dodgy things with the code, but simply backporting might not help in all cases because the underlying problem is that the 6d platform code simply isn't ready/stable enough. Still, if you want to contribute by doing some TL backports it'd be great, just expect to have to do more than some copy/paste.



i am willing to test i have a 6d and have background in qa



Quote from: a1ex on February 15, 2014, 08:45:47 PM
Nightly builds are back, thanks to Marsu42.

Haha, you won't compliment me into being a/the 6d maintainer ;-p ... but with the 6d working again I pledge to submit any code to ML instead of TL.


Quote from: a1ex on February 15, 2014, 08:53:54 PM
Well, I only credited you for confirming the port working :D

Ok, because I don't want to generate expectations I cannot fulfill :-o

I've spent another day pushing some ml patches arpund & adding some user requests to the auto_iso module - as much as I'd like to put more work and time into improving ML usability (auto_iso, hotkeys, focus stacking) I'm not able to put any work into the core.

So great some more people turned up that are unhappy with the current 6d/TL situations and are at least able to do some blind backporting - thanks, all!


BTW, digic ISO override works on 6D and EOSM (and probably 650D/700D/5DIII)... hdr between 100 and 160 flickers.


Now, since the 6D is only blindly maintained (we don't have a 6D, and the devs who have one are either refusing to maintain it or are too busy in real life), I'd like you to try every single function from the menu and report whether it works or not.

I'm also looking for a stub test log (Debug -> Burn-in tests -> Stubs API tests).

You can take a look at how things went with the early 650D port:

Also, when reporting issues, make sure you provide all the necessary info so that a non-6D owner is able to understand it (screenshots, videos and exact steps necessary to reproduce the problem are very helpful). Don't forget to read .

With your help, I hope the 6D ML can get back on track and get close to the level of support from 5D Mark II/III, for example.


Thanks, I have been running the alpha and TL for 6d for a few weeks now since I got my 6D. I will load this nightly up when I get home from work and try some timelapses and tell you if I run into anything!