Canon 6D / Firmware 1.1.3

Started by coutts, December 16, 2012, 06:19:02 AM

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@ Levas : i think i understand now what is my problem. I probably did a mistake when i installed ML, i didn't paste the "ML-6D113.FIR" file on my memory card. Maybe i should. So probably I can't run the update if i don't have this file on the card. The problem is, from my computer (mac) i can't write anything on the card, i can only read it. So i can't copy/paste the "ML-6D113.FIR" file to repair my mistake... is there a solution for that ? format everything from the camera (even ML) and restart the procedure ? format from my mac (i can't actually, the "format" button is in grey, so i don't know how) ?

Thank you !


Use an external cardreader. I recommend Kingston FCR-HS3.


@ walter_schulz : i already have a cardreader on my macbook, but i'm not allowed to write on the card when it's plugged, just read. And more surprising, i can't even format it from disk utility. Maybe a software can pass through this restriction or allow me to write on the card ?

Anyway, do you think the problem is what i think : i don't have the "ML-6D113.FIR" file on the card ?


Sorry, not clear what you're using: Are you trying to use your MacBooks internal cardreader or an external device? If you search the web you will find faulty internal cardreaders a common cause for this error. Therefore I recommended an external reader.
And just to be sure: You checked the card's write-protection switch?


@levas I would love a BMPCC but the crop factor and getting new lenses would destroy my financial life haha (I shoot mainly with the 16-28mm tokina for real estate)  if I get another camera it would be between the 5D3 or the BMCC with the EF mount, but I think if I shoot 1080p raw i don't know if my macbook pro retina would handle it lol (15 inch high end) its never ending.

Thanks for the information though, I have seen some raw 6D footage for over 30-40 seconds, I'm assuming those are shot in lower resolution and then upscaled when uploaded on youtube? I'm going to test the raw video out soon for personal things and if the post processing is easy enough for me, I might incorporate it into work.  And definitely getting the VAF-6D.  quite a few short comings with this camera, but for the price its unreal and completely forgivable

Thanks gain @levas!!


@ Walter_schulz : sorry if i was not clear. Yes, i was using my macbook internal cardreader and it didn't work, i couldn't write on the card, just read it. After looking on internet to find a solution, i tried several times to plug the card in my mb cardreader as explained (strange solution, but anyway...), and it finally worked ! so i could put the firmware file on the card, and now it's all ok. ML is uninstalled, after following the simple procedure explained on the first page.

Macbook internal cardreader is just hazardous.

Thank you for your help !



@LEVAS, thank you so much !
damn, i was so dumb i didnt even see that there was this manual setting already in the canon firmware, now i just need to figure out how to use it.
i hope someday i ll be good enough to understand what this audio module you said is about
have a good evening
Thank you


Hey guys, Ive been playing around with ML on my 6D for a while now. Been using it on my 550D with no problems for a while.

I recently invested in a very expensive 280mb/s Sandisk card only to discover that the 6D has been throttled to a limit of 38mb/s.. WTF??? Why did Canon do this? such douchebags! anyways.. so I have some thoughts to share and observations and maybe an idea..

First, the idea. Can RAW recording not be helped by writing something that pre allocates like 4GB of space on the card, some virtual memory thingy? at the moment, I still need to find where to get decent info and not having to dig for hours throughout the forums but the exact specs to get the most out of RAW video recording. my setup only allows me to shoot at around 1280 for 12s then it starts dropping frames but im sure others have had more success.

Then some bugs, I cant seem to stay in ML menu mode for longer than 8s before it auto closes. The menu will only stay open on my screen for a  max of around 8s, then I have to press the thrash can and quicky do what i need to do before it closes. im currently on Nightly.2014Sep27.6D113 and all the other previous builds have done the same.. If I set my camera to non movie mode,then I can stay in ML forever but as soon as I switch on movie mode, no way jose.. Also when it does jump out of the menu, when I do go back, the currently selected item is not clickable at all, I have to move the cursor off and then back onto the item to get a response..

Then I have no audio options in my audio section of ML for my 6D, for my 550D I have loads of options but nothing on my 6D


SD card writing speed is limited around 40MB/s...jup sucks for continuous raw recording, but has been known for a long time:

If you use a framerate of 24 or 25 FPS, you can record raw continuous in 1280x720. (30fps needs lower resolution for continuous recording.)

The menu closing in video mode is a bug known, but probably hard to fix. (Just keep pushing buttons while you're in the menu  :P )

The audio options are indeed gone (they are still available in very old builds for 6d), I don't know the exact reason, but my guess is that they are obsolete for the 6d, since you can manual control audio in Canon menu.
So for audio controls, just use the menu options Canon gave you  :D

If you want longer recording times, you can choose other aspect ratio's in the raw video menu, you can use 1:2,39 instead of 16:9 aspect ratio, should help a lot (needs less bandwidth)


Soo I recently updated to a newer version of Magic Lantern and sometime my camera freezes when in live view mode for video, and i have to pop the battery out.... anyone else having this problem? it never did that before.....

Edit: finally had time and followed directions below, but its still doing it... I think it may be my fault though of turning the camera on too quickly after inserting card?

Walter Schulz

Format card with cardreader, format in cam, insert into cardreader, copy nightly contents to card and start again. Results?


yeah I had many sleepless nights trying to justify keeping the 6D but between not getting full HD raw and having to buy the moire filter.... I just exchanged it just before the return deadline for a 5D3 I think I would've kept the 6D and bought the anti aliasing filter if it wasn't for the fact that I shot stills as well and I would've had to put in and take out the filter outdoors and in bad weather sometimes.  Too bad the Sd card only goes up to 40mb/s


Quote from: Walter Schulz on October 07, 2014, 10:29:27 PM
Format card with cardreader, format in cam, insert into cardreader, copy nightly contents to card and start again. Results?

guess i never tried formatting it that way before.. i always just had been formatting in cam, then replacing files and booting up. is this bad/the wrong way?

Walter Schulz

No. But if you want a clean start without the shadow of a doubt you might want to do as described.


Hi, i had installed the last lightly build on my 6d, but i don't find a spec,

I want to change bitrate but I don't find it, is it normal?

thanks a lot for your help!!



Need Help.. On my 6D, under the movie tab, Bit Rate (CBR) menu is missing for some reason.
Other features are working fine. What might be the problem?


I never used bit rate option in ML. I don't think it's available on the the 6d for the following reason:

The 6d has already different bitrate options in Canon video menu.
You can choose between IPB recording (I think that's about 40Mbit/s) and ALL-I recording (90Mbit/s).
90Mbit/s ALL-I is as good as H.264 compression can be.


You don't see because it's nightly builds. Some parts removed there. To see full ML you should install Tragic.


Quote from: jackmoro on October 18, 2014, 06:37:35 PM
Some parts removed there. To see full ML you should install Tragic.
This is false. The stuff in Tragic Lantern is not in Magic Lantern for a good reason. You should not use Tragic Lantern.

And @jackmoro, you should not suggest that people should use it.


Just a quick question, my 6D is running the night build from sept sometime, I want to update to the oct 8, can I just put the files on and update firmware or do I need to put the canon firmware back on and then update with newer ml firmware?


All you have to do is replace the ML files. You don't have to do any type of firmware update.


awesome, will do. another question while I'm here, if I want to run ml off another card can I just put all the ml files on that and it'll run? seems to not be working when I do that.


You have to make the card bootable. You can either just run the ML installer fir again on this card or use the "EOSCard" or "macboot" programs on a computer to do this.


ahh that explains it! thanks.


There is  such item in the installation instruction:
"Make sure you are running Canon firmware 1.1.3."

But my 6D has firmware 1.1.4

The 1st quastion : Can I use current version of ML with 1.4.4, or I have to downgrade firmware to 1.1.3 ?
The 2nd quastion: Is there (in the 1.1.3) different languages, or it is English version only?