[Done] Lock light quantity in manual mode

Started by Znax, October 21, 2012, 06:19:18 PM

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Hi all

I often need to "lock" the light quantity and adjust the aperture.
Situation : I'm outside, I want to shoot my kid at f2.8 to have a nice bokeh, and the, I need a f11 to shoot the garden. I dont want to go up for X slic then go down equal clic on the other wheel.

I also don't want to use A ou T mode, as I want to control perfectly the light, having every time the same amount of light.

So, basically, the feature would be to set manually the light (M mode), then "lock" the light, so one sigle wheel will change the A and the T accordingly by the same stop amount.

I didn't fing this was already requested, if I'm wrong, sorry

And, sorry for my english.

I have a 7D, and I'm dying to install ML :)


Already done, at least in an experimental form for the fully supported models. Called Exposure Lock. Basically you chose an exposure in manual, lock it and when adjust for example the aperture down a stop the shutter goes up a stop. No idea when it will make it to the 7D.