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Started by a1ex, October 11, 2012, 01:55:31 PM

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Walter Schulz

remco johannes

Hello ML,

it apears that there is no stable build?
There used to be one, if I'm not mistaken.

Sorry for posting in this thread, i could not find the "new post" button


Remco J


Hi Remco, the stable release has unfortunately been removed from the site. I have been able to find the Magic Lantern 2.3 Stable Release here ''

I can confirm that this is the correct firmware after successfully Updating a T3i This morning.

Hope I helped!


Hello guys,

I am new on this forum :)On my 5D mark iii I installed ML Nightly yesterday with the Canon firmware 1.2.3, I have a LEXAR 1066x 64gb but when I want to record RAW 1920x1080, the recording is dropping/skipping frames at around 10 or 15 seconds ! My card seems to be fast enough, isn't it? Have I skipped something in the camera menu/setup?

Do you have some advice please guys?

Thanking you!

Walter Schulz

Not that much info given ...

First find out if your card is faked or not. Turn off global draw, access Debug tab -> Benchmarks. Run Card R/W benchmark (5 min). Press Play button immediately to activate Playback mode. Benchmark run will write a screenshot to the card's root directory called BENCH0.PPM. You may convert this one to JPEG. Upload it somewhere ( or else) and link it here.
If the numbers are suspicious you may stress test your card by H2testw. Benchmark programms like CrystalDiskMark and ATTO will do fine if you have a decent cardreader with a fast interface. USB 2.0 won't do.

If your card is good for RAW/MLV recording you should check your settings. Load only and try again.


hi all
just installed Nighty Builds to my 60DA .... can't wait for this weekend to test it...greetings


So forgive me for being a noob, but I have some noob questions that need to be clarified for me and other noobs apparently. :-[  After reading through this thread about nightly builds I am confused as to the proper installation proceedure for ML. 
The moderators on this thread have said several times that the proper installation proceedure is to install a "stable release" first, but there is no "stable release" to install first before installing nightly builds that I can find anywhere on ML.
On the ML website after clicking on the downloads tab the only option to click on is "browse nightly builds" then, it asks you to pick the correct camera, after that the only option is to install the latest nightly build (currently:

I installed ML(nightly builds) this way on my 60D card about a month ago and have had no problems. 

So my question is:  Since this seems to be the only option, is this now the proper proceedure for installing ML on our Canon cameras now?  Am I missing something?  Is it no longer necessary to install a "stable release" first to avoid stability issues?

Any help from moderators would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance and I apologize if this has been covered already, I just don't want to brick my camera because of my own ignorance.  You are all doing a wonderful job!


Disclaimer: I'm not a moderator ..

At time of writing there are three installation procedures for ML:
1. Easy (For 1100D, 500D, 50D, 5D2, 5D3 (firmware 1.2.3), 60D, 650D, 6D, 700D, 7D, EOS M)
2. Not that easy (For 550D, 600D)
3. Just to confuse the russians (5D3 with firmware 1.1.3)

1: Level "Easy"
- Make sure to run proper firmware version in your cam
- Format card and copy extracted nightly contents to card
- Run firmware update

2: Level "Not that easy".
FIR file needed for firmware update is not included in those builds.
- Make sure to run proper firmware version in your cam
- Download classic ML and extract the fir needed for your cam
- Format card and copy extracted nightly contents to card
- Copy FIR file to card
- Run firmware update

3: Level "Just to confuse the russians"
It's for those wanting to use 5D3 with firmware 1.1.3.
- Update your cam's firmware to 1.2.3
- Format card and copy extracted nightly contents (for 5D3 with fw 1.2.3) to card
- Run firmware update
- Best use a second card to downgrade your cam to fw 1.1.3
- Use a cardreader with your first card and delete AUTOEXEC.BIN and ML directory and FIR file
- Copy extracted nightly contents (for 5D3 with firmware 1.1.3) to first card and startup cam with that card.


Thank you for your helpful reply.  So it looks like the ML install procedure has changed in the last few months from what it used to be.  Watching a few months old tutorial on youtube it looks like not too long ago the ML website had a "stable release" that had support for all the cameras to download first, and then you would have to replace files with nightly builds to get the nightlies to work properly no matter what camera you were using.
Now, you choose what camera you have from the downloads tab and follow the instructions for your specific camera.  As you state, some cameras can direclty download the ML / nightlies while some others look like they still require a "stable release" ML version first.  I see that on the 550D, and 600D pages, they instruct that you must install the stable release first, as you mentioned.

Let me know if I got this right.
Thanks again.

Walter Schulz

Neither is wrong.
But I didn't mention to install "stable".

And be aware that ML development mode (called Rolling Release) and static content (as in Youtube) tend to divert quite soon.


Why not copying the existing fir-files of 550D and 600D from "stable" to the platform-folder of the source-code, so that they can be included in the nigthtly builds for those two cameras, too?
I know, there was a discussion about this some time ago somewhere in this forum or in bitbucket, but I didnĀ“t understand the arguments, not to do so.
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It won't work. You need to install stable first (follow the instructions on the download page).

Walter Schulz


Alex the link for the 2.3 needs updating as it does not work. This is where the problem is.
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Walter Schulz


Hi guys. Stephen here from ireland. Iv had ML on my 60d for the past year and was wondering is there a way i can put ML on a sd card for both my 60d and 700d on the 1 card. So no matter what card i grab out of my bag, magic lantern would work on both cameras.
(Software for both cameras on the one card)
this will be my first time on a nightly build.
Thanks in advance..

Walter Schulz

Nightly builds are not "unified". Therefore you need different cards for different cams.

Computer at hand? You have to replace AUTOEXEC.BIN and ML directory with the versions valid for the cam you want to use.

Not worth the troubles, IMO.


thanks for your quick reply. so you reckon it would be better to have 2 sets of dedicated cards for each camera. i was using the V2.3 on my 60d and there was .fir files for several cameras. thought i might of been abel to just add the 700d to the list on the same card some how. thanks man

Walter Schulz

FIR files are camera specific files needed to set cam's bootflag and to make cards bootable during installation. After installation they are not needed anymore. Old 2.3 "stable" was indeed unified and able to run on different cams. But using the same card on different cams was not recommended because some settings are written to ML\Settings. Endless source for mixups.



maybe it's a something like FAQ, but i tried to use the forum search (and probably failed).
I was very busy and I didn't follow ML development, today I visited this site to see what is new, so i downloaded the latest nightly build for 5D mk3 fw 1.2.3 and noticed that it is half year old build ( something happened and mk3 version builds are stopped? i checked that 1.1.3 is fresh (jan 2015 as expected)
thanks for answer, and a happy new year:-)


well, i did a second search and i found that 1.2.3 build is created only when there are new commits. ok, but why is merge&build policy for this specific branch different than others? i fully understand why silent pics are still separated, but i did a quick look to the overall changelog and i see a lot of commits to modules, that are probably generic ones, 1.2.3 5dmk3 included. this is little bit confusing, even for the senior software developer:-) if someone returns after some time, this forum doesn't help well how to get the latest version (of course without experimental stuff like silent pics). sorry, i know, as an non-contributor....


a1ex has no time for merging that stuff into the 123 firmware since some month now. it all began when rawmagic came out. from that moment on, a1ex stopped the development. we can only hope that someday he continues to complete those fragments..
greets. sw