Latest Lua updates + fixes

Started by Audionut, January 28, 2021, 02:15:08 AM

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Latest Lua updates (details).

Includes many other backend changes, e.g. focus, menu, Q button handling, fonts etc.

Therefore, it's important to give it a good try on all functions, not just Lua, so we can include it in the nightly builds.

Also includes lens.focus_pos and dynamic-my-menu.

Download / Source code / Technical discussion



That version is the one I've been running my MUSIC developments on and apart from the Expo Sim bug (reported to @a1ex;topicseen#msg233664), things look far  ;)


Look I can't even remember my Anaglyphic password, nor the email account I registered for this and CHDK all those.. uhh.. weeks ago.. heh.

But I was having trouble with a 60D and a Sigma 105/2.8 EX DG macro... it was freakin' crazy. It would report all focus points, if I turned on follow focus and used the directonals; I could fast/slow focus to both ends, could move to hyperfocal with a touch, etc...

The second I tried to do a focus stack? I would both DO IT, and NOT do it.. It would move the focus point, but right before taking the shot? Would pop back to the first point, the "set" focus. If I set step size 2 and then in stack, set 5 steps per photo (should be glaringly obvious!), set 5 behind and 5 before, in case this Sig is one of the reversed values lenses... takes 11 shots.... all 11, same damn focal point!

I even set the LV zoom to a POI and 10x magnification before triggering the script, and WATCHED IT move the focus, to where it needed to be, then right back to where it was, before tripping the shutter... it was freakin' driving me insane, and I thought I would either have to give up on this non-Canon lens, or have to dive into sources both code and lua script... when I spotted the experimental latest Lua update + fixes build from 2020.

Son of a...

It. Works. Perfectly.
Thanks whoever fixed that bit, because you saved me a lot o effort.  8)



I stand corrected.

Doesn't solve the microstep hang issue we all know and hate... (FROM OVER A DECADE AGO): "Sometimes PROP_LV_LENS_DRIVE_REMOTE breaks some Canon code and some events are no longer sent (for example PROP_LV_LENS). To fix this you have to press shutter button or go to menu and go back to LiveView." ( )

Well that is still going on. If this cannot be fixed, saying you made lens.focus_pos more robust is meaningless to a macro stacker, at least on 60D builds.

I'll test other things, but this is the one thing I need most. In 20 tests, exactly half of them glitched out, most glitch multiple times, there doesn't seem any pattern, and adding multiple delays does not help... once it stops responding, it will never trigger again, until you press a button that engages the lens; if you're babysitting you'll only miss a couple in the stack, but if you're doing a big stack and walk away? Wasted effort.

I did one test, 724 images over ~20mm with a 0.3uM focal plane stopped  *FIVE TIMES*... 415 images, 309 missing. that's 415 shutter & mirror activations and SDCard write/erase on an already aging 60D to get nothing usable out of it, unless I do the tedious work of finding out the "punch in / punch out" points to try and fill in the gaps of focal depth... and most stacking software is particular, wants sequential numbering and shots in linear focal plane order. This would take many hours of tedious effort, not including the fact the re-shoots will have failure glitches too.

Would love that code to be a bit more "hospital grade" but I don't think we have that level of access. (can we bribe someone to leak all camera-related Canon sources and tools? What would be the bounty? $100k usd? more?) :-)


Level of access is not the problem (well, more would help, of course).  The problem is nobody is working on this feature, so if you want it improved, you'll likely have to learn how to do it yourself.  I can teach you if you want to learn.

STM lenses may work better.  These report more reliable focus information.

Walter Schulz

To reduce stress on shutter and mirror you can use silent pic feature for debugging sessions.