Just a thought - Magic Lantern is still relevant

Started by domo94, July 25, 2020, 02:17:19 AM

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Though despite the obvious concerns and limitations of the new R line series...
Canon just seems to really cripple their cameras to distaste in many ways.

I had a random thought that inspired me to write this post..

But the usability of MLV Raw with 7d and 5d mk iii is still relevant in 2020 even with the release of the R line.

The overheating concerns to get nice quality and flexible footage (in terms of color grading, too), while usable in post, is still very prevalent with Canon.

Sure, there are extra features that make the camera overall nicer to use, it still doesn't give better video results at the end of the day in the hands of a user.

Sure, it's sharp footage and better tech, but there always seems to be a huge drawback with Canon equipment.


Quote from: domo94 on July 25, 2020, 02:17:19 AM
But the usability of MLV Raw with 7d and 5d mk iii is still relevant in 2020 even with the release of the R line.

I absolutely agree with you.  Future trends show that video filming will prevail over stills photography and filming of high-quality video will become more and more important in the near future.  The latest R5 and R6 models still cannot film in RAW but cameras as the 5D3, 6D, EOS-M and the 100D and even the good old 7D and 5D2 are very capable in that respect, provide RAW files with a reasonably compact size that allow fast and easy postprocessing with software that provides highest quality and is free of charge - MLVApp and Resolve.  And most importantly, they do not suffer from overheating problems.  If our developers decide to stay with the ML-project, personally, I see a great future for ML, especially for those who care about ultimate video quality, wish to keep their Canon gear and lenses but are on a limited budget.  Since prices of used camera bodies of the above models are falling dramatically, I think that now is the time to buy a ML capable camera.


You can get 5d2 for, say, $800, add some vintage manual lens and here you go, full-frame raw video. Of course it's relevant, it's actually very cool :)

I know two photographers who use mainly manual lenses, because of the character and look, contrast, etc.. They use ML with "zoom on half-shutter" and 5x disabled (to get x10), and always get perfect sharp pictures. It's almost as easy as auto-focus. As far as I know, this option is exclusive to ML.


Forgot to mention that most of the ML-capable models are built like tanks, so they are likely to last long.  I have kept my 10-years old 7D and it still runs like a machine gun.


Yeah. I purchased a EOS R6 and I was going to sell my 5D2 but I literally can't. That camera is just too capable. No over heating, RAW, 3.5K, all of that.

And plus, after viewing THIS beautiful video of the R6 (skip to 7:57 for summary), I decided that I WILL need a B camera.
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My 7D just won't quit it, either.

I love the R6 and I'm looking to get that one, too

yourboylloyd - the video you meant to share does not show up


Have to say that I think the 170mbit UHD footage looks very good. What a perfect camera.

But yeah the overheating issue is such a bad joke. Maybe you can replace the thermal paste like you do on a PC lol.


That's extremely disappointing.

I overheat my 7D with canon Raw and get back up and running almost within 10 minutes.

Not really overheat, but definitely get the heat warning as well as it getting physically hot.

I'm extremely discouraged.