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Re: Canon EOS R5 / R6
« Reply #300 on: May 08, 2023, 04:31:17 PM »
Would love to hear specifically which ML functions you are missing switching from 5D3 to R5. A genuine, non-rhetorical question.

I'm 5D3 1.23 ML user and I find it invaluable for exposure bracketing, and also bracketing with flash enabled with 2s delay. You may ask why would I want to do that, and basically for real estate work you really really really really want to be able to do that without manually tweaking settings like 5-6 times per single composition and every time knocking camera off by a pixel or two. Even basic bracketing is such as guesswork with any camera including R6. If you are lucky guesstimating your brightest exposure (or else you take a spare unasable blown out frame) you typically don't go down enough leaving those blown highlights even at -5EV or so. Histograms are useless, screens are small so until you load images to LR you don't even know you have a window or sky still blown out. So guess what I'm still taking 5D3 to jobs as the main cam and R6 and 5Ds are backups. 5ds is pretty inevitable for high res work and I just dialed in bracketing to 5 frames every 1 2/3 stops. It sounds excessive and it is but at the same time, it can be not enough, and that is also true to R6 if you stick with 3 frames 2EV apart.
Other that that I use RAW histogram, focus red overlays and digital focus range display all of which canon still doesn't quite want to give us in full in all modes.
I don't really care about RAW video on the 5D3 anymore since getting the R6. that is so so much better. R6 RAW would be nice, and mkII sort of does that once you get the NINJA V+ recorder. So really the focus IMHO are now all about photography features.

I find the former feature so important that I am rather going to jump to another brand if I need to rather than stick with Canon once 5D3 gives up. I believe Z9 has more of this functionality (the flash part), but not smart auto bracket limit feature unless I'm mistaken. I can adapt that 16-35mm lens and buy GODOX trigger for any new system so if there is one that does all that natively please let me know.