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Started by a1ex, November 27, 2017, 07:08:37 PM

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Following this request, I've decided to revive the old filepref module. Renamed it to

- custom image file prefix (IMG_1234.JPG -> ABCD1234.JPG; from the old filepref module)
- change image file number to any value (IMG_1234.JPG -> IMG_5678.JPG; experimental, restart required)

- timestamped file names (original request). Please don't expect it anytime soon - I don't know how to change the file number (last 4 characters) without restart. Maybe you can figure it out?
- date-stamped file names? (MMDD1234). This one might be easier; still need to find out how to reset the counter.
- continuous numbering? (12349999 -> 12350000, ABCD9999 -> ABCE0000). This one should be easy.
- customize folder number? (didn't try, but noticed the property in QEMU).

Known/possible issues:
- on 5D3, Canon file naming options must be set to default.
- might conflict with Dual ISO custom file naming (not tested).
- only tested on 5D3 and 60D.

- Image file prefix is also available to Lua (lua_fix builds)

Binary: (only the first feature works; the second one requires a custom ML build)


Yeah thanks for that! Glad to see some great stuff for photographers!  8)  i'm excited to test (most probably during the coming days)


Wow this is actually really useful and will be nice to have. Can't wait to get my hands on this one!
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