[Windows] MLV_Dump fast gui

Started by eNnvi, May 02, 2017, 08:24:50 PM

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Hi guys,
I'm here as i written (if i can say that about a vb.net application :D ) a veeeery simple gui for mlv_dump.

It's very simple, just install it, open a .mlv file, choose output dir and the parameters you want to apply (there's also a little preset possibility, for example i apply 2x2 chroma smoothing to my 700D to get rid of focus pixels)

It's nothing will make you scream but.. It works and makes mlv_dump easyer for who doesn't know how to use command line


you can donwload the installer here

If you want to help (next thing after i will have moved to my new house will we re-write this using a framework like ultimate++ to make it cross-platform and implement mlv_dump natively) just check the project on here

It's still alpha release. Help me to discover bugs.