Canon 760D / T6s

Started by SwaroopB, October 22, 2015, 02:48:25 PM

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Hey, im from Germany with a 750D. I would like to test, too. :)


Friends, this is the camera with great potential, and I think all of its owners very sorry that it does not have a Magic Lantern :'(. It is necessary to somehow speed up the processes firmware release. Maybe there is a reason to raise money for the developer? Who agrees?


I am working on this. If you know some ASM, some C, linux, and want to help out, message me and I'll get you up to speed so we can get ML on this device soon.


FYI, octacorn also made some progress on 750D (and DIGIC 6 in general), so you may want to get in touch with us on IRC.


Hi, I got a 700D, 750D and a 760D, plus some very basic knowledge of programming in machine code, ASM, C++, and misc other languages. (My main skills are not embedded software but mainstream languages like Java, C#, JavaScript, asp, HTML,, SQL which I guess will be useless here?).

I also has some experience with building or modifying hardware/electronics, for instance I've built my own timelapse dolly with integrated circuits controlling my cameras.

I've been using Magic Lantern on an earlier 500D and currently on my 700D and love the extra functionality.

If you need testers, I would be able to help :-)


Quote from: jorn77 on April 16, 2017, 05:59:07 PM
Hi, I got a 700D, 750D and a 760D, plus some very basic knowledge of programming...

You can get started by running through the process of doing a software update on your 700D. I already did it and have it working on 1.1.5 so here is your chance at testing your skills. Do it like a study guide, no peeking at the answers until you figure it out.

I've been meaning to put up a tutorial on doing a simple firmware update and have some time this week, keep checking the forum for it.

In the meantime you can do a firmware dump on your cameras. The ROM dumpers are available for download on the bottom of the Magic Lantern Nightly Builds page.

The 700D.114 to 700D.115 update is rather easy but it will give you an introduction to Magic Lantern code. You don't really need any programming skills for this.

The 750D and 760D use the Digic 6 image processor so these are going to be much more challenging. @a1ex mentioned that @octacorn made some progress--can't find that user in the forum but apparently octacorn hangs out on #magiclantern IRC channel.

Good luck!


Confirmed - here's the FIR that actually enables the boot flag:


After enabling the boot flag in the camera, you may run:

- the portable display test (copy autoexec.bin and make your card bootable)
- the portable ROM dumper (you may have to format the card to a very small size, or dd this 256MB image - howto)
- anything compiled from the recovery branch (it runs from bootloader context); check Makefile.user.default for options
- the digic6-dumper branch (you will have to modify the code and experiment - it won't boot in its current state)

Feel free to port the stubs from 80D and follow the experiments from there; the puzzle we are trying to solve is identical on all single-digic 6 models.


The portable ROM dumper:
• Copied autoexec.bin to bootable 8GB card.
• For a fraction of a sec the screen turns blue with a few scattered pink pixels / fully blue / two shades of horizontal magenta bars, then it turns black. The screen is still on, but it doesn't show anything nor write any file to card.


Hi people

I have looked into ML a lot and would love to offer my support on this project I trained as an engineer not grate at the 1 and 0's but I am very good at problem-solving and following a trail so if I can help I am more than willing to chip in.


Hey guys,

I'm new to this forum and I have 760D. If I can help with testing in anyway, drop me a message. I have some but very basic programming skills and really like to use the ML on my camera.



Hi am new here in the forum. read for a long time curious about the functions of ML.
wanted to say how far have you been for a ML version for the 760d?
is there already a version for testing?
Falss yes would like to offer me as a tester!


Hey, I would love to test ML on my 760d, especialy if anybody needs me to test anything specific. What you guys are doing is incredible! Let me know if i can help in any way.


I have a T6s and would be happy to provide any help I could. I'm not a developer, but if given the tools I could provide dumps if needed, or offer my T6s for testing purposes.


Hi Guys,

Any news on the 760D port?
With my limited knowledge of C/C++ (compared to the masters here), I'm also here to offer my help - I see some good progress on the 80D thread - which will most probably be useful for our 760D.

Looking forward to hearing from the dev rockstars around.

Nicolas Apud

How can I help? I have Canon 760D


Hi guys, I'm new here, and totally newbie in this Magic Lantern stuff.
I connect my 760D to my computer by USB, and use the Live View from EOS Utility in my desktop, although the camera shuts down after about 20 or 30 minutes.
Is there any feature which prevents the camera to turn off?
I see that 760D is not supported in the main page, but then there's something about Porting Started, and Emulation Available, and ROM Dumpers... I have no idea what that's all about, I hope I don't sound too stupid.
Thank you in advance


As I can see the development branch for 760d is almost dead. I don't have much free time and almost have very weak skills in programming but I want ML on my device. Just got the dump of firmware form camera and now trying to find the next steps. Wish me good luck. I will be glad of any help and any useful links.