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Started by SwaroopB, October 22, 2015, 02:48:25 PM

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Some projects I am involved with have  pointed me towards dslr film production and based on my level and quality requirements I figured the T6i or T6s was the model of choice. Catchung up to speed on lenses, audio and everything else involved I come to the conclusion that ML would open up doors from day 1.  Seeing as I have a learning curve ahead of me adding ML would be ideal right off the bat. Imagine my ignorant suprise when I learn that ML and T6s  havent even dated yet much less produce their first love child. But regardless Ill be in the nursery waiting. Lol. This may push me to step towards the T5 and wait or it could force me to move towards a better model from the beginning. Im still curious of full frame vs crop sensers so maybe this is where I step back to the drawing board. I have been on several proffessional music video sets as well as 3 movie sets since the big studios started filimg in atlanta. My goals are to get as close to that quality on my meager budget. Oh and hi my name is Micah. Im new here as of 2 hrs ago. Forgive my ignorance. Im excited to be here to see this development and will offer any help that a retarded low skills newb can. Feel free to point me other places to expand my knowledge on lenses, post production,  or topics of interest. I'm open to advice. Thanks much in advance


What about T6i?
I own it and I'd like to help, but I'm unable to start a new topic on the forum.

Walter Schulz

Do you have experience in assembler and C programming for embedded devices (preferable ARM architecture) and are you willing to spend several hundred hours to port this cam and maintaining it (long term support)? Or do you have a spare developer at hand?


I like Canon 760D. Can we find programmer to make  this firmware  for money?

Walter Schulz


Hi guys!  I hope this is the place!

I'm as green as it gets; first DSLR and it had to be the T6s.

I'm still figuring out the basics but what I most urgently need to know is how to port the video out of the camera into an Android tablet. I'm going to be shooting instructional videos and it would be so nice to see what I'm doing in front of the camera. Will ML do this or be able to make it happen?

And let me know how I can help!

Thanks for any guidance!

Walter Schulz

There is no ML for T6s, there is nobody working on it and there is nobody planning to work on this.

But you don't need ML for your task. I recommend to use an HDMI monitor.


In response to the post regarding connecting a Canon camera to a tablet, you can use an app called DSLR Controller which works very well for what you are trying to do. It will let you monitor and control your camera via your tablet.


Got two ideas about how to dump the DIGIC 6 firmware.

First: a generic (blind) dumper, that I can test in QEMU on the 7D Mark II firmware. The method didn't work on that camera, probably because of the dual digic, but it might have some chances on a single-digic camera.

Second: for this one I need some help from somebody willing to do a small hardware mod (details). The FIR from the linked post won't work here, but I can prepare one for 760D (or any other DIGIC 6 camera) on request.


So what could i do for you?
Dump the ROM or test your Firmware?  ;)

Walter Schulz

Do you own an external power supply and a multimeter and are you willing to mess up your power supply cable?


not at the moment, I own a laboratory power supply...


For the first test, I don't need any hardware mods, so just PM me once you are ready to run it. It's very similar to what I tried on 7D2, where it didn't work.


Hey guys i have a brand new Canon 80D with the Digic 6 processor! I would love to see a ML firmware add-on in the future!! I would try out my self if you ever release it! Just to give you a bonus the write speeds of this camera are much better than the 70D!


My attempts to jump to Canon firmware failed on both 760D and 80D.


Also tried to:
- identify the main firmware start address from the string "/_term" (tested on 7D2 in QEMU and on 60D; should work on all DIGIC 4/5 models)
- jump to 0xFFFF0000 (hivecs reset interrupt, tested on 60D, probably works on all DIGIC 4/5 models)
- jump to MEM(0xFC000000) (reset address for EOS M3 and M10)

All attempts resulted in black screen and camera locked up.

Please let me know once you are ready for the hardware mod linked above.


What do I have to do than?


I also own a 80D and just ordered an external power supply. I have some HW as well as SW skills.
So I'm ready to help as well.

Btw. should/can we start an 80D thread?

- zlo
EOS 6D, EOS 650D both with ML, EOS 80D (no ML, ... yet)


Yes, I'll start one.

Meanwhile, I've found the LED address on 7D2. It's unlikely to be the same address on other DIGIC 6 cameras, but it's likely to be in the same range. Therefore, we could try to poke a few addresses nearby [1] [2].

Any volunteers wanting to try this one?


Quote from: Fraggy date=1466426823
looks good it blinks ;)

Quote from: dinissilva date=1466427035

The LED address is somewhere between 0xd20b0800 and 0xd20b1000 (source) (credits 1) (credits 2).

Looks like we no longer need the power supply hack :)

Next steps:

Please let me know once you have the hardware ready.



Since Fraggy appears to be away, I'm looking for another 760D volunteer to try some test code on his camera.



I am volunteering to test code on my t6s/760d. Shoot me an email if I can help.


So I'm also back again...
I will buy some stuff for dumping

Walter Schulz

Just a reminder to whom it may concern: If you want to make things work you have to do something.

Quote from: a1ex on August 10, 2016, 03:35:22 AMFor 760D/750D [...] I have no feedback (I sent a few copies of the firmware dumper, but there was no response from the testers).

Sorry for double post!


Hi! If you still need volunteers with 760d, I'm willing to try the firmware on my camera. Write to my mail