Want to help with development, without having to code?

Started by Audionut, July 15, 2014, 04:24:16 PM

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In this thread I'll list a bunch of ways you can help the Magic Lantern development project, without touching one line of code.  Anyone can do these things, the only thing they require is time.

Test as if you were doing Quality Control for a company

Quote from: dmilligan on December 11, 2013, 04:16:32 PM
Test, as in really test. As if you were QC working for a software company. Don't just use ML in normal situations and submit problems when things go wrong (and don't just do another ML RAW vs. H264 test, there are more than plenty of those out there). Try to break a feature. Think of as many possible scenarios as you can. Throw everything you can think of at a feature to break it. Try every value of every setting. Try it in extremely unusual scenes or lighting. Write down your results like a scientist doing an expirement. Then share your results, even if nothing went wrong. It's also helpful for devs to know when something actually works. Test for the sake of testing, with specific intention, not for the sake of making your 'budget short film'.


User Guide


Redrocks has started an updated user guide for the nightly builds.  Once this is completed, it can be easily transferred from the forum post, to all of the user guides on the site, and in camera.
To help, simply comment with any information you are aware of.  You're contribution will be added to the original posts.  All contributions are welcomed, from one line of help text, to the entire thing.  :)

Erik Krause has continued the work started by Redrocks.
Let's restore ML help together!



Know how to use a feature really well, why not create a specific tutorial.
PM Audionut if you need some assistance.

Fixing HDMI (monitor) related problems


With some new development of QMENU, it has become somewhat easier to look at monitor related issues, without the developers requiring an actual HDMI device.  To help, simply dump some image buffers.

Black level problems with raw recording


Get pink, green, magenta frames when recording raw video?  Help to fix them by simply testing specific builds and proving feedback.

Accurate temperature reporting


QuoteCameras tested up to now

1100D by dmilligan
5D3 by RenatoPhoto, alex
50D by ayshih
60D by dmilligan
600D by escho
650D by Walter Schulz
7D by Walter Schulz, RenatoPhoto

If you have a camera that is not on the above list, feel free to help test.  Confirming previous results is always useful too!

Compiled list of card speeds


Run a benchmark on your card, upload the results, help generate a list of card speeds.

Raw video sample files


Help chmee develop an excellent raw video post processor.

Measure the dynamic range of your camera


Lots of excellent research being done here to reduce the noise level of cameras.  Help a1ex develop further with some simple screenshots from your camera.

Measure how the camera does pixel binning


This one requires a suitable target to photograph.  If you have a resolution target, please jump over and help a1ex.

Keep the 1.1.3 firmware build for 5D3, or turf it.


Compare the raw recording speeds of each firmware and share your results.  For problems/bugs and lacking features in 1.2.3 that are not in 1.1.3, please use this thread.

Register Map - We need your support!


Help g3gg0 clean up the register database.

The next 2 may require some more coding type knowledge.

Finding stubs


QuoteThese stubs are functions from Canon firmware, that can be called from ML code. To use them, one needs to know:
- the function address in Canon code (that's the stub you need to find). The exact address is unique for each camera.
- the function declaration (what parameters it accepts?) - declared in some header file, and usually common for all cameras.
- what does it do (if it's not obvious from its name and usage context, a comment is welcome)

Easy coding tasks


Ok, this one does require some modification of code.  But they are easy tasks.   :P  If you have some coding knowledge, this is an excellent way to get started with ML development.