RAW workflow proposal for ACR support and native support in Premier

Started by painya, March 03, 2014, 06:10:38 AM

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So many of us have heard of Reddeercity's workflow of importing the DNG's into AEX and using dynamic link into Premier.
However this has several drawbacks including not being able to import multiple clips.

What I am proposing is moving from DNG's to TIFF's.
There would be:
-Native support in Premier
-ACR adjustment via Bridge
-Quicker conversion times (TIFF's wouldn't need to be converted into DNG's/CDNG's)

Possible drawbacks
-More Disk space required.
-You have to do ACR adjustments before import (can this be changed?)
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* DNGs are mainly TIFFS with some more/different header-tags

* who should do the demosaicing of the sensor-bayer-pattern?
* who should do the color-conversions (sensor-raw->XYZ/RGB)?
* using ACR inside premiere is imho no advantage - in terms of workflow. One of the reasons, why the official-beta-DNG-Plugin died..
* btw. DNG is logically the fastest way to get picturefiles - no conversions, mainly only copy-processes with some simple add/sub/bitshifts.
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@Painya - an app that can convert .raw/.mlv to OpenEXR and support DNG profiles (DCP) in the process would be a much better option for video ;)

OpenEXR is from ILM, it's open source. Converts to 16/32bit floating point or 32bit integer pixel formats. File sizes are smaller than TIFF (up to 2:1 compression) and can use NVidia GPU acceleration.


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if exr or tiff is not the question.

the main discussion point is, how to achieve the best demosaicing quality with most efficiency - i'd rather go with every format that supports >8bit IF there would be a not-time-consuming way. as long as i dont see any valid point, i stay on cdng and tune to premiere-crippled dng-support (which is on gpu as well), hoping, that adobe's supporting more and more properties with every patch..

(because of the good quality of debayer-algorithms i already thought about encoding rgb-pixel-formats into bayer - it's 1/3 of original data-size..)
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I can get Tiff's from eyeframe converter and I (personally) don't see that huge of an advantage of ACR vs colorista/luts/speedgrade.
Dng's are only faster if Premier can (fully) support them ;)
(I was trying to propose simple, PPro work flow)
However, I really am thankful for all the work you put into the Cinema DNG converter with party mode and the different options. It is very appreciated.

sorry I am C++ illiterate and can not get that to work but thanks!

Unless I am missing something, it seems that TIFF's will work, but they will be slower than DNG's. I would prefer a slower, larger format, but full 16bit support rather than all the extra work that comes with DNG's.
Good footage doesn't make a story any better.