MLV Mystic - [Windows][OSX] MLV/RAW to DNG & Dual ISO GUI batch converter V0.5

Started by GTempler, February 13, 2014, 06:43:01 AM

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You can copy the app and run those copies in parallell if you like. That will multithread. If you,re on mac there is also cr2hdr-r workflow.


Quote from: togg on April 13, 2015, 04:34:21 PM
I'm sorry if this was already asked but any chance of having multithreading, it would be the only feature that could bring me away from MLRV. :)
If you're on Mac, check out @Danne's cr2hdr-r since it works really well and it runs multithreaded.
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Not sure what's going on when I convert my 5D Mark III MLV files using MLVMystic I find that there are numerous DNG frames missing in all folders.  When I import them in Davinci Resolve I get a whole bunch of split takes of the same video do to the missing DNG's.  Has anybody experience that before?




You should try extracting with mlv_dump binary. It usually is the safest bet if frames are missing.


@Danne Thanks going to do a google search about the mlv_dump software.


Hi. All new to RAW video. just shoot a test with dual ISO and now trying to convert via the wonderful Mystic.
Q: How do I seperate the two iso files? So I get to clean DNG folders and not getting missing frames in AE.



Is it possible to include a function where you can choose the resolution you want.
Instead of the resolution that you shoot your video at??



I empty folder when exporting using MLV Mystic. Could you help me guys?

Now i lost half of my important footage :(

It only export 45 of 97 DNG Folder :(

Can anybody help me? it is bug?


Francis Frenkel

Help !

I'm using MLV Mystic for a long time now, and after a crash on a disk, I've lot the application.

The website to downoad it does not work !
Could somebody send me it for windows ?

I have a work to do, it is critical.

I dont like MLVraw Viewer, Producer...etc... Too complex, to much fonctions...I just need DNGs for DaVinci Resolve from the natives MLV, in a simple batch interface (drag and drop).
I just hate applications with command, I'm not engeneer...I prefer application with a simple interface, drag and drop, and function with buttons...

Help me Please !

Francis Frenkel


If you can live with a double click on a batch file and a follow up menu then this could work.

The same but with input output folders.

Cannot help you with the other app. The problem with mlv_mystic is that it doesn´t produce cdng files but dng files.

Francis Frenkel

QuoteCannot help you with the other app. The problem with mlv_mystic is that it doesn´t produce cdng files but dng files.

Thank you Danne, but I dont need cdng files.
dngs are just great files, enought to reach the quality I need in my productions, in my workflow.

Here are quickly edited images I did last saturday (dngs extract with MVL Producer...).

Those one extract with Mystic last week (for the same music video clip)
Some nudity in the clip....
password : clip

If somebody could send me Mystic (last version), it will save me time !

I just test Batch.mlv, and it works find, very simple to use ! It's seems to be an alternative (efficent and easy to use) !
Thanks very much Danne !
Francis Frenkel


Great. It uses mlv_dump_on_steroids, branch from bouncyball and it got the good stuff like cdng metadata, complete set of matrices etc. Also works with lossless, 10/12 bits etc...


Hello Francis,

I found a copy of MLV Mystic from 2014.  I am not sure whether or not it is the latest version but it works with 14-bit RAW and MLV files just fine.  I have packed it in a .RAR archive that you can download from here:

This link will be active for 7 days.

As far as ease and speed of operation is concerned, I strongly recommend MLVFS as suggested by Danne.  It saves a lot of disk space too.  All you need to do is to copy your MLV files into a directory called MLVFS on your hard drive.  Then, when you start the software (one click) it mounts all your MLVs from that directory into virtual folders with cDNG files that you can open with Resolve or whatever software you use in the same way as regular DNG folders created by MLV Mystic.  In the MLVFS thread there is also a video tutorial on the installation by Reddeercity.  Try it!  You will be surprised how well MLVFS works and how much time and disk space it saves.   It works with losslessly compressed as well as 10 and 12-bit files too. 

By the way, I love your work.  Good luck!

Francis Frenkel

Thanks so much IDA-ML !

I will try MLVFS, I promise !

Thank's very much.
Francis Frenkel