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nice dialogue
ive used the denoiser option inside of lightroom...  whats wrong with that one.?
really dope!!

is there any way i could get those tv shots?? i have a music video that has a setup similar... but i like the way u did it.. i wanna end my video how you started yours.. if not thats cool, if so ill credit you in the video description thanks.

everytime i try acr setting in bridge it says i have to open another program atleast once?
RAWMagic - DNg import to AE (MVI_0000.dng)  edited in acr.. set to 32bit... then export to ProRes444 thats what it looked like straight out the acr edit.. it wasnt doing it before..  it does it on some clips..not all.. only ones that were moving like his..
trust me, i know... i was there 2 weeks ago lol
raw2dng (pc) or RAWMagic (mac) convert your .MVI_0000.RAW to DNG's

After Effects - (select ALL FILES - CAMERARAW)  then click 1st file in sequence - MVI_0000.dng

open up acr and do whatever you do to color correct

change after effects to 32Bit project

add that clip to render cue  BEST SETTINGS - change the Quicktime settings format option to PRORes444 or save the comp and drop it in premiere...
i was noticing in some of my shots (2nd verse Performance infront of tv's) i used the ACR (auto whitebalance) feature.  some of the files were converted yellowish, but some were left ,blueish.  you can kinda see the colors on the face flicker around frame by frame in the 2nd verse performance

this is a RAW/h.264 music video.. all b-roll was in raw...and mostly all performance was h.264 except some of the last verse

you can see it big time at the 2:00 mark

you have to go to your

proper user directory there is one that shows LIBRARY and then one that doesnt... cause its hidden... you have to un hide that using easiest way to temporarily reveal the ~/Library folder is to open Finder.

On the menu bar, at the top, select Go to reveal the drop-down menu and then hold down the Option key (marked ALT) and you will see the ~/Library folder appear. You may now select this ~/Library folder with your mouse or trackpad.

As soon as you release the Option key, the ~/Library folder will be hidden once more.

then follow the library>blah>blah>profiles  and put it in that folder...
Raw Video / Re: How to review RAW footage in Camera?
November 20, 2013, 04:40:33 AM
First i think everyone has valid points.

I have had plenty shoots with raw.

This is how i approach a music video.

set up the set.
shoot all b-roll in raw Spaced out between Performances in h.264 - Perform - Broll while switching around lighting or positiong - Peroformance - Broll -etc... so that way i just show them through camera what they look like in PERFORMANCE cause really thats all they care about.  I was once an artist.  and they trust my Extra stuff just knowing how i shoot.
so i can play back the performances and then sneak in a preview of the raw stuttered playback and then another performance..

it really makes the set go easier cause the performance is really all they are worried about.  To make sure angles are fine...
yes interested in green screening but wanted to play around with the color and depth. i dont have access to a green screen at the moment.
Raw Video Postprocessing / Green Screening with ML RAW?!
November 14, 2013, 02:02:41 AM
Does anyone have samples on green/blue screen?

was going to start a project and couldn't really find any good samples.  only saw one but it wasnt anything worth posting.

Thanks in advance!
Tragic Lantern / Re: 7D Raw Thread
November 13, 2013, 10:27:16 PM
Quote from: datax on November 13, 2013, 10:02:26 PM
RAW recording used to work perfectly for me.

But since a few days I am getting corrupted frames in quite a few videos.
Usually 2-3 Frames with a pinkish noise.

Like this:

Habe been using Oct26 build and changed to Nov09 build, but with the same problems.

is this importing into AE? or is this how it looks once you convert to .dng?

if its in AE.   

when importing select All Files - Camera Raw - Raw Sequence - Import

thats what mine was doing in the import till i changed around the file settings when importing.
Custom Size
choose your export size
progressive scan
highest quality

thats what i choose
Tragic Lantern / Re: 7D Raw Thread
November 12, 2013, 05:25:34 PM
sometimes you have to FORMAT on camera and then BENCHMARK your card again.  works for me when ever setting just stop recording
are those copied from card?  have you formatted the card?

if not download RAWmagic and drag and drop from the card (original copy)
it said no clips in the .raw
use RAWmagic for MAC its way easier and more convenient
Can someone post their EXPORT presets for Premiere ? 

Tragic Lantern / Re: 7D Raw Thread
November 10, 2013, 08:29:14 PM
disable raw_record and reset

also make sure RAW VIDEO is OFF before you switch over
Raw Video / Re: 5d mark III freez
November 09, 2013, 09:24:05 PM
i know zooming past 5x will fee live view...
and will force a battery pull (turn off, pull battery, replace)

you have to turn it off in the menu LIVEVIEW ZOOM settings.. 5x and 10x will be on.. just turn off 10x or which ever is causing a freeze

also make sure you have the latest build.
i just use the canon - standard. i dont have the full version with all the add ons..
visionlog profile with a little bit of touch up > film convert to grade