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Re: Canon 70D
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What features is that? I don't really care about slowmotion, sometimes I do 30 to 25 fps for a subtle effects, but that's it. And I don't go for crop modes or higher resolution. Besides AF and swivel screen all I want is continuous recording for a few minutes since I like longer takes.

You can actually shoot 50/60 FPS with the 70D at 1832x616 and then stretch it in post. Here's a clip I shot at 50 FPS and slowed it down to 25 FPS. I think it looks pretty good aliasing-wise.


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Re: Canon 70D
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I was astounded how good 16:9 FHD 12 bit raw @24fps looked. But its MF, I recall it was continuous, fills up the LCD screen nicely.
The raw video, of 70D is good for still camera (not moving) shots.  You might get away with a slow pan.
But you would want the AF resolutions for "subject walking" or "tracking a fast moving object centre of screen" (Ive seen some really good footage with a monopod).
Raw video with 70D max out at IS0 400, as hot pixels start to appear for higher ISO.
So you might use a flat profile, and shoot H264 at ISO1600 All-I for low light video.  Its surprising how good shooting flat, can be with H264 in low light.
I find the raw is better for highlight recovery, which is stronger in well lit shots, where as shooting flat with H264 All-I has a nice inky black which is useful.
I like the free Marvel picture profiles.  Otherwise there is always the choice to add lighting.

If you like this, then I would get the VAF, to minimize aliasing. 

I also find a bit of noise reduction really helps with aps-c footage, as its not all moire/aliasing that's afoot. 
A FF sensor tends to handle noise better especially low light.
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