OSX: Batch Convert "App" for MLV files: DNG with WAVs and Metadata

Started by dubzeebass, December 30, 2013, 05:09:20 AM

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Hello everyone,

This script is a joint effort from myself, Danne, g3gg0, jerrykil, daisermac.  It's tested as working on Mavericks.

1. Download all of the files here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4tCJMlOYfircUtNdXVYZDJfQW8/edit?usp=sharing
2. Extract recursive0.4.command and mlv_dump.osx in the same folder
3. Double-click recursive0.4.command and type your administrator password then hit Enter.  This will only need to be done once as this should place your mlv_dump.osx in the folders called by the script.  mlv_dump will seem to disappear but it's just moved to usr/bin.  NOTE: If you get permission errors, use Terminal to go to the folder you extracted files from step #2, and write chmod +rxw recursive0.4.command - this will give all permissions needed)
4. Place your .mlv files in same folder as recursive0.4.command and double-click which should start converting the files to folders.  The MLV files will move to the folder with a corresponding name, and you'll have the .DNGs, a .WAV, a .IDX, and a .TXT (for metadata).

Tested with the latest build of mlv_dump.osx, mlv_rec and mlv_snd from 1/11/2014.

::[ Feature List ]::
- Extract all MLV files in a folder to folders based on the MLV name
- Create a WAV file from the MLV file
- Export the metadata as a TXT file
- Export the Take information to a separate [filename]-take.txt file (use IME module to input information)

::[ Version History ]::
0.4 - added TAKE text extraction
0.3 - added .IDX creation for proper .WAV extraction
0.2 - added FOR IN per g33go to recursively extract all MLV files in a directory
0.1 - created extraction script that only worked from the command line with minimal input



Neato! Works as advertised over here, although I haven't tried the wav recording yet on my camera.

Thanks guys!

Mike Bluestone



Just tried with spanning on and it seems converting fine with the script. Audio also
Also tried with files bigger the 4gb which splits files. Also seems to convert fine. Audio also

I did not test to sync the clips yet. Filmed in 1920x1080 24fps, audio on


Yes that would work because it moves all files with the MLV date stamp.


Would it be hard to include a ProRes export in the script? Using ffmpeg like with the raw2dng app?


I don't need it cuz I use Resolve to transcode after MLV extraction and preliminary CC/WB ... but since this is a group effort I encourage anyone else to add to the script :)

Danson Delta-40

Problem getting permissions:

How the heck do i change directory, and when i think I did change it, it says it cant find the file...

This is what it says in terminal:
Kerricks-iMac:~ FlashPointFilms$ /Users/FlashPointFilms/Desktop/mlvdump chmod +rxw recursive.command0.3
-bash: /Users/FlashPointFilms/Desktop/mlvdump: is a directory
Kerricks-iMac:~ FlashPointFilms$ chmod +rxw recursive.command0.3
chmod: recursive.command0.3: No such file or directory
Kerricks-iMac:~ FlashPointFilms$

EDIT: Nvm Im stupid. You have to give permission to the ZIP file! I didnt initially see a "dl all" option so I dl'ed individually and tried it on the base command file. derp.

i hate coding.


Did it work at any point?  I tried it on an external desktop and it converted fine here. What happens if you redo ALL the steps from the new directory?

Danson Delta-40

Quote from: Danne on December 31, 2013, 07:30:30 AM
Did it work at any point?  I tried it on an external desktop and it converted fine here. What happens if you redo ALL the steps from the new directory?

I derped. Nothing new to report (I figured it out).


Is it possible to merge the wav with the video, creating a prores using ffmpeg?


The issue with doing so is that you'll end up with ProRes file with no white balance done and the files that come out of this don't have any white balance info from the camera (i.e., Sunlight/Cloudy/Tungsten), so your colours will be way off.

Resolve to learn Resolve, just for the initial CC even.

I invite anyone else to add to the script, but I don't need the ProRes files so can't spend any time on it.



I know resolve and have used it for several years now, but I still need a more batch-like approach when working on my mac book air (yes, it's working with raw). Resolve is veeeery slow on my mac book air making any dng->prores very cumbersome. working with prores in AE or Premiere works like a charm and ideal (for me) would be to have a batch going from MLV -> Prores (w. correct WB) + audio.

I don't know how these formats work and how white balance is burned into prores but not dng (need to do some research there), however hasn't the white balance been saved in the "exif"info of the new MLV format?

Good work so far though!



It has been saved incorrectly.  It doesn't read what the camera is using as a WB because raw with baked in WB isn't raw anymore.  There's a default WB which you can see when you open any of the DNGs my method creates.

You could batch export from Photoshop ACR but I don't think it'll be particularly fast.  As an aside, a MBA will encode ProRes incredibly slowly as well, there's no magic bullet for an integrated GPU and a low-end Intel chip.


No magic bullet, but I would appreciate not having to use the resolve GUI on my mac book air (takes minutes to just load it with dngs :) so, for me a batch approach would save time (the time I sleep :P )


Thank you for this @dubzeebass! :)

When I open the dngs in ACR I get the following on the top bar: 'Camera Raw 8.3 - ERR:1 md:0x   0 ml:0' and all I get offered [in ACR] is the embedded profile with crazy green w/b. I can correct for this, but I'd like to be able to use the VisionLOG profile as a quick option if this is possible.

Is there a way of ACR correctly reading camera ID from the dngs produced by your app?



5D3 1.1.3
5D2 2.1.2


The script reads the mlv_dump.osx. You should download the latest version from g3gg0 site and redo the procedure. It will give you a standard wb5500 I think.

@dubzeebass, If you,re out there please update the post with the latest mlv_dump.osx :)



Thanks for the advice! Does g3gg0 have an external site I should be going to for the latest mlv_dump?
5D3 1.1.3
5D2 2.1.2