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Started by hdclip, October 23, 2013, 12:44:14 PM

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Hi m1Ke , How could I get a build where was the camera icon indicator???
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Raw recording has been really solid for me.  Solid enough, in fact, that I started to feel all the memory buffer graphs and messages that flashed on the screen where unnecessary and distracting from the job at hand.  I pulled down the code and changed the display to something more compact:

Whenever recording, it displays the movie camera icon, the time recorded, the MB/s saved and idle time.

If the buffers start to get low, the color of the icon changes.  Yellow for anything other than "continuous OK":

and red for less than around 10 seconds to go:

and, if skipping is enabled, that is displayed too:

I would love to get any feedback or ideas on how to make this better.  As a newbie I did not want to barge in and start changing stuff, but if there is interest I could could submit a pull for raw_rec.c

Quote from: stevefal on October 22, 2013, 11:33:25 PM
The indicator is nice, but I wish it was even more out of the way and off the image. Having stuff in the image can be a problem, especially when it hides a boom mic in the shot.

How about using the bars for the main recording indicator, including the color treatment for buffer stress?
Good points, for sure.  I briefly looked at this when I first implemented, but the menu bars do not display when Global Draw is turned off to get extra write speed (which I think a number of users with slower cameras/cards are doing?)  There are probably a couple of options here:
- Allow menu bars to draw with Global Draw off.  I am guessing they use less CPU than the other things that are switched off such as histogram calculation and there are other highly useful bits there like the thermometer.
- Decide based on the Global Draw setting whether to put the indicator in the menu or draw it directly.  Since most use is probably 16:9 or wider aspect ratios, there is probably no need to have this in the picture regardless.

Feedback on any of this appreciated, I'll look at this tonight.

Quote from: hdclip on October 23, 2013, 12:44:14 PM
Hi m1Ke , How could I get a build where was the camera icon indicator???

hdclip - I think this is now in the nightly builds - you could look here: - the usual warnings about this being untested alpha code apply.


I have split this topic in case someone wants to comment about this new RAW indicator...  |  EF 300 f/4, EF 100-400 L, EF 180 L, EF-S 10-22, Samyang 14mm, Sigma 28mm EX DG, Sigma 8mm 1:3.5 EX DG, EF 50mm 1:1.8 II, EF 1.4X II, Kenko C-AF 2X


Now that this has been done can the text form the hacked preview get also removed? ( There is a bunch of text written in LV when Hacked preview is used.)

Please?  |  EF 300 f/4, EF 100-400 L, EF 180 L, EF-S 10-22, Samyang 14mm, Sigma 28mm EX DG, Sigma 8mm 1:3.5 EX DG, EF 50mm 1:1.8 II, EF 1.4X II, Kenko C-AF 2X


I agree about getting "everything" off the image display. I don't think we even need to have a camera icon for that matter. I know I am in raw rec mode cus just I set it up. A simple red dot indicating recording and a time readout is enough for me. Or two dots. One red for recording and second tri dot next to the first for red, yellow , green. This is pretty basic stuff. Keep it simple, small and off the image display. Do we really need that large temp display on top? I can live without it. Make a pop up warning if the camera temp gets in the red zone.Or another third dot (away from the record dots) that flash yellow and red for temp warning only (off the image display). 

I forgot to mention that the text with this camera icon is way too small to read. It would be useful if you can make it larger. That info is more important than seeing a camera icon.


Well i love it! it has to differ from the canon record indicator. even if you know you set up your menu for raw if something happens you need to be sure your camera didnt switch back to can h.264. this happened to me once and long time ago but i new right away that the mod had failed cuz i saw the canon record icon. you guys are sooo awesome by the way. coding this stuff is way over my head. and again my gopros firmware froze all the time and I had like 1 little hic up with ML that was probably user error anyway. its just amazing.

ted ramasola

I like this. Less clutter. Even better, if the data rate is also removed and just the icon and time elapsed is retained. and also moved a bit more higher and towards the corner.
By this time, this version is now stable when using raw_rec and its time to clean up. :)

Nice work on this.

Hoping that this will also be implemented on the 5D2 since it also reached a stable raw recording phase.
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QuoteHoping that this will also be implemented on the 5D2

Huh? it's in the nightly builds starting with October 22...

ted ramasola

So a.d. did not implement this on his oct 24th compile?

Ok. we'll check out the latest from the nightly builds.
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Maybe we need a separate forum section for third party modifications?