ML Intervalometer is not taking any pictures

Started by JCvanSlooten, October 15, 2013, 04:06:45 PM

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Hello there,

i want to make a timelapse with my 60D with ML v2.3

my settings are:
shoot: intervalometer: ON every 5sec starts after 0s and after 700shots

when i want to activate the timelapse by pressing the trash, ML isnt start at all.

It displays that he is shooting (2 taken of 700 and its counting) but you dont hear the camera is taking pictures.

when i stopped the timelaps and looking back. There are no pictures taken.

Can anybody explain me what i do wrong??



Try delay by at least 5secs.  When the Intervalometer is still in the ML menu, then hit set button.  May be a different button sense my camera is a 550D.