ScreenShot of Benchmark results - how ??

Started by pjamedia, October 16, 2013, 09:21:03 PM

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My first post here, so hi to everyone. I am configured as follows:

camera: 5d3 running f/w: 1.1.3
ML version: Nightly build  2013-10-16 (with boot flag enabled)
ML installed on: 8GB SD card
ML capturing to: 128GB 1050x Komputer Bay CF card

Just running some benchmarks as I received my 1050x card today. Not getting quite as high a write speed as I had hoped. 68.7MB/s is fastest write with 16384k buffer.

Wondering how I do a screenshot of the display so I can post the benchmark results in the forum here?

Thanks for your time, Paul A


first make sure you are not in live View mode when you do the Benchmark to get the fastest speed.
At the end of the benchmark there will be a .bmp file saved with a screen capture.  |  EF 300 f/4, EF 100-400 L, EF 180 L, EF-S 10-22, Samyang 14mm, Sigma 28mm EX DG, Sigma 8mm 1:3.5 EX DG, EF 50mm 1:1.8 II, EF 1.4X II, Kenko C-AF 2X