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Started by foorgol, June 15, 2013, 08:51:57 AM

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raw2dng is a command line tool.

Here's information on how to work with it:

And here are the versions you're looking for:

These are Windows versions. I'm on a Mac and can't verify that they are working. If you really want to experiment download the source code and try compiling it yourself. I did and was able to get something that works for my camera (EOS-M) and operating system.

Sorry for the delay in responding. It has been a while since I checked the forum and even longer since playing around with RAW.


Some test with RAW 1.0 from Canon 700d

1. Raw2CDNG 1.7.4
2. Raw2DNG cs2x2_whitefix
3. Raw2DNG cs5x5

But better watch in full prores quality:!I9FgFYAb!Omq1JVYCowyPZXiWWq8UuxCyMaE5lWFAY3Bxks53dAo

WITH using PDR
1. Raw2CDNG 1.7.4
2. Raw2DNG cs2x2_whitefix
3. Raw2DNG cs5x5

But better watch in full prores quality:!08sRnSQQ!LcqtgwmlD89h8z6tIl_EuEl0GnyJOg--Bxe4RYgjdHk

As you can see:
1. Сolor artifacts and pixels with broken colors
2. Very good result, but some color artifacts
3. Less color artifacts, but in some details Raw2DNG cs2x2_whitefix better.
There is no need o use PDR!
I think the best solution will be Raw2DNG cs5x5_whitefix, if A1ex will make it :)


Everything is green basically in your test :)
Try to shoot something colorful. PDR is way better solution if you interested in color fidelity. Because, as it says, cs algorithm, well, smoothes (just blurs) all the color information. But PDR is adaptively interpolates just the "pink dots" themselves.



I am shooting 768 x 462 on my 650D and need to use the PINK DOT REMOVAL tool.
I have run it straight out the box and the RAW file when I look at it in MLRawViewer is still showing the dots.
Does anyone know what I have to do to get it to work ok?


Hello everyone,

I buy a 700D and try to remove the pink/blue dots from raw video using PDR 0.8 but without any result.
At moment the best is CS2x2 that remove all or near all dots.
I mainly use ML for astrophotography and video on planets, moon and sun (a-alpha).
This last application could be very interesting using ML raw 14 bit video (on the planet not more than 640x640 - the planet are very small also with 5 meters of focal length) but this damned pink/blue dots are very annoying.

I try also to know better the ML option on 700D.
I experiment with "Movie crop mode" option on MOVIE tab.
I found (probably you know before that) that it took movie exactly 1720x979 expanded digitally to 1980x1088.
This is just a mere 10% and if you increase the CBR factor to reduce the compression you get a good 8 bit MOV video ready to use and without pink/blue dots.

Why in this 1.1:1 pixels crop mode we don't get pink/blue dots? The little (10%) interpolation cancel them?
The 70D has the same Pink Dot problem?
EOS 700D 1.1.5, EOS 500D



I have an Canon 650D (T4i) with a sigma 17-50 2.8. When i use pink dot remover the dots are still there after the programme have finnished. I run version 8. Any tips for help?



Im also have dots on my dngs (canon 700d)
But the question is other I see videos from 700d and other canons And there is no pink dots on it Then problem in my camera ??? ot what ? why this happens ? maybe reinstall ML ?


Tip - always read the first post of a topic.

There is nothing wrong with your camera or ML. PinkDotRemover tool was made for the 650D and while it also works with other camera models the 700D has a different focus pixel pattern. There are several ways to deal with these dots. Search the forum for dots or focus pixels.


Hi all - I'm on a Mac OS 10.11.2 and tried PDR_007 without luck to rid 650D footage of the pink focus dots. 

Right now, I'm using MLV Mystic (Mac) to rid the focus dots by setting Chroma Smooth (2x2).  Then taking the resulting DNG folder into Resolve 12 (Free) and exporting ProRes.  A little cumbersome but it works for me.

I tried MlRawViewer and found that if I set Stripes off and hit 0 (zero), that it would cause the dots to disappear on playback.  Unfortunately, upon export, the dots somehow persist.  So close.

Hope this helps someone.



I can't get PDR working for me either.

I started a topic to better understand how to deal with these focus pixels:

What works best for me is using MLV and put in the numbers I mapped off of my EOSM--it should also work for 650D. I only have 1280x720 cropped video mapped but plan to eventually map all resolutions.

MLP is here:

In the dcraw_FFmpeg_settings folder you'll find a dcraw_fix_pixels folder with a dead_pixel_list.txt file in there. Read the file, it will instruct you to add your own map of pixels. I've got my map saved here:

Simply copy and paste my numbers after these lines:

-P ../../PRORES/A_lut_hold/dead_pixel_list.txt
-P ../A_lut_hold/dead_pixel_list.txt
-P A_lut_hold/dead_pixel_list.txt

Then add your edited dead_pixel_list.txt into the A_lut_hold--that's it. MLP also works with MLVFS so you don't even need to make intermediate DNG's.

Another way is to use MLVProducer but it is a Windows program so you'll have to run it under Wine.

The problem with these processes is that they won't remove the dots from the DNG files and that's what is needed if you want to go back to the raw files for the final color grading. I'd like mlp_dump to clean up the dots and create clean DNG's or in an ideal world, do it inside the camera so we never have to deal with them in post.


Updated MLP with your pixel coordinates as a starting template dfort. Hopefully more of these lists can be created and added.


@dfort and Danne - thank you for the tip.  Will give MLP a shot, much appreciated.


Hi all, i´m trying to test MLP and dead pixel list, Danne has helped me alot :D Tell me if a can help someone by testing!
Im on the latest MLP and also ML. 700d.


I use a mackintosh (Mac OS X on ordinary computer hardware) and i have downloaded pink dot remover and MLrawViewer. I get MLrawViewer to work but can't get pink dot remover to run and i don't understand how to get it run. When i double click on pinkdotremover.jar it just makes a new folder with the same files. I have read somewhere that you should do something in terminal. Can someone please explain for me what to write in terminal? I have downloaded and installed java. My footage are on my third hard drive called WD and pink dot remover are on the main SSD where the OS is.



Installed a development kit for Java and it worked when i use Terminal to start it.


I have recently bought a mac. When i used windows i just used raw to DNG file drag and drop and it removed the pink dots and converted the pictures to DNG. No when I'm on mac i would like to fins a workflow that works. I haven't goten anything to work. I can convert files from raw to DNG thats not a problem. The problem i have is getting rid of the pink dots. I have tried pink dot remover but can't get it to start working. When i start the program it just makes a new mac with the same program files and not a single picture. Can someone help me please!

andy kh

5D Mark III - 70D


@andy kh but i can't use those? or can i? I just record raw into the raw format i, don't record MLVs


Raw format works well with MLP.
5D3.113 | 5D3.123 | EOSM.203 | 7D.203 | 70D.112 | 100D.101 | EOSM2.* | 50D.109


If you have a focus pixel camera, you really need to use MLV format. The raw format lacks the necessary metadata to properly, easily, and automatically remove focus pixels.

There are many other reasons you should use the MLV format as well.


Guys I'm lost.  :(

I'm a Mac user with very low confidence using Terminal or anything too code-related. I'm really enjoying shooting RAW on my new EOS M and processing it with MLVRawViewer, both of which are very smooth and I'm liking the results I'm getting. Hopwever I can't for the life of me figure out how to get rid of the pink dots. I have to be able to do it on Mac as I don't own or really know how to drive a PC. Ideally I'd like to continue my MLV to MLVRawViewer workflow but if that aint possible I'm prepared to take another route.

In case it has any bearing, I'm shooting RAW in crop mode with a 4:3 ratio (to mimic Super-8) and would like to continue this.

Many thanks if anyone can help me get rid of the pink dots on the Mac.

Thanks as always to Alex etc for so much work over the years. I don't post here but have followed with delight. :)