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Started by Habitat, October 05, 2013, 07:29:07 PM

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I'm shooting a music video soon and want to use ML Raw. I've used it before on a video and the sync was great (used a clapperboard). This time I want to shoot 48FPS and also speed up the soundtrack 30%. In post I plan to slow down the clip 30% to sync for that overcranked slomo effect etc.

Here's the problem - I plan to shoot 1920x508 at 48FPS using FPS Override. And then stretch to 1920x818 in post. I normally process my files in davinci but davinci conforms my files to 23.976/24 frames for me. Which is a 50% slow down... (IM USING DAVINCI resolve lite) I don't want to speed it up by 20% in premiere because I'll lose quality.

So basically I'm looking for a way to export 48fps from Davinci or another way?

Any help guys?


Nevermind I'm a fool.

It's in the Timeline Playback/Conform options in the master settings of your project in Davinci