Author Topic: Music video made with 5D3 RAW !!!  (Read 4395 times)


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Music video made with 5D3 RAW !!!
« on: September 28, 2013, 07:14:48 PM »
Hi all!

I just wanted to post this music video that me and my partners made for college using the 5D3 RAW feature. You can really see a big difference.. first we converted everything to cineform raw and started editing from there, but we realized that cineform had AWFUL quality.. so we ended up reconnecting to all the DNGs with dynamic link in after effects.

During the shoot, it was very unconfortable to use the RAW feature, also it was the first time we seriously did. Using a monitor it was complicated, the framing rectangle was messed up and couldn't show the right way to frame, so we ended up using "clear overlays" and using gaffer tape to crop to 2.35:1 by EYE.. luckily everything ended up fine! And then the interface was very glitchy also.. reviewing material is a pain! Is a pain cause you can't skip forward OR stop the recording, so you gotta wait until it's finished! Also, as we rented 2 5Ds in different places for 2 different days.. we had trouble installing the ML to the 5D.. so we did eventually but with 2 different builds.. that way we ended up with duplicate files in our ingestion.. also, one of the builds did not name the files sequencially, I read around here that it used the time MM:SS right? Why?! We couldn't keep track of our shots for post..

Also, we used 2 128gb 1050x Komputerbay cards.. which benchmarked in 70-80 mbps.. that isn't right, right? So we shot all at 50fps 2.35:1.. and according to the estimated write speeds of ML, we *should* get continuous shooting that way.. we did for most of the time, but sometimes it skipped frames.. we ended up shooting at lower resolutions from time to time.. and I didnt know that the camera would crop the frame.. too bad!

Right now I don't remember much more trouble, it was like a month ago the shoot.. but trouble or not, the quality is AWESOME! The dynamic range literally saved some of our shots.. the underwater ones! There were several way overexposed. So, simply MAGIC.

Thanks to all the comunity, and the devs for developing this! I will use it in a big shoot when it is more stable or I have a Magic RAW camera myself to play with!

Here's the video:



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Re: Music video made with 5D3 RAW !!!
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2014, 10:39:44 AM »
That was a really cool video. Nice work :)


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Re: Music video made with 5D3 RAW !!!
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2014, 03:50:48 PM »
Cool concept, nice work.  Some great shots in there!