Author Topic: indie film, RAW "video assist;" hotshoe mounted iPhone - facetime - mac device  (Read 1867 times)


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Core RAW problem for indie's:  monitoring or real-time playback of RAW will never happen (according to resident ML pro's.)

Work-around solution: smartphone. This  DOES NOT show you what the camera is seeing and recording - it is completely different video from a slightly different perspective.  But it allows you to monitor and replay talent performance even when shooting RAW.

#1. Hotshoe mounted iPhone, send facetime video to a mac device (iPhone, iPad or Laptop.) Director and others can  watch performance "on screen" and also  record it for  replay.  Pro: Wireless. Con: facetime video is low quality and low fps, requires 2 different mac devices.


#2, Playback only - hotshoe mount iPhone (or any smartphone), record performance,  director can replay with phone still attached to production camera, or phone can be removed for "portable" replay.  Pro: only one smart phone is needed, video quality is actually pretty good (far better then Facetime.) Con: no live viewing, removing and re-attaching phone does not look pro and quickly becomes a pain.

You can also buy a  microphone-to-iPhone cable and capture production audio.

Bottom line & reality check. Its real low budget Indie. But it works, its free if you already have the phone, and it can save your butt when shooting RAW.

Example, last weekend a take looked good to us. But I decided to check the replay - and one of the extra's was looking at the camera - we all missed it. Caught it in replay. This low rez, micky mouse system saved us.