the even more powerful sensor for video in Ixus/Elph/PS, ML porting possible?

Started by larrycafe, May 21, 2013, 10:07:46 AM

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Is it very similar to port ML to Ixus/Elph/Powershot as they run DIGIC also?

I think many of the latest camera are using this SONY sensor, which offer readout mode at 4K

seems the SX270, SX280 are using this sensor.


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I think someone did posted a request there in CHDK for more video support, seems no one is interested in video.

I will try asking there again, thanks


I'm using CHDK on my G9 since the first day, and you can adjust bitrate during video, there are bunch of settings in the menu, but lately DSLRs more popular, I don't think they care compacts that much.. you know, you have to spend time and money to achieve sth on programming world.